Amazing Cover Letter Creator Software – Our Full Review

Amazing Cover Letter CreatorHello and welcome to our review about the Amazing Cover Letter Creator program by Jimmy Sweeney.

Like always, this review will be divided into 3 main sections:

1. The basics section which focuses on the major things that Jimmy Sweeney offers inside his software.

2. The section about the pros and cons of Amazing Cover Letter Creator that covers several of the primary pros and cons of this program.

3. The conclusions section where we talk about our final thoughts regarding Jimmy Sweeney’s software.

Now, let’s start…

The Basics

It is no secret that an outstanding cover letter may be the extra mile needed for you to get that job you’ve been eyeing. Any ordinary cover letter does not guarantee you a foot in the doorway to your desired workplace; however a great cover letter may be the difference between you being shortlisted for the jobs and others being declined at the door. Jimmy Sweeney, the CEO of CareerJimmy Inc, knows this and thus developed the Amazing Cover Letter Creator software to cater for the needs of ambitious job seekers who wants an extra niche in their cover letters.

In simple words, Amazing Cover Letter Creator was created for you and me to help you in writing and designing that amazing cover letter which will give you a better chance than those you are competing the job opportunity with.

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator software helps you to create personalized cover letter using specially researched and tested algorithms which produce excellent results every time.

The creator of amazing cover letters, Jimmy Sweeney, is an accredited professional with over twenty years of experience that published 100’s of articles to this date on how to write cover letters effectively. This experience was utilized well in the making of the software which has been simplified for use by any one.

Amazing Cover Letter Creator is simple and easy to use software that can be downloaded from the official amazing cover letter site. The download is straight forward and once the software has been saved on your computer it’s easy to launch it.

The advantage of Jimmy Sweeney’s Amazing Cover Letter Creator is that it’s compatible with all text editors and it’s available for different operating systems, making it more accessible by many people.

The software itself is straight forward and after you fill in your personal details and other relevant information it gets to work creating your cover letter. The software has several templates which you can choose from, and each templates act as the framework design of your cover letter, with the option to give it a personalized touch. This makes the cover letter look less generic and obsolete.

It can be said that the Amazing Cover Letter Creator package by Jimmy Sweeney has two parts to it; the first part is an introduction which explains the importance of a unique and superb cover letter. It also explains the working of the software itself. The second part of the software contains Attention Getting Ingredients (AGI). Attention getting ingredients are specialized markers that will make your cover letter stand out among the rest.

After selecting a desired template, you are required to select the type of letter you require. This letter collect information on what position you want to apply for in a new company, open positions where you are currently working or letters to companies with no specific position available.

The next step in this process is selecting the estimated applicants for the same potion as you are. The final step undertaken before the software generates your cover letter is filling in information about your work experience duration.

After you are done the software creates the cover letter with beautiful worded sentence structure which appeals to any prospective employer…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


1. The software is extremely easy to use and can be used with many different platforms.

2. The Amazing Cover Letter Creator software comes bundled up with additional material that is very helpful to jobseekers. (Especially the bonus Ebook about interview techniques)

3. The Amazing Cover Letter Creator software also comes with a money back guarantee that ensures you can get full refund if you are not satisfied with the results.

4. Attention Getting Ingredients are also specifically designed to help you get that interview call.

5. The software comes with a mini course on how to triple you chances of getting an interview, something that can be very useful for most of us.


The Cons


The Amazing Cover Letter Creator although advantageous as it may be, does not lack its cons.

1. Firstly, it’s hard to make modification when you are writing a letter to apply for a specific position.

2. It is not impossible that any two people might have the same cover letter making it look generic and crafted for commercial use (although the chances that it will happen are small).

3. Jimmy Sweeney claims that his software can help you to get a perfect cover letter in just around 3 minutes. However, this will not be the case for most people and it can absolutely take longer than that.

Our Conclusions

In general, Amazing Cover Letter Creator can be a great solution for many people and the pricing is just a small sacrifice for what you will get out of the software. The money back guarantee with no question asked is an added security and reassurance that the software has been used with amazing results being recorded.

In addition, the bonus features that come with the software are also an added incentive to use the software and they can really help you secure that work opportunity you have been eyeing.

The software can also be beneficial for those professionals who have been out of touch with the job market and are looking to make a comeback. This may include stay at home moms who were once professional but had to take breaks to raise the family, and also those old veterans who are tired of staying at home but cannot come up with a decent cover letter.

Overall, I will recommend the Amazing Cover Letter Creator software as it is more interactive and beneficial than all of those professional cover letter writers who may be clumsy and expensive for no reason.

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator program can absolutely help you draft and come up with the letter without you having to do much work, and with the great money back guarantee from Jimmy Sweeney I personally don’t see any reason not to give this software a try…

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