How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If You Cheated On Her

Get Back Your Ex GirlfriendDid you mess up your relationship by cheating? Has it hit you recently that you’re still in love with your ex-girlfriend? Are you looking for ways to get her back? First, you need to understand that what you did was wrong and there is a huge chance that she might not get back with you. However, if there is still hope, you can try winning her heart back by using the following tips.


If you want your ex back, you should start being honest. Let her know everything that happened or what led to the infidelity. If you cheated with multiple partners, you should also reveal it to her. If you insist on hiding the truth, there is a great chance she might know about it later. Therefore, be upfront and honest and accept her reactions thereafter.


If you have never been sorry before in your life, you should find an elaborate plan to apologize to your ex-girlfriend. If you want her to forgive you, make the apology as romantic as possible. Show her that you’re sorry for breaking her heart and cheating on her was the biggest mistake of your life. If she is still in love with you, she will forgive you right there and then. However, there are chances she still feels betrayed with your actions and might need to take some time to think about it. In that case, you should be ready to give her the space she needs. Don’t rush her decision or she will never forgive you.

Stop Contacting The People You Cheated With

If the person you cheated with always texts or calls you, there is no way your ex-girlfriend will take you back. Start by deleting the emails, her contacts and all the texts that remind you of that person. If the person contacts you, don’t ever pick the call or respond to text messages. This way, your ex-girlfriend will understand that you want to be with her and not anyone else.

There is a chance that the other person might become jealous and try creating situations for you to ‘rescue a damsel in distress’. However, you should stand firm on your ground and end all things. If you want your ex to completely forgive you, then direct all your intention to her.

Start Communicating As Much As Possible

Remember, when you cheated, you broke your partner’s trust. Therefore, if you want to gain that trust back, you should start opening up. She might have some lingering questions regarding the whole infidelity issue. She might also ask you to repeat the events that led to your cheating and explain yourself carefully. If that’s the case, you should be ready to open up and explain everything. Don’t feel nagged or disturbed because she’s simply looking for a way to understand why you would cheat on her in the first place.

Be Ready To Accommodate Your Partner’s Requests

Even after going through all the above steps, there is a high likelihood that your ex-girlfriend will not take you back. She might also set some conditions upon which she will take you back after they are met. Therefore, if you want to get back with her, you should be ready to accommodate all her requests. If she asks for space, give it to her. If she asks you to go to couple’s therapy lessons, do it willingly. If she asks you to sleep in the sofa for a few weeks before you can move back in the bedroom, just do it.

With time, she will come around and make a decision.

Remember, it can go either way. She might decide to take you back or not. If she makes the decision not to get back together with you, don’t push her to change her decision.

Good luck!

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