Useful Tips And Effective Fitness Workouts For Women

Useful Tips And Effective Fitness Workouts For WomenOne of the unfortunate facts about being a woman is that the female body actively seeks to hold onto fat than get rid of it. This occurs because female bodies require fat to create a welcoming environment for pregnancy and to attract a mate. As a result, women typically find it much harder to lose excess weight than their male counterparts who were designed with fat burning hormones. In any case, even though women have a natural disadvantage and would lose weight at a slower rate than men, this doesn’t mean that they can’t lose weight at all! So, even though progress might be slower, progress is still progress and you will meet your weight goals once you persevere. We will now look at a few exercises that will help you to burn the most fat and some tips that will help you become fit in no time at all.

Firstly, one of the best methods of burning fat is to do cardio and in particular, interval training. Interval training is done by athletes for conditioning as well as to burn fat in a relatively short period of time. This type of training can be done with any type of exercise and you basically do that exercise intensely for a short period of time and then do it at a lower intensity for another period of time and repeat. For example, you can do high knees at full intensity for 1 minute and then for the next 30 seconds, do high knees but at a drastically reduced intensity. This should be repeated for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. This type of training is excellent for women who tend to get bored in their workouts since you can mix different types of exercises into each session. For example, you can do alternating sets of push ups, high knees, burpees, jumping jacks, lunges etc.

Another excellent exercise for women is kettlebell training. Kettlebells are excellent for the female body due to the fact that they combine cardio as well as weight training in one. The kettlebell swing is extremely effective for fat burning and it also helps to build the posterior so that you get a lifted butt and tighter glutes. It also helps to tone the muscles in the arms and is a full body workout that burns as much as 20 calories per minutes. This type of exercise will push you to your max and will definitely help you to burn hundreds of calories in each session. The kettlebell has received a lot of attention in recent years and there are currently many gyms that offer kettlebell sessions that you can easily attend.

Next, we will look at Zumba which is a great exercise for women that dislike boring cardio or are not fans of weight training. Zumba is basically an aerobic dance class that uses a lot of popular music to motivate people to exercise. It is meant to be fun and exciting like a wild night out with the girls minus the alcohol drinks and hangover. The point of Zumba is to make working out fun and many people love going to the classes because it doesn’t feel like you’re working out.

In addition to exercising regularly, it is essential that you monitor your diet and how many calories you eat per day if you want to lose weight. After all, you can burn hundreds of calories per day at the gym, but if you eat more calories than you burn, then you will either remain the same weight or put on additional weight.

One of my best tips that you should do in conjunction with eating healthy and exercising is to use a supplement to help speed up your metabolism. One of the best supplements to do so is green tea or even grapefruit juice. These supplements are all natural and are great to give your metabolism an added boost so that you burn even more calories and lose weight at a much faster rate.

In closing, when it comes to weight loss and getting fit, it is certainly a tough battle. Women do have it much rougher, but if you exercise regularly and eat smart, you will surely see progress and become fitter with each passing day.

P.S – you can also check the video below for a great full body fat burning workout for women 🙂

All the best!

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