Joey Atlas’ Fat-Loss Done Method – Our Full Review

joey atlas fat-loss done methodHello ladies and welcome to our review about the Fat-Loss Done Method by Joey Atlas.

As always, this review will be broken into 3 main parts:

1. The basics section that will help you to learn what the Fat-Loss Done Method is all about.

2. The pros and cons section that features the most important advantages and disadvantages which we feel you should know about Joey Atlas’ fat-loss program.

3. The conclusions section about “Fat-Loss Done” that summarizes our thoughts and feelings on this weight loss method…

Let’s start 🙂

The Basics

Who doesn’t want to improve their health naturally, gain a fit and attractive figure, and get rid of that cumbersome body fat? Joey Atlas, a best-selling author, lifestyle adjustment coach, and women’s body enhancement specialist says he developed the Fat-Loss Done Method to help any woman do just that.

According to Joey, many women can’t lose their unwanted weight for five important reasons. These are:

1. They either yo-yo diet or try to find a quick weight loss “fix”.

2. They simply do the wrong exercises over and over again.

3. They don’t understand how to maintain their weight loss results over the long term.

4. They need a diet that works with their personal metabolism, something that very few diet programs these days focus on.

5. They believe everything they hear from the “big guys” in the weight loss industry, even when it’s not true.

Joey explains that unlike all of these useless weight loss programs online that use the same ineffective methods, inside his Fat-Loss Done system women will learn how they can get impressive fat loss results without following lots of exercise plans that are not effective and without the pitfalls that lead to yo-yo dieting.

Actually, Mr. Atlas claims that by taking advantage of his Fat-Loss Done Method, women will not only be fitter and feel better, but will also learn how to maintain their new and healthier figure in the long term.

In order to help women get the promised results, Joey Atlas offers a comprehensive system that includes several guides and videos. The most important component is the main guide of the Fat-Loss Done Method, which covers Joey Atlas’ fat loss plan in details and offers lots of information about different topics, such as:

  • How Metabolic Synchronization can be achieved using a set of strategies geared to adjust your lifestyle.
  • How to move past the “game of portion control” that restricts you, and move on to Joey’s “Portion Matching plan”.
  • How the technique of “Calorie Spindling” can be successfully substituted for the mind-numbing business of counting calories.
  • Understand why it is not necessary to eliminate any food that you like from your diet by discovering the special Un-Dieting tactic that Joey favors.
  • How to remain fit without having to wear exercise clothing or even go to the gym, using “the Seven Stealth Movements” video series, plus much more…

Other useful items that Joey Atlas included in the Fat-Loss Done package include the “Fatness to Fitness guide”, the “Food and Meal Choices” manual, and a special bonus report called “Intro-Burn” that can be very helpful before a reunion, vacation, wedding, or any other important event when you need to quickly and safely lose some weight…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Simple To Follow And Easy To Understand

Joey Atlas developed the Fat-Loss Done Method with the busy woman in mind, and even if your daily schedule is always full, we believe that you’ll find the required time to follow this program. This is mainly due to the fact that Joey Atlas offers an easy to follow weight loss approach that doesn’t involve lots of tiresome exercises or very strict dietary rules.

Exposes The Truth About Many Dieting “Facts”

There is a lot of information out there about how to take weight off and make sure that it stays off for good. While some tactics do work, most of them don’t. This is mainly due to the fact that the weight loss industry is full of exaggerations and lies that come from all of these “so-called nutrition experts”.

What we really like about the Fat-Loss Done Method is that it promotes a different weight-loss approach, and inside the main guide Joey Atlas shows you the real truth about many things that most women believe can help them lose weight, but actually ruining their chances and even damaging their health.

Great Value For Money

When compared to other fat loss programs that were created by fitness experts at the same level of Joey Atlas, there is no doubt that the Fat-Loss Done Method is offered at a very reasonable price. In fact, when we also consider the great bonuses that Joey Atlas provide and the special money back guarantee that he offers (as explained below), we personally believe that the Fat-Loss Done Method offers amazing value for the price.

A Money Back Guarantee That Lasts For A Year

As you probably noticed on the official Fat-Loss Done website, Joey Atlas offers his customers a 365-day guarantee of satisfaction. We must admit that this kind of guarantee is unheard of in the weight loss industry and it really left us feeling impressed.

This guarantee from Joey means that you get the chance to try his program for a few weeks, or even a couple of months, without the worry that you are wasting a penny of your hard earned money on something that it is actually not for you…


The Cons


It Is Going To Challenge Your Beliefs

For most women, this will be the most difficult part when following the program. Joey consistently challenges popular truths using solid evidences and ground-breaking studies, and in order to get the maximum out of the Fat-Loss Done Method, you must keep your mind open.

Only Available In Digital Format For Now

Right now, Joey Atlas is offering the Fat-Loss Done Method only as a digital product that can be purchased online. If you don’t like learning from digital products, or if you don’t have a reliable Internet connection at home, this can be a major drawback for you.

The Results Can Vary

You have to hold yourself to realistic expectations and understand that there are different factors which can affect your results from the Fat-Loss Done Method, such as your personal metabolism, your body type, and your current bodyweight. The most important thing to remember when you follow Joey Atlas’ fat-loss system is that it is not a “quick weight loss fix”, but instead a real fat loss solution that was designed to give you long-term results…

Our Conclusions

As with any other fat loss program, the Fat-Loss Done Method has its own positives and negatives, and it is absolutely not a “magic bullet” that will help you lose weight and get a perfect feminine body in only a week or two.

With that said, there is no doubt that the Fat-Loss Done Method really impressed us and it offers something that most other weight loss programs today don’t offer at all: an effective way to lose fat and get long-term results without exercising all-day or/and following a very strict diet plan.

The thing we liked the most about the Fat-Loss Done Method is that instead of telling you to do the same things that so many “so called experts” these days recommend, Joey Atlas stick to real evidences and studies, and provide women with healthy, simple to follow, and science-based methods that can truly help them not only lose weight, but also to keep it off for good.

In addition, the very reasonable price tag, the useful bonus items, and the unique money back guarantee that Joey Atlas offers, are other big pluses that make the Fat-Loss Done Method a great choice.

To sum it up: we will recommend any woman that tries to find a smart way to lose weight, which doesn’t involve exercising all-day or following an unhealthy diet plan, to give the Fat-Loss Done Method a try.

After all, you have up to 365 days to try this program and follow everything Joey Atlas teaches without any risk at all…

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