Does Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back? Find Out Here!

ex boyfriend wants you backWhether you broke up with your boyfriend or he broke up with you first is rather irrelevant. The fact is, even if things weren’t going great between you guys, there’s the possibility that your boyfriend may not be over you. Some boyfriends may be rather obvious in the signs they give off when it comes to giving your relationship a second chance. However, it’s those boyfriends that are a bit more subtle and less obvious that give you a bit of pause.

There’s a very likely chance that you really don’t know upfront whether your ex wants you back or not. But, the following indicators outlined below may give you a chance to better assess the situation.

He Keeps In Touch

When a boyfriend ends a relationship and he’s completely over you, he is willing to sever all ties. That means he’ll most likely rarely if ever contact you again. It may take a few weeks for this to happen, but when it does, you can rest assured that the relationship is gone and done.

What if your boyfriend keeps in touch? Well, that makes things a bit more interesting as it is making a clear statement he still has feelings for you. If your ex is in your life and keeps you updated as to what’s going on with him, it’s a good sign he may be looking towards a future with you.

He Is Honest About His Life

A man that has moved on will honestly make it known by saying he has another girlfriend. However, if your ex boyfriend clearly states he doesn’t have anyone else in his life, it could be a good sign. In fact, if your ex is keeping you updated about different aspects of his life and how he’s doing, it’s a solid indicator he still considers you important.

He Wants To Know About Your Love Life

If your ex boyfriend asks you if you’re seeing someone new, it could mean he still has feelings for you. The fact is, many exes start dating someone else as a means to make the other person jealous, but let’s face it, that can backfire in more ways than one.

Be honest about your love life, and see how your ex boyfriend reacts to the information. If he shows jealousy, then it’s a clear sign that he isn’t ready to move on just yet.

He Talks About The Past

If your boyfriend is constantly bringing up the past and the good times you had, it’s a good sign. It means he honestly misses spending time with you, and he may even regret the way that things have ended between the two of you. If you want to get back with your ex, play along! Mention all of the good moments that meant something to you and try to stay away from the negativity that led to your breakup.

He Is Trying To Change

If you notice that his behavior is changing, especially the things that made you part, it’s a sign he is trying to fix things. He may start out by changing the things about himself that originally bothered you. By taking the time to iron out the problems in the old relationship, he may be showing signs of becoming more mature and wanting to rebuild a relationship with you.

He Talks About Your Breakup

Your ex may start talking about your breakup, and though most people may see that as a bad sign, it could actually be a sign that he’s coming to terms with the fact something went wrong. If you’re both able to handle talking about the fights and the breakup, that means you may actually get over the problems in your relationship. In the off chance that you’re ready to get back with your ex, make sure that you voice the problems you had in your old relationship.

If someone loves you enough, he is indeed willing to change for the better. However, it’s important that you’re willing to give you ex a chance if you’re not over him either. It’s wise to hear each other out and get counseling if there are certain feelings that need to be ironed out.

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