What Is The Best Diabetes Diet For You?

diabetes dietThere is a condition that millions of people have all over the world, something by the name of diabetes mellitus. It is not one particular disease, but a group of them, all of which are responsible for higher than normal levels of glucose or blood sugar in your system. The reason that this happens can be the result of genetics, or having too much refined sugar in your diet causing your pancreas to malfunction over time.

Pancreas will secrete insulin so that the glucose in your blood can be transferred to the cells of your body to be used as fuel. Unfortunately, there is no cure for those that have type I diabetes, a condition in which insulin is either produced at extremely low levels, or not at all, by the pancreas any longer.

They will have to get injections of insulin, allowing the body to properly absorb the sugar into the cells, something that must be done for the rest of their lives. But for those that have type II diabetes, or even those that are hypoglycemic, there is a particular diet that you can go on in order to prevent getting worse, potentially eliminating the problem. Here are some suggestions in regard to what the best diabetes diet available today would be, specifically based upon your current situation.

Dangers Associated With Having Diabetes

If you do have diabetes of any kind, you could be looking at some very dangerous side effects of this condition. People that have been diagnosed with type I diabetes will actually have vision problems, high blood pressure, and the potential of developing kidney damage. It is also possible to be more susceptible to different types of infections, and the development of skin sores that are unsightly.

Nerve damage may also occur, and the potential for having a stroke or heart attack is definitely increased as a result of the toxicity levels in your bloodstream because of the excess sugar that simply cannot be produced. To alleviate this problem or at least make it better, changing your diet is the key. Here are some tips for both types of diabetes sufferers, each one targeting specific types of food that you should consume on a regular basis to maintain optimal health.

Best Diet For Type I Diabetes

For those that already have type I diabetes, you need to be very careful in regard to the amount of carbohydrates that you consume. Of course, you do have your insulin shots which can take care of any excess levels of glucose in your bloodstream, but it is good to not test your body. It is recommended that you have a diet that is high in protein which can slow down the distribution of sugar into your body as it is processed in the stomach and then absorbed into the bloodstream through the small intestines.

It is also recommended that you have a diet that is high in fiber, and also help the amounts of HDL fat which can be obtained either through consuming fish, or taking supplements such as fish oil which can provide omega-3 fatty acids.

Best Diet For Type II Diabetes

When you have this particular type of diabetes, you are in and in between zone, a place where you can actually help yourself recover from the situation, or go the other direction and have to deal with insulin shots the rest of your life. If you would like to do your best to prevent this from occurring, your goal would be to have a diet that contains plenty of dark leafy green vegetables, protein in the form of chicken or fish, staying away from red meats if possible.

It is also a good idea to limit the amount of snack foods that you would typically have each day, especially those that use refined carbohydrates are sugar. These can be instantly distributed into your bloodstream, causing a spike in blood sugar levels, leading to a heavy amount of insulin being distributed into the bloodstream, causing your pancreas to over work.

This is what usually leads to the failure of the pancreas to continue functioning, constantly having to dump large amounts of insulin into your bloodstream to handle all of the sugar that you are consuming. Even worse, you can develop what is called insulin resistance which is particularly dangerous for those that have type I diabetes, but something that you can manage, and effectively eliminate, by changing your diet dramatically.

For more tips about different foods that should be a part of any diabetes diet you can also check the video we attached below.

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