Great Foods That Give You Energy

foods that give you energyMany people struggle with having too little energy. They are sleepy just after lunch, but then struggle to sleep when it is time for bed. If you have never considered that food plays a big part in this cycle then it is important that you read this article to discover the foods that give you energy.

The food we eat and when we eat it can play a major role in having enough energy. Foods that are high in calories and fat make us feel tired and even fatigued. Protein helps the mind to perk up and aids in clarity, while healthy unprocessed carbs give us time released fuel that keeps us feeling energized and uplifted.

So when you eat that jelly doughnut and drink that double whipped cream latte, you get a jolt of lightning from the sugar rush, but then you are left feeling tired and foggy minded. This kind of food will leave you feeling hungry shortly afterwards which leads you to over indulging for lunch.

Not long after lunch your eyes are so heavy, the only thing you really want to do is to sleep, but work doesn’t allow it. Then for dinner you eat a big steak, a baked potato and a salad and find that when it is bed time, you can’t go to sleep. Your problem is what you are eating and when.

Protein can help your mind to be clearer, and it helps give a feeling of fullness longer with less of it. Our bodies use glucose as fuel. Unprocessed carbohydrates gives time released glucose to provide the body with constant fuel.

Eggs have choline which helps keep the brain healthy and helps it to be more clear which gives us a feeling of being more awake and aware.

Some nuts such as almonds are not only a good source of none animal protein, but also have other useful nutrients such as manganese and riboflavin. Riboflavin helps the body have a natural flow of oxygen which the body uses to help create energy. Manganese aids the body in stopping toxins from getting into cells and helps energy to be distributed throughout the body’s cells.

Beans are very helpful because they have both protein and good carbs. Because the beans are high in fiber, the glucose the body uses from carbs for energy is slowly released instead of the instant overflow of sugar gotten from something like a doughnut.

The next time you want an energy drink, try instead a teaspoon of honey in a glass of lemon water. This will feed your muscles with perfectly timed released energy for a good workout and will help those muscles recover faster after the workout is finished.

Brown rice has a special mineral called manganese which helps the body to convert carbs and protein into energy. This makes it perfect to include with your lunch. It is high in fiber which will keep you full and feed you energy throughout your afternoon.

In addition to foods that give you energy, you can also try herbal teas. They will give you the nutrition without the calories. Green tea has spices and caffeine that will give you a good boost when you are feeling a little low on energy…

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