6 Minutes To Skinny Program – A Detailed Review

6 minutes to skinnyHi there and welcome to our review about the 6 Minutes To Skinny program by Craig Ballantyne.

As always, this review will be divided into 3 main parts:

1. The basics section that will help you to fully understand what 6 Minutes To Skinny is all about.

2. The section about the pros and cons of 6 Minutes To Skinny which will cover several of the most important pros and cons of this system.

3. The conclusions section which will sum up our personal thoughts regarding Craig Ballantyne’s program…


The Basics

If you are like most people across the globe you have little time left to add anything to your life, especially a hard workout routine. Craig Ballantyne, a famous author and fitness expert, says that this is exactly why he created the 6 Minutes To Skinny program. In simple words, this program promotes a routine that will help busy individuals meet their weight loss goals in a short period of time a day.

More specifically, Craig Ballantyne explains that the 6 Minutes To Skinny program was developed to give those individuals an opportunity to maximize their bodies fat burning potential.

To give users the best results possible, the 6 Minutes To Skinny program is shown in “bite size” videos. Each short video gives you the weapons and instructions to burn fat quickly.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect to learn from the 6 Minutes To Skinny video series:

Easy ways to move your body that will produce the best fat burning qualities you have ever experienced.

Information and examples of the best exercise to take off fat quickly and permanently.

Tips on how to specifically laser target problem areas of your body, like the belly, arms, and legs.

Advice on how the professionals use gym equipment and supplements for the best results.

In addition to the main video series, Craig Ballantyne also offers several bonuses to make your journey easier and more effective. These bonuses are:

The 7-Day Fast-Start Guide

This is the guide to check out if you want the fastest track to a skinny body. Here Craig Ballantyne will personally show you the best foods to eat and explain you how to use the videos for even better results. You also get here many insightful tips from users who have already been through the program and succeeded.

The 6 Minutes To Skinny Morning Boost

This is a unique video that will not only speed up your weight loss, but also give you an incredible morning boost. More specifically, this exercise routine is designed to help speed up your body’s metabolism.

Morning Metabolic Boost Recipes

The guide will give you some of the best recipes that will not end up in the junk kitchen drawer. Most of the recipes here are delicious shake recipes that will give you a major boost in energy throughout the day…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


The Program Was Created By An Esteemed Fitness Author And Coach

Craig Ballantyne has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. During that time, he has helped thousands of individuals meet their goals of becoming healthier, and Craig’s work has been featured in several of the most popular health magazines around the world.

In addition, Craig received a master’s degree in exercise physiology from McMaster University in Canada, and from that point it seems that he has never stopped learning about the latest developments in fitness and nutrition.

What we try to say is that Craig Ballantyne is a man who knows his field and not another one of these “fitness gurus” who don’t have real experience and background.

No Other Equipment Is Needed

One of the big pluses with the 6 Minutes To Skinny program is that you do not have to buy extra supplements or home gym equipment. These are fine to add to your routine, but they simply are not needed.

This will help save you time and money, and that is what this program is all about…

Perfect Fit For Any Lifestyle

This system was designed so anyone could get fit, and feel better about life. As long as you can find six minutes somewhere in the day, this product can work for you.

That’s like a level of playing Candy Crush or a commercial segment during your favorite program, and there is absolutely no reason anyone could not find time for this in their life.

Easy To Follow

This program does not mess around; it gives you what you need to know and what to do. While many other programs take too much time to just understand the premise of, this isn’t one of them. Craig Ballantyne shows you the only information you need to succeed with this program, and it is not packed with facts and useless information to look more “valuable”.

The real value is in the content and results you will get.

Backed Up By Medical Journals And Studies

Almost all of the claims and findings in the 6 Minutes To Skinny program are fully backed up by medical journals, research, and clinical findings.

Work At Your Pace

Another great thing about the 6 Minutes To Skinny Program is there are no big commitments or requirements needed from you.

In the series, Craig Ballantyne will demonstrate how to speed up your metabolism and make the videos work for you at your own pace.

Full Money Back Guarantee Is Available

Like many other legit fitness and weight loss programs, the 6 Minutes To Skinny system comes with full money back guarantee for two months and Craig Ballantyne promises to give you all your money back if for some reason you will not find his program useful for you.


The Cons


Discipline And Dedication

Although you only need 6 minutes a day to follow the program, you must realize that you have to follow this program every day and it does require some work and dedication on your part. You can’t expect the weight to fall off without dedication and determination, and if you want to get the results from this program, be prepared to work for them.

Not Available In Physical Edition

6 Minutes To Skinny is a digital product and you can watch all the videos and content that this program offers on your home electronic devices, such as Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone etc.

While this can be a plus for some, because you will have instant access to the program and save the shipping charges, others who prefer to hold real DVD in their hands may find it a major disadvantage for them.

Only Sold Online

Unfortunately, there are some people who will also not buy this program because it is only available for purchase online and not in retail stores…

Our Conclusions

Just like any other weight loss program, 6 Minutes To Skinny has its positives and negatives, and it is absolutely not the perfect solution for everyone. It is important to remember that even though it takes only few minutes a day to follow this program, this is not a “magic pill” and it does require some work and dedication on your part.

In addition, this is not a weight loss program that was designed to help people losing lots of pounds in just a short amount of time, but instead to help you promote a healthy routine which will allow you achieve your weight loss goals safely and naturally. If you are looking for a complete weight loss program for fast results, then this is probably not the right option for you.

On the other, there are many great things about the 6 Minutes To Skinny system which makes it a great choice for different people. Personally, we really like that this program can fit perfectly almost any lifestyle, and it is pretty easy to follow the program compared to other weight loss programs on the market. In addition, the facts that no special equipment is needed, that the program was created by an esteemed fitness coach, and that it is backed up by medical studies are all great advantages that the 6 Minutes To Skinny program offers.

All in all, we will recommend anyone that try to lose weight but have little time to work on it, to give the 6 Minutes To Skinny system a try. This program can really help you maximize your body fat burning potential in only few minutes a day, and best of all, if you won’t be satisfied with the results you get, you can always take advantage of Craig Ballantyne’s full money-back guarantee within 60 days…

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