Lazar And Dusan’s Bar Brothers System – Our Full Review

bar brothers the systemHi buddy and welcome to our review on the Bar Brothers System by Lazar Novovic & Dusan Djolevic.

Like always, this review will be divided into three main parts:

1. The basics section which will help you to fully understand what the Bar Brothers System is all about.

2. The pros and cons section where you will read about the main benefits and drawbacks of the system.

3. The conclusions section that sums up our thoughts and feelings on The Bar Brothers system…

Let’s start!

The Basics

The Bar Brothers System is a calisthenics workout program that was created for people who want to build a strong, lean and toned body within only 12 weeks. The system was designed by the training experts Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic, aka “the Bar Brothers”, which promises that their unique program can help guys achieve very impressive results faster than any other calisthenics program, and without working out on a gym or buying expensive equipment.

All the items that Dusan Djolevic & Lazar Novovic offer in their system is available for an immediate access after your purchase, and listed below are the main components that you will find inside the Bar Brothers System:

  • Firstly, when purchasing the system you will immediately become a member of the Bar Brothers community and get an access to a personal dashboard where you can find all the components that Dusan and Lazar offer.
  • The first thing you will probably notice in your dashboard is a 12-week workout calendar with charts for each week of your workout. Each week’s workout chart has its own color and contains different exercises as well as instructions regarding the rest time you must allow your body when following the program. Here Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic also provide some tips for you to get motivated throughout the whole workout program.
  • You will also find a very detailed video library that contains dozens of training videos where each video has step-by-step instructions on how to perform it safely and properly for best results.
  • Other section of the Bar Brothers System is all about nutrition. Here Lazar and Dusan also share their personal diet plan and some recipes that can help you gain that weight you’ll be using when building your muscles.
  • In other section of the Bar Brothers System Lazar and Dusan also share information on the right way to identify the type of your body, and what does it really mean when following the program.
  • Aside from that, the authors also provide information on how you can prevent some of the common major mistakes committed when doing calisthenics workouts.
  • Another important component of the Bar Brothers System is the community of members who also follow the program and share their tips, advice and results. This will help keep you motivated and allow you to learn new things that helped other members get even better results with the Bar Brothers System…

Check This Page For More Info About The Bar Brothers System And The Main Components That Dusan Djolevic & Lazar Novovic Provide Inside!

The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Can Be Useful For Everyone

The Bar Brothers System can be helpful for both new and experienced persons, and the effectiveness of this program relies on how you are working and following the daily routines. There are no strict restrictions here – all you really need to have is determination and will to work hard.

The Quality Of The Training Videos

The videos provided inside the Bar Brothers system are of high quality. They are brief but informative, and the instructions are easy to understand and to follow. (The videos are ranging from 50 seconds up to two minutes.)

This makes it really easy to understand how to follow each workout properly for best results.

Great Value For Money

With no doubt, The Bar Brothers System offers a great value for money for its members. With training experts like Dusan and Lazar, and considering the valuable information found inside the system, we expected it to cost at least twice and to be in the same price range of similar programs online.

We really don’t know if the authors have any plans to raise the price in the future or not, however, right now the price of the Bar Brothers system is very reasonable, and this allows even guys with a short budget to give it a try without spending too much.

Many Positive Testimonials From Real Users Can Be Found Online

Like we always do, we did some research online in order to try and find real testimonials from users who followed the Bar Brothers System for at least several weeks. The result was that we have found many satisfied customers who highly recommend the system from several reasons.

For example, different users said that the workouts inside the program helped them get better muscle-building results compared to any other program they followed in the past. On the other hand, others said that the thing they liked the most about the Bar Brothers system was the tips and advice from Dusan Djolevic and Lazar Novovic which helped them finally transformed their mind.

Easy To Use Dashboard

The private dashboard of the Bar Brothers System is really user-friendly and it is easy to find everything you need inside. This minimizes problems and difficulties, and allows even people that are not tech savvy to take full advantage of the system without any problem.

Full Refund Guarantee

Dusan Djolevic & Lazar Novovic give you the option to try their Bar Brothers System for 60 days. They explain that you can simply take their system on a test drive during this period and if you are not satisfied with the results or with the system itself, then to ask them for a full refund.

This can show you about the confidence that Dusan and Lazar have in their system, and in simple words, this gives you the option to try the Bar Brothers System risk-free…


The Cons


Some Equipment May Be Needed

Almost any exercise found inside the Bar Brothers System requires at least some basic fitness equipment. This means that you have two options: To invest in some basic equipment (in case you don’t already have) and to perform the workouts at home, or to invest in a gym membership.

The Need For A Fast And Stable Internet Connection

Basically, you will need a stable internet connection in order to watch all the training videos that are offered by Dusan and Lazar inside their system smoothly. This is because all the videos are accessible through your dashboard, and the last time we checked there was no option to download them to your computer.

Comes Only In Electronic Form

As we explained before, the Bar Brothers System is a digital product and your only way to get access to the different components that Lazar Novovic & Dusan Djolevic provide is through your personal dashboard. This means that right now there is no option to purchase a physical version of the Bar Brothers System or to find this product in stores…

Our Conclusions

Just like any other calisthenics workout program, The Bar Brothers System has its pros and cons, and before you start following this program you must understand that hard work, dedication, and true efforts on your part are crucial in order to get any results. This system was designed by real experts to help serious people, and if you are not going to give your very best then we don’t think that you should get the Bar Brothers system from the beginning.

On the other hand, we must admit that the Bar Brothers system by Lazar Novovic & Dusan Djolevic is one of the most powerful calisthenics workout programs we have ever seen, and we truly believe that it can help you get amazing results faster than almost any other program on the market right now.

The best part is that this system comes with full money back guarantee and the authors give any user the option to take it on a test drive for 60 days. Considering this great guarantee, the very reasonable price, and the high quality material that Lazar and Dusan provide, we personally believe that their Bar Brothers System is definitely worth the try…

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