How To Survive An EMP Disaster – Our Tips And Advice

How to Survive an EMPOur planet has always been subject to electromagnetic events known as sunspots, which are often created by storms in the atmosphere which leads to pulses of electromagnetic energy being released into space.

When the media learns of an imminent sunspot, they sensationalize this event and then report that a huge disaster is due to happen. See, what the media never talks about is the widespread damage that could be caused by an electromagnetic pulse weapon detonated within the globe’s atmosphere.

Millions of Microprocessors would become useless within a second.

Most of our electronic devices have a microprocessor and they get energy from electricity, which is ideally generated in a facility full of them. This means that the grid would shut down in a second as well. Cars of any description, manufactured after 1980; trucks, buses, ambulances, motorbikes, fire engines and almost everything else would either stop in a short while, or never move again.

Vehicles traveling over 70MPH would lose control and airplanes would from the sky. Implanted pacemakers would not be able to regulate heart function and every high tech medical equipment would stop working.

Microprocessors which were not destroyed immediately would become useless because their counterparts were also destroyed. Cars that were not disabled immediately may not be able to continue functioning. Even if they escaped the dead vehicle grid lock, they would soon need refueling and this would not be possible since the power grid no longer powers the pumps. Ideally, refrigerators and freezers in malls would no longer function and the supermarket’s shelves would be stripped in a few hours.

Millions of People Would Die within a Year

Even though an electromagnetic pulse is not radioactive, an estimated 5 to 10% of the whole population would become victims in the first 24 hours. This is due to the power losses, vehicle crashes, medical support failures and other malfunctions. A further 90% of the population is estimated to die within a year due to crime, starvation, injury, diseases and suicide.
Those who survive within the first day have a fair chance of surviving one year, but that is if they had been able to make survival preparations and were ideally lucky enough to be able to get enough supplies and are able to defend them from remnants and other things without any hesitation whatsoever.

The first year will be a time of darkness, savagery and desperation in the entire human history. After a few days, when water will stop flowing and the last scraps of food have all been eaten, most cities will have become ghost towns and it will be ugly beyond what you can imagine. It will become challenging beyond endurance and the only people who can survive until some kind of order is restored, commerce and the rest of normal activities, are those who will be prepared and have a strong willing to survive.

Preparing For AN EMP Attack for Survival

There is no specific type of preparedness for an EMP aftermath. In fact, survival preparedness for an EMP attack is the same for any other disaster aftermath. This means that it is no more than knowing your family needs, and having sufficient quantities that can support survival for up to a year after the disaster.

Your Family will require:

1. Long term bulk food storage

This is because food supply will have ceased and there will be none in the stores.

2. Be water self sufficient

We need water to survive and thus, you will need to have lots of water stored.

3. First Aid Kits

Minor injuries tend to happen and they must be prevented from becoming major problems.

4. Survival stove and lights

This is because the national grid will no longer power your home and you need to cook your food, stay warm and lighten the house.

5. Hunting weapons and survival garden seeds

These are essential as there is a limit to how much food you will be able to buy at the store.

Being prepared for a disaster or an aftermath, particularly an EMP one, does not guarantee that you will survive. However, I can guarantee you that you will not survive if you are not prepared. So, start now as you never know when a disaster like this one might happen!

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