Identifying Diabetes Symptoms – Tips And Advice

Identifying Diabetes SymptomsCurrently there are 24 million Americans who suffer from diabetes. Unfortunately only 18 million are aware they have it. The dominant diagnosis is type 2 and it’s obvious that the need to identify the symptoms regarding diabetes is increasing. It lives up to the name “Silent Killer” and it’s time people started to pay more attention. Apart from getting a blood sugar test, there are signs that can serve as warnings.

Frequent Urination And Constant Thirst

These symptoms work in collaboration. If you find yourself getting up several times at night to use the bathroom then it could be a sign of diabetes. The kidneys start to work overtime in order to get rid of excess glucose. The thirst is a natural result of constant urination.

Rapid Weight Loss

Another tell-tale sign of diabetes is rapid weight loss. There are cases when people lost 20 pounds over a time period of 3 months and it goes without saying that this isn’t healthy. The lack of glucose reaching the insulin hormone tricks the body into thinking it’s starving. In turn your body breaks down muscles instead of fat.

Uncontrollable Hunger

When your blood sugar level falls dramatically it makes your body think that it’s hungry. This is because your body is craving glucose which in turn helps cells to function properly.

Skin Problems

Poor blood circulation and dryness are typical causes for itchy skin and it can be a sign of diabetes. When the color of the skin starts to get darker, especially in the neck area or underneath your armpits, it’s advised to take a blood sugar test.

Lag In The Healing Process

When you notice that bruises and cuts are taking longer to heal then start to take some caution. This is another prominent symptom of diabetes and it is caused by large amount of glucose. The glucose damages blood vessels while moving through the veins, making it much harder for necessary blood to reach the sections that need healing.


Diabetes negatively affects the immune system, which can lead to numerous fungi and bacteria build-up. The excess glucose in the body helps them to thrive and women in particular should pay close attention to vaginal based infections, especially yeast infections.

Feeling Tired And Irritated

If you feel tired and irritated for the most part of the day, it could be high sugar levels. People usually learn to live with the bad feeling until they finally consult a doctor. Keep in mind that getting up several times at night can cause fatigue, adding to the irritated mood.

Impaired Vision

Yes, diabetes can cause blindness if left untreated for too long. Once again, high levels of glucose can severely affect the lenses in your eyes, more specifically the shape, and this leads to blurred vision, flashes of light or even floaters. Luckily these effects can be treated effectively if treated in time.


When your hands and feet start to tingle very often, they go numb, or they start to swell up and pain then it could be a sign of nerve damage. This is another onslaught of diabetes, but it is treatable. However, it has to be treated in time otherwise the nerve damage can become permanent.

How To Get Certainty?

Keep in mind that all the above symptoms can POSSIBLY be diabetes, but never make the diagnosis by yourself. There are many blood tests available to clarify whether you have diabetes and some of them will have to be taken more than once. Seeing as there is no cure for diabetes yet, it’s important to seek treatment as quickly as possible in order to curb the effect it will have on your life.

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