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MI40 CEP TrainingHi buddy and welcome to our review about the MI40 CEP Training System by Ben Pakulski.

As always, this review will be broken into three main sections:

1. The basics section which focuses on the most important things that Ben Pakulski offers inside his new program.

2. The section about the pros and cons of MI40 CEP Training blueprint that covers several of the primary advantages and disadvantages of this muscle building system.

3. The conclusions section that will sum up our thoughts on the MI40 CEP Training Program.


The Basics

The MI40 CEP Training System, which is also known as “MI40X” or “MI40 XTREME 2.0”, is the follow up program to the best selling muscle building system, MI40. This program was created by IFBB pro bodybuilder Ben Pakulski with one goal in mind: to help people building lots of muscle mass quickly by using very specific training methods which are science-based and not just throwing a bunch of exercises together and calling it a training program.

This program is based on a new training concept that Ben calls “Cell Expansion Protocol, or CEP. One unique aspect of Cell Expansion Protocol is that, unlike most training systems, this technique can be integrated into your current program. So if you have a program you like, you don’t have to ditch it to succeed with the MI40 CEP Training blueprint.

In simple words, Ben’s Cell Expansion Protocol is based on something called the Myotatic Reflex, which happens when you work your muscles under stress with exercises that stretch them a bit. Your body considers this an emergency state as far as your muscle fibers and cells are concerned, causing your body to produce more nuclei, which in turn enhances protein synthesis. A faster rate of protein synthesis can result in faster muscle tissue repair which can mean building muscle at a faster rate.

The MI40 CEP Training program requires you exercising six days per week with only one rest day, and the workouts last around an hour each.

More specifically, here are the main things you can expect to get once you purchase Ben Pakulski’s MI40 XTREME 2.0 package:

  • The MI40 CEP Training System Nutrition Guide – nutrition is just as important for muscle building as it is for fat loss, and here you will find the best nutrition tips that Ben Pakulski believes will help you getting the best results from his program.
  • The CEP Practical Application Guide – Here you’ll discover the training techniques and how to apply them to your program for maximum effectiveness.
  • Supplement Guide – there are a lot of worthless supplements out there to waste your money on, and here Ben Pakulski gives you the ones that really work.
  • The 7 Day Detox Diet – While it’s called a 7 day detox, Ben recommends staying on this nutrition program for up to three weeks. The idea is to reset your hormonal levels, how you react to certain foods, etc. in order to help your body absorb the required nutrients and put your body in an anabolic (muscle building) state.
  • Workout Sheets – Simple sheets you can print out to take to the gym.
  • The 7 Day Primer Phase – this is the workout version of the detox diet, designed to get you ready for the “Cell Expansion Protocol”.
  • The CEP Training Blueprint – includes the exact blueprint and training techniques you need to stay away from if you want to get results.
  • The Exercise Guide – As the name suggests, here you will learn how to perform every workout recommended by Ben Pakulski the right way.

You’ll also receive a number of bonuses when you purchase the MI40 CEP Training Program, including a hardcore abs program, as well as a program using a suspension trainer like TRX…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


You Don’t Have To Guess Anything

Too many trainees change their workout programs way too often, some make it up when they get to the gym and the end result is a lack of progress. With the MI40 CEP Training System there is no need to guess anything because it’s all laid out for you. All you need to do is to read the easy to understand guides, watch the videos and follow Ben Pakulski’s step-by-step directions.

The MI40 CEP Training System Was Created By A Real Expert

Ben Pakulski is not just pro bodybuilder, but a trainer that gets real results for his clients and likes to base his programs on science instead of giving them “typical program” like so many other trainers do.

Like most pro bodybuilders, Ben is genetically blessed and would build muscle on almost any routine. However, it seems that unlike many other trainers, he is obsessed with finding the best and most effective ways that work for others, not just the “genetically blessed”.

It’s All There For You

If you grab a copy of the MI40 CEP Training System you will probably see that it’s all there for you. Muscle-building and fat-burning workouts, the right supplements to take and avoid, and the scientific reasons behind this program, all of them are shared inside the MI40 XTREME 2.0 program.

In addition, the videos for the exercises are simply fantastic. Having a guy like Ben Pakulski that shows you how to do each and every workout correctly is way better than looking at pictures in a book.

Helps You Burn Fat Without The Need To Starve Yourself

With the MI40 CEP Training program there is no starvation, even when you move into fat burning mode. Instead, Ben Pakulski uses nutrition strategies that work with your body to maximize fat burning and boost your metabolism without starving yourself.

Money-Back Guarantee Is Also Provided

In simple words, the MI40 CEP Training Program comes with full money back guarantee for 60 days. Ben Pakulski is very confident that most people will find his program useful and he says that if for some reason you tried his program and didn’t get the promised results, every cent you spent will be return to you…


The Cons


Be Prepared To Work Hard

Ben Pakulski says from the beginning that his MI40 CEP Training blueprint is not a miracle cure, and you aren’t going to look at a barbell and grow. You need to put in serious work, day in and day out, with a lot of intensity if you want to build serious muscle mass with this program.

Only Digital Format Is Available

The MI40 CEP Training System is only available for purchase in digital format and right now there is no option to get the guides of this program in hard-cover, or the videos in physical DVD format. All the material is available in a downloadable format only.

You Won’t Find The MI40X System In Stores

In addition to the things mentioned above, it is also important to understand that the MI40 CEP Training program is available for purchase only online and you won’t find it in stores…

Our Conclusions

As with any other muscle-building program, the MI40 CEP Training System has its own pros and cons, and it is definitely not the perfect program for anyone that tries to build muscle and get fit. Even so, the fact that Ben Pakulski provides a full refund policy means that you can take his program to a “test drive” and to see if his Cell Expansion Protocol really works for or not without taking any risk. This is a fair deal from Ben Pakulski and something that we really appreciate…

Personally, we really like that inside the MI40 CEP Training System everything is laid out for you and it is very easy to understand what you need to do in order to get the optimum results when following the program. This muscle-building system really contains all you need to succeed, from effective muscle-building and fat-burning workouts, to the right nutrition plan and the most effective supplements. In addition, the fact that the MI40 CEP Training program was created by a pro bodybuilder and a reputable trainer makes it more legit and safe to use.

Overall, we will recommend anyone that has the discipline and will to put in the hard work in order to get serious muscle building results to give the MI40 XTREME 2.0 system a try. After all, if you will not be pleased with what Ben Pakulski teaches inside or with the results of his CEP Training System, you can always take advantage of the full money-back guarantee that he offers within 60 days…

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