Few Tips And Core Muscle Building Exercises For Beginners

muscle building exercises for beginnersWorking out and looking great, that is the dream for most people who embark on the journey of a muscle building program. That being said, it’s not as easy as it sounds since simply going to the gym and randomly picking up weights or sitting on universal machines will do the trick. One has to follow a structured program in order to get the best results, otherwise one can either flounder with no results or even worse, experience an injury. Read on for some muscle building tips that will greatly benefit beginners.

Know Your Body

First and foremost, before beginning anything, be aware of your body and what you can do. Don’t blindly follow any regimen without considering the impact to your well being. This doesn’t mean to stop at the slightest feeling of discomfort as building muscles requires the breakdown of muscles to grow stronger, but any indication of pain is immediate grounds to stop. Properly stretch and warm up prior to any exercise to ensure the best results.

For those who are older, always consult with a physician prior to doing anything strenuous and even young ones should get a check up to avoid any unforeseen conditions. For overall muscle growth, keeping your sets and repetitions at mid-range (3 sets and 8 reps), will be best.

Know Your Equipment

For the best results, free weights will be your ally. While those modern machines may be attractive and seem safer at first glance, they lead to false security plus don’t develop the supporting muscles which are automatically influenced when concentrating on balancing those free weights. Stick mostly to barbell exercises to get the most impact. Dumbbells will be used later on in your workout program.

Build Up Your Core

A true beginner will be overwhelmed by all that can be done at a gym. As mentioned earlier, randomly picking up weights will do no good. Focusing on just the usual suspects such as the arms or stomach will lead to nothing and possibly an over-development in areas that can lead to problems in the future.

That being said, what should one do to get the best results? Focus on your core and work out on a split schedule to effectively tax huge muscle groups while also allowing proper recovery time. A three day split schedule works well, so that would mean working out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while either doing cardio workouts in between or totally resting, depending on your fitness goals. Now that you know your schedule, let’s get into the core exercises that’ll build you up.

Bench Press

Nothing beats a bench press when it comes to building up that upper body strength. Even arms and shoulders are activated in this exercise so thus why it is a part of any respectable workout regimen. Put a weight on the bar that will let you achieve the desired combination of sets and reps while feeling maxed out at the end to require assistance. Be aware that you’d want to easily bench 1.5 times your body weight. It won’t happen right away but that should be your benchmark.


Squats involve the largest muscles in your body and thus why it’s necessary in your muscle growth program. While they may seem uncomfortable and certainly taxing when done right, nothing will activate the body to produce muscle building growth hormones than good squats. Those who have avoided this in their program instantly see jumps in their overall strength when incorporating them so don’t ever leave them out.


While so simple to execute, this is another exercise that done consistently will lead to dramatic results. Again, be very careful in technique and slowly build up your strength with a combination of a good rest schedule.

As you can see, we’ve only briefly scratched the surface of what a good beginner muscle building program would consist of. There are a few more core exercises but performing the above three will be key to success. Always include a proper diet with the necessary building blocks (protein) and adequate rest to maximize what you do to ensure the surest past to hitting your goals.

Well, that is it. We hope that these muscle building exercises for beginners will be helpful for you. Feel free to check the video below by Mike Chang for few more useful exercises…

All the best!

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