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An independent review of the Tinnitus Remedy System by Ian McCall that includes an overview of this natural solution for tinnitus and useful details about its main pros and cons.

Ian McCall Tinnitus Remedy SystemImportant news:

Few months were passed since we have written and published this review about the Tinnitus Remedy program by Ian McCall. During that time things changed and because of various reasons, we won’t recommend this tinnitus solution from now on.

We have chosen to keep the original review below without change, just in case you will want to take a look at it. You can feel free contacting us if you want more details about the reasons which led us to remove our recommendation regarding the program.

We wish you the best 🙂

The OneCareNow team

The Basics

The Tinnitus Remedy system is a step-by-step natural program developed by Ian McCall, a researcher who used to suffer from tinnitus. This system, which is also known as the “Tinnitus Remedy Stop The Ringing Forever” program is organized in five different steps that chronic tinnitus sufferers can follow to reduce and eventually get rid of their symptoms in 10 to 60 days.

The Tinnitus Remedy system covers different angles since tinnitus causes and remedies vary from one patient to another. The program provides tinnitus patients with plenty of information and detailed step by step advice about this condition and how to treat it. Ian McCall explains that the main goal of this system is to help patients get rid of their tinnitus in a safe and natural manner.

In short, here are some of the things you will learn once you purchase the Tinnitus Remedy system:

  • A list of the medications that should be entirely avoided since they can worsen your symptoms or lead to other health problems.
  • Dietary supplements you can take to reduce tinnitus symptoms.
  • Some tips and advice that will help you diagnose your tinnitus accurately.
  • A list of household products and ingredients that could make your tinnitus worse.
  • You will also learn about two breathing methods that will allow your body to heal itself.
  • Some techniques that can be used to treat the causes of tinnitus and the pain associated with this condition.
  • Recommended vitamin supplements you can take to improve your overall health, and much more…

Ian McCall also offers some bonuses with his Tinnitus Remedy Stop The Ringing Forever main guide. For example, you will get a guide called “Stop The Stress” which you can follow to adopt a more relaxing lifestyle, as well as the “Sleep Like A Pro” manual that will teach you how to get some good sleep each night even if you suffer from tinnitus…

The Pros And Cons


The Pros


It Is A Natural And Holistic Approach

There are mainstream treatments a lot of patients use to get rid of their tinnitus. However, these days more and more people that suffer from tinnitus turn to alternative and natural treatments that are safe to use in order to get rid of their condition. The Tinnitus Remedy system offers exactly that, and inside his guide Ian McCall describes a natural and holistic approach that will help you get rid of tinnitus in a safe manner.

Ian explains that the purpose of this system is to help your body heal itself and eliminate tinnitus for good, and not only to provide you with some “temporary” relief.

Offers Fast Relief And Then Teaches You How To Get Permanent Results

What we really liked about the Tinnitus Remedy system is that it is designed to provide you with fast relief and then to show you what you should do in order to get permanent results. You should start seeing an improvement in only 10 days, and you can then move on to addressing the causes behind your tinnitus and the pain associated with this condition.

Ian McCall Is Respected And Credible

Ian McCall suffered from tinnitus and knows what you are going through. For us, it is comforting to know that this system is developed by someone who experienced the symptoms you want to get rid of.

Ian McCall is also a nutritional specialist, a medical researcher and a general health consultant, and his extensive experience in the medical field make him a credible author.

This Method Is More Affordable Than Other Treatments

We cannot give you an exact amount of how much you will have to spend for conventional tinnitus treatments since there are many different options. However, here is an idea of what you will have to spend for other treatments:

1. Patients spend between $50 and $300 for a doctor’s appointment in the U.S. if they do not have health insurance.

2. You would have to spend between $75 and $250 for a hypnosis session that lasts an hour.

3. You will also have to spend money on medication, which can end up costing hundreds of dollars.

As you can see, the Tinnitus Remedy system is a very affordable option compared to what you would have to spend for a traditional treatment. Ian McCall’s tinnitus remedy guide is available for a one-time payment and this also includes the free bonuses he offers.

There Is Also A Full Money Back Guarantee

Ian McCall offers your money back within 60 days if you are not satisfied with your purchase. This gives you plenty of time to try the different methods presented in this program and see if they work for you. In simple words, this guarantee makes this program a risk-free option you can try if you suffer from tinnitus…


The Cons


There Is Always A Chance That You Might Not Get The Results You Wanted

In all honesty, you need to understand that the tinnitus solution developed by Ian McCall is not a foolproof option. Everyone is unique and there is no tinnitus remedy that works for everyone.

Fir example, tinnitus can be connected to a more serious health condition or might be the result of an injury.

You need to approach this program with reasonable expectations and keep in mind that you might not get the results you were hoping for.

You Must Be Dedicated

You will learn a lot about tinnitus in this program, and you need to be ready to dedicate some time and some efforts to follow Ian McCall’s tinnitus remedy treatment system. You should not approach the Tinnitus Remedy system as a “miracle solution”, and you will only get results if you follow the advice and give this system enough time to work.

This Is A Digital Product

The Tinnitus Remedy Stop The Ringing Forever guide and the bonus items that Ian McCall offers are available in PDF format only. We do not think this is a huge problem but this might not be the best option for those who would rather hold a physical book in their hands.

If you would rather own a hard copy of the Tinnitus Remedy guide, your only option is to print it yourself…

Our Conclusions

Just like any other treatment for tinnitus, the Tinnitus Remedy System by Ian McCall has its own pros and cons, and it is absolutely not a “miracle solution”. With that said, the fact that Ian McCall offers a full refund policy gives you plenty of time to try his treatment without having any risk at all. This is a very decent guarantee in our opinion and something that can help you test everything with full confidence…

Personally, we really like that the Tinnitus Remedy System uses a natural and holistic approach that was designed to help you not only getting fast relief but also to achieve permanent results. In addition, the fact that this system is more affordable than most conventional treatments today, and that it was created by someone who knows exactly how it feels to live with tinnitus, are other important advantages that the Tinnitus Remedy System offers.

All in all, we will recommend any tinnitus sufferer that is searching for an all-natural, long lasting and safe solution to this condition, to give the Tinnitus Remedy Stop The Ringing Forever program a try. After all, if after several weeks you don’t notice any change in your condition you can always request a full refund from Ian McCall within 8 weeks…


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