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Diabetes Deactivated Martin SandersHi there and welcome to our review on Diabetes Deactivated by Martin Sanders.

As always, this review will be broken into 3 main sections:

1. The basics section which goes over the major things that Martin Sanders offers inside his guide.

2. The pros and cons section which includes the main pros and cons that we feel you should know about Diabetes Deactivated.

3. The conclusions section where we share our final thoughts on the Diabetes Deactivated program…

Let’s start 🙂

The Basics

Diabetes Deactivated was created by a former type II diabetic named Martin Sanders. In simple words, this scientific-based program shows how the disease’s root symptoms and causes can be “deactivated” within 30 days AND without having to follow a strict diet, low-calorie recipes or exact meal plan.

Martin says that both he and his wife are former diabetics. When their unborn child died, it served as a catalyst for him to patiently search for a way of getting rid of their diabetes for good.

While looking online for useful information, Martin ran into a research study that PLoS Genetics had published. University of Helsinki researchers did an extensive research about ERK7, a protein kinase which both non-diabetics and diabetics have, and according to the researchers the main problem with ERK7 they have found is that for diabetics this protein is always activated.

In simple words, what it is supposed to do is suppress normal production of insulin by sending the body false signals. The signal causes the body to go into starvation mode, causing the production of insulin to shut down. Instead of blood glucose being used as energy, it simply gets stored…

Once Martin Sanders had this knowledge, he realized that certain foods have the nutrients needed for “deactivating” the ERK7 protein. What this means is the main thing that diabetics need to do is to incorporate these foods successfully into their diet to be cured permanently.

In the Diabetes Deactivated guidebook, Martin Sanders details everything he believes you’ll ever need to know about fighting diabetes effectively by deactivating ERK7. More specifically, you will find the following inside this guide:

  • 11 kinds of foods that can deactivate ERK7.
  • 6 kinds of common foods that causes your body to stop producing insulin and go into starvation mode.
  • Easy step-by-step instructions for “Eating For Fullness,” a technique developed by Martin.
  • Information regarding three steps you need to take to fight off diabetes effectively and obtain the best results from Sanders’ Diabetes Deactivated system…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Based On An Actual Scientific Study

In order to ensure that the study conducted by University of Helsinki researchers that is cited in the book actually exists, we searched online and were able to find that specific study rather quickly. We certainly think it helps to ease some of the potential doubts prospective customers might have regarding the safeness and legitimacy of this program.

Offers A Medication And Injection-Free Cure

The Diabetes Deactivated Program completely focuses on healthy lifestyle and diet. It provides diabetics with an effective complementary or alternative treatment method for their disease.

You can also save money with this program since you won’t have side effects to deal with, something that anti-diabetic medications are commonly associated with.

Helps You Understand The Disease Better

Inside the Diabetes Deactivated book you are provided with a fresh and detailed perspective of diabetes, along with its root causes. You are educated by Martin Sanders on the precise foods you need to eat in order to prevent the ERK7 protein from being activated, and you are also provided with tasty and healthy diabetic meal recipes.

Beneficial For Losing Weight

As long as you stick with this program long enough, you will probably notice that you also start losing your extra pounds. Controlled blood sugar and weight loss go hand in hand, and having normal sugar levels helps with improving how your body uses and responds to insulin.

Diabetes Deactivated will also help you to prevent sugar cravings, something that usually makes it very difficult to stick with any diet program.

Easy To Execute And Understand

The Diabetes Deactivated book was written for laypersons. It has an informative and casual writing style, and Martin Sanders uses simple words.

Personally, we believe that you shouldn’t have any problems being able to correctly and immediately implement the directions in the guide.

Offers A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

No matter how much you pay for a program, this type of guarantee is something that’s very important to most consumers. We were very pleased to see that the Diabetes Deactivated program has a full refund guarantee in place, and we believe that it can help you feel more confident about trying this program without worrying about losing your investment…


The Cons


You Must Be Disciplined And Patient

It is our personal opinion that any treatment program, including this one, is most likely to fail unless you commit to it 100%. We suggest that you try to convince your other family members to follow the same diet as you. This can be an excellent way to introduce your family to healthy eating habits, while at the same time lowering their type II diabetes risk.

This Is A Digitally Formatted Guide

The Diabetes Deactivated guide is only available in PDF format and you can purchase it only online. That means there is no paperback version available at this time, so if you prefer having a physical book in your hands, then your only option will be to print the PDF version by yourself…

Our Conclusions

As with any other solution for diabetes, Diabetes Deactivated has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is definitely not a “guaranteed solution to reverse your diabetes for good”. Even so, the fact that Martin Sanders offers a 100% refund guarantee for his program means that you can try all the methods he recommends inside the guide and follow the diet plan he mentions without any risk. This is a big advantage compared to similar programs online and something that we really appreciate…

Personally we really like that the Diabetes Deactivated program completely focuses on healthy lifestyle and diet, which means there are no nasty side effects to deal with. In addition, the facts that this program is based on extensive scientific study, that it doesn’t require you to buy any expensive medications, and that is it also beneficial for losing weight, are all important things that most people will love about this program.

All in all, we will recommend anyone that is trying to find a natural solution for diabetes that can help deactivating the ERK7 protein, lower the blood sugar levels and make the diabetes symptoms disappear without following any strict diet, to give the Diabetes Deactivated system a try. After all, if won’t see any improvement in the next several weeks or if you will not be happy with the things Martin Sanders suggests inside his guide, you can simply take advantage of the 60-day money back guarantee…

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