Exercises To Burn Fat Fast – Few Useful Suggestions

exercises to burn fat fastIf you’re interested in exercises to burn fat fast like the rest of the population, you should know that research has shown it takes less than 15 to 20 minutes of intense resistance exercise to flatten your stomach in 45 days. At least that’s what the scientists at the Southern Illinois University are saying.

According to the scientists that did the research, the first exercise set take control of your metabolic process (read: boosts metabolism), however, doing more than three sets will not help. Taking this information, what you can do is to plot a body fat-burning technique which has you practicing twenty minutes each day, 5 days per week. Your workout routine should comprise of body weight exercises done circuit-style or without relaxation between moves to boost your heartbeat metabolism. You can accelerate the weight loss by using fat-burning supplements.

Another type of exercise routine that burns fat fast is to alternate exercise and relaxation in a 2:1 ratio. It is one of the best ways to fat burning programs because it gives the body sufficient time to relax while keeping the intensity high.

Do as many repetitions as you can of any high-intensity exercise for 40 seconds, and then do 20 seconds of relaxation. Complete three to five set of this alternating exercise-relaxation method.

Your doctor might have said to you again and again that thirty minutes a day of moderate to intensity exercise enhances health and cardio fitness. But if you barely have time to call your parents, doing 30 minutes of exercise becomes downright practical.

Trainers and sports-medicine experts have recognized that it’s not necessary to do all of the thirty minutes in a single stretch. Actually, in order to maximize the benefits of 30 minutes of exercise per day, divide your exercise in ten minutes three times per day.

The key to losing weight fast is to move fast and to do difficult exercise. It’s also important to do circuit training in order to create strength. Of course, you don’t go from point A to point B in a single. You need to make exercise a habit and to do that, you need to do your moves gradually, precisely, and consistently every day until you’re “arrive”. High-intensity 10-minute workout routines take full advantage of the time that you have. Do a minimum of one ten-minute exercise every day, or if you have time for you to spare, rotate as much as four ten-minute routines for optimum benefits.

To get the excitement going, be creative in your exercises. Find exercises that you can do in a nearby park, your own home and backyard. Alternate your exercises so you don’t get bored.
Do you need equipment to do quick fat burning exercises? That really depends on the exercise that you do. You might just find that all you need is a set of stairs or some open space. But if you want to work up your body, you can put on a weighted vest. Start cautiously, however, and start at about five pounds.

Aside from high-intensity exercises, you could also take up some intensive sports. Among the many sports out there, the one that we recommend for quickly burning fats is tennis. Take up tennis lessons now. Go with a friend so you will feel motivated to play.

You could also do power yoga. It actually works your center so you develop core strength, and centers your brain for better concentration. Of course, to do yoga, you need a yoga pad. Power yoga, however, is NOT something that we recommend to yoga beginners as the risk of injury is there.

If you love dancing, you could also do zumba. Zumba is fun and if you do it everyday (and couple your efforts with a healthy diet), you will enjoy noticeable results.

The exercises we mentioned above are really just some of the exercises that you can do to burn fat, and burn it fast. To recap, you don’t need to exercise for 30 minutes, however, you do need to do intense exercises for at least ten (10) minutes to boost your metabolism and burn fat.

Doing high-intensity exercises in short bursts is actually backed by science. A documentary produced by BBC showed that individuals who moved intensively during the day actually lost more weight than their relatively sedentary counterparts even though they eat more. The problem is, what are high-intensity movements?

You can find many examples of high-intensity movements on the Internet. Just do a search on Google. You know your exercise is high-intensity when you feel that good burning sensation (like some fat is actually burning) in your stomach after doing the exercise. When you’ve found some exercises you would like to try, go ahead and do them everyday for at least one month and see what happens.

For more examples of great exercises to burn fat fast you can also check the YouTube video below…

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