Best Workout Finishers To Accelerate Your Fitness Results

best workout finishersWorkout finishers are a fantastic tool you can add to your training arsenal and a very effective and efficient way to boost your training results.  But what exactly are they and what are the best workout finishers you can use in your training program?

Workout finishers are simply a specific type of mini-workout you do at the end of your regular resistance training workout that greatly increases your results.  And you never have to do traditional long duration cardio ever again.  No more aerobics.  No more stationary bike or treadmill or running for an hour

Workout finishers usually take anywhere from two minutes to 10 minutes at the most.  You perform a workout finisher as the end of your regular workout.  You can even do them on their own as a standalone workout if you are short on time, or you can stack multiple workout finishers to make a longer, more complete workout.

Finishers are done with minimal equipment, usually a kettlebell or dumbbell in combination with body weight exercises.  You can also do body weight exercises only.

There is almost a limitless variety of finishers you can do but there are certain “rules” you’ll want to follow to make sure you’re using only the best workout finishers.

The best workout finishers combine mostly full body, upper body, and lower body compound movements, not isolation movements.  Think exercises like body weight squats, lunges, split squats, push ups, kettlebell swings, burpees, jump squats, skater hops, jumping jacks, kettlebell snatches and more.  Not isolation movements like dumbbell concentration curls, lateral raises or cable crossovers.

It’s also a good idea to alternate exercises that don’t work directly work the same muscles.  For example, you might do a workout finisher that goes like this:

Kettlebell Swing
Push Ups
Jumping Jacks

The training techniques used in the best workout finishers include AMRAP (either As Many Rounds As Possible or As Many Reps As Possible) for time.  This is what’s known as density training, trying to do more work in the same amount of time or the same amount of work in less time.

A good example would be the following:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 6 minutes of the following:

Kettlebell Swing – 10 reps
Push Ups – 8 reps
Jumping Jacks – 20 reps
Burpees – 5 reps

Once you do that circuit once, start over with the Kettlebell Swings and continue for six minutes, trying for as many rounds as possible.  The next time you do this finisher try and perform more work in the six minutes.

You can also go for a set number of rounds and try to improve your time.  Take the same workout but instead of doing it for 6 minutes, perform 10 rounds and see how fast you can complete the finisher.  Rest whenever you need it and try and beat your time next time.

You can also do interval rounds, such as doing 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a certain number of rounds.  Each interval of 20 by 10 is one round.  Using the same example, you could perform 2 rounds of each exercise.  That would be 8 rounds and a 4 minute finisher.  Try and get as many reps as possible in each round.

Another great workout finisher techniques, again for time, us the countdown or count up method.

For example, let’s say you do just two exercises, the body weight squat and the push up.

Perform 10 squats followed by 1 push up.  Then do 9 squats and 2 push ups, 8 squats, 3 push ups, etc. all the way down to 1 squat and 10 push ups.  Then you can reverse it and work back up on the squats and down on the push ups.

There are many ways to put together these finishers but by following these simple rules you can put together some of the best workout finishers around.

By adding finishers to the end of your resistance training workout, you’ll greatly accelerate your fat burning results as your body is primed and ready to burn calories, boost your metabolism and burn body fat.  You should definitely consider adding workout finishers to your training regimen.

For one more example of great bodyweight workout finisher you can also check the video we added below…

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