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Addict Him To YouHello there and welcome to our review about Addict Him To You by Mirabelle Summers.

As always, this review will be broken into 3 main sections:

1. The basics section which covers the most important things that Mirabelle Summers offers in her guide.

2. The pros and cons section where you will be able to discover the primary pros and cons of the Addict Him To You program.

3. The conclusions section about Addict Him To You that summarizes our thoughts and feelings on this relationship program.

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The Basics

In simple words, Addict Him To You (or “Addict Him” in short) is a step-by-step guide for women who are interested in improving their current relationships, or women who want to start new long term relationships with men.

This relationship guide was written by Mirabelle Summers who is a renowned relationships expert with several relationships books in her belt. Mirabelle is also instrumental on the famous MeetYourSweet website.

In her guide Mirabelle Summers focuses of the mistakes a majority of women make in their relationships. She states that these mistakes are as a result of the women not knowing the way men experience love. She quips that women need to need to learn this in order for them to attract and keep the men they love.

Mirabelle also warns against some of the things many women do to attract men; in her opinion, those pull actions end up having the ripple effect of always getting the wrong men, not the ones they really want. These mistakes are the leading source of pain and breakups for a lot of women.

The main objective of the Addict Him book is to teach women how to improve their relationships, and more importantly, how to do it right. This system also aims to teach them how they can bring happiness to their relationships regardless of whether they are presently in working relationships or not.

The guide itself contains around 150 pages with raw content packaged in the form of an eBook. The package also comes with a number of bonus guides that are tackling related matters.

Through her guide, Mirabelle Summers teaches women about relationships in well researched strategies, including real life techniques they can use to make commitments with the men they desire without the need to play games. This end result is that these women end up in loving, lasting unions free of tricks, shallowness, and manipulation.

Mirabelle Summers also talks a lot about the reason why a man may choose not to commit while giving you positive pointers to consider when you want a man to open up in a relationship.

In the system, the writer also outlines clear strategies women should apply in order to make themselves irresistible. It also includes parts which teach you how to show any man that you are the woman he needs “without saying it”.

Other important things that Mirabelle Summers offers inside her Addict Him To You book include techniques that you can apply in order to touch the heart of the man you love, including real life strategies you can apply to show a man that he is loved, and to understand a man the way he would want to be understood!

The final part of the guide looks at crucial aspects of a happy relationship, and comes with tips and advice about handling your fist date with a man and how you can take advantage of it to steer a fruitful relationship with the man of your dreams…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Covers Many Relationship Aspects

Inside the Addict Him To You guide Mirabelle Summers covers different relationship aspects most women go through in the real life but don’t know the answers to.

Other important aspect which sets the guide apart from many others is use of real life relationship excerpts which makes it more personal and relatable. The real life case contributes in making it easier for you to understand the subject and apply it in your life with success.

Doesn’t Leave Out Any Woman

Ever read a book and you had the unwavering feeling that the author wasn’t talking to you?

This Program targets almost all kinds of women beyond creed, religion or age parameters. The advice you get from this system is therefore, very good for you whether you want to make your current relationships better or are still looking for a soul mate.

Incorporates Real Life Elements

The Addict Him To You program also contains relatable strategies you can easily apply in your daily life. What this means is that it’s far from those scandalous and outlandish eBooks you find everywhere. It also doesn’t base its theories on tricks or hacks which offer a simple xi. This system suggests different kinds of solutions to women compared to those commonly found in relationship blogs and websites on the internet.

Easy Steps

The Addict Him book is organized in a step-by-step fashion which is easy to understand. We also like to point out that Mirabelle Summers writing style is super easy to follow and understand.

Has Really Helpful Bonus Items

Mirabelle Summers offers 3 extra guides for free with the Addict Him system. These bonus systems include: “Cheating Neutralizer,” Lie Detector” and the “Reflexive Attraction” reports.

All these guides are solid and they can add true value to your life. This means that you not only get 3 extra guides to consider, but also get real help from the bonus materials.

60 Days Money back Guarantee

Addict Him To You has a solid 60 day money back guarantee for all buyers and Mirabelle Summers promises that people who will find her methods useless will be able to get every cent back without any question asked.


The Cons


Needs Some Work

The techniques shared by the author need some work on your part. It is important to point out at this stage that you won’t just buy a guide and rest it on your shelves to see results. You should make a concerted effort to reap the results.

Only Available For Download

Another thing that may be a disadvantage for some is the fact that you can’t get a hard copy of the Addict Him guide. You only have the option of downloading a PDF copy of the main guide and all the other bonus items that Mirabelle Summers offers.

Expensive Premier Bonuses

The author also offers an optional follow up system called the “Ultimate Attraction Series”, however it’s much more expensive than the main guide, and many women will probably find it too pricey for them.

Our Conclusions

Just like any other relationship guide, Addict Him To You has its positives and negatives, and it is absolutely not a “magic pill to attract any guy you like”. Having said that, the fact that Mirabelle Summers provides a 60 day money-back guarantee for her system allows you to get access to all of her methods and techniques without any risk for 60 days, which is with no doubt a very generous offer on her part…

Personally, we really like that the Addict Him To You system covers many different relationship aspects and the techniques inside can be used by women whether they want to make their current relationships better or still looking for their soul mate. In addition, the fact that the main guide is organized in a step-by-step approach makes it very easy to understand everything Mirabelle Summers shares inside.

All in all, we will recommend any woman that is searching for a step-by-step guide that covers lots of real life scenarios and offers solutions for different relationship problems to give the methods inside Addict Him To You a try. After all, if you will not be happy with the methods Mirabelle Summers teaches inside, you can always ask her to get all your money back within two months…

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