Causes Of Premature Ejaculation And How To Deal With It

Causes Of Premature EjaculationPremature ejaculation is a condition whereby one is unable to control ejaculation before or soon after penetration. This mostly happens from slight stimulation on the penis head, or due to sexual excitement. It is estimated that, 1 in every 7 males suffer from premature ejaculation, making it the most common form of sexual dysfunction that men experience. Although doctors are yet to identify the specific cause of premature ejaculation, certain factors are known to trigger this condition. These include anxiety, depression, guilt or hormonal imbalances caused by medicinal reactions. The sad thing about this condition is that, there is no actual treatment for premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

The only way this situation can be contained is by identifying factors that trigger these ejaculations. Once the triggering factor is identified, a series of therapies have to be undertaken to help contain the condition. Discussed below are some of the known causes of premature ejaculation, and how they can be handled.

Psychological Causes

Medical researchers believe that some psychological factors can make one ejaculate prematurely. Some of these factors include fear of being caught while in the act, or if one has guilty feelings of the same. This can be worse especially if it is this person’s first sexual experiences.  The reason why this is a big factor, is because it tends to create a pattern, where the brain perceives that everything should be hurried up. Training yourself to remain calm moments before having sex, and while in the act can however help solve this problem. Some patience is however required to be able to control the ejaculations.

Stress/Relationship Problems

Some people tend to ejaculate prematurely when stressed out, or if a relationship is not working out. Having the first sexual encounter with someone for the first time can also trigger premature ejaculation.  The good thing about this is that, one’s performance and ability to sustain an erection improves as the two become free with each other.  Learning how to solve relationship problem is one way of controlling untimely ejaculations. If your love life is rocky, look for a marriage counselor and try to solve issues out with your partner. Talking things over with your partner is healthy for your sexual performance as well.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition whereby one is unable to maintain an erection for long. Men with this condition tend to rush to ejaculate whenever they have a chance. This behavior makes one to be unable to hold back an ejaculation even if he wishes to. Talking to your partner about this problem can be helpful for your sex life. To correct this issue, one should look for remedies that will help him sustain an erection. Once this has been solved, you can then try to learn how to hold ejaculation back by withdrawing if you feel like ejaculating. Trying the pinch method to last longer is recommended as well.

Drug Reactions

Some medications are known to react negatively causing undesirable conditions, such as premature ejaculation. This condition is however temporary and fades away as soon as the medication period is over. Should this continue even after the medication period, it would then be advisable to seek a physician’s help. Under such instances, the physician will recommend a detox or prescribe another drug to reverse the side effects.

Other factors that are known to trigger premature ejaculation include hormonal imbalances, if one has stayed for long without having sex, or due to pressure.  Having sex under undesirable conditions can trigger untimely ejaculation as well.  If you can identify factors that could be triggering premature ejaculations, you can then find a way to overcome it…

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