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half day diet nateHi there and welcome to our review about The Half Day Diet by Nate Miyaki.

As always, this review will be divided into 3 main parts:

1. The basics section which will help you to learn what The Half Day Diet is all about.

2. The section about the pros and cons of The Half Day Diet that covers some of the primary advantages and disadvantages of this diet plan.

3. The conclusions section which will summarize our thoughts regarding Nate Miyaki’s program…

Let’s start 🙂

The Basics

The Half Day Diet was developed by the well-known fat loss expert, fitness author and personal trainer Nate Miyaki. In simple words, this is an easy-to-follow guide that shows you how the “half day” dieting method can be implemented, so that your body will start to burn more fats, even when you are not following a low-carb diet.

According to Nate, it is counterproductive to adopt a strict low-carb diet in order to lose weight. Cutting out all kinds of foods that are rich in carbohydrates and eating them during the wrong times won’t help you escape the Carb-Loop cycle that is responsible for your midnight binges and cravings.

Nate explains that the idea of his new diet plan is based on several researches that state that it is only necessary for people to be on low-carb diets at certain times in the day to be able to achieve the same benefits that can be derived from being on a low-carb diet on a 24 hour basis. The Half Day Diet guide explains this idea in detail and teaches you everything you need to know about this kind of diet in order to achieve optimum results from it.

More specifically, the Half Day Diet is comprised of 3 different ‘Pillars.’ These 3 parts work together so that you can effectively and safely achieve all of your weight loss goals.

The following is a brief summary of the three pillars:

  • The first part is where Nake Miyaki teaches how carbs, fats and proteins can be tweaked through simply selecting the macronutrient templates that best fit your individual needs. The templates will teach you what foods to eat, along with the serving size and timing that should be followed, in order to maximize your fat-burning potential to lose weight effectively.
  • The second part of the guide shows you how to make modifications to your diet in order to meet your specific lifestyle and unique needs.
  • Since your goals and nutritional needs will change as you lose weight, in the third part you are going to find various templates that can be used to help you ensure that you either maintain or continue to lose weight. For example, there is the “sedentary template”, “Beach Physique template” and “Strength Training template”…

Several free bonuses have also been included by Nate Miyaki in the Half Day Diet package, including the following:

1. A “Restaurant And Fast Food Survival Guide” – This is a manual that will show you how you can enjoy eating out without worrying about ruining your diet or making unhealthy choices.

2. The “Happy Hour Handbook” – When you are on this diet, you don’t need to stop drinking. This guide teaches you what foods should be eaten before you go out social drinking, as well as the specific time this should be done. A secret hangover remedy from Nate, among other tips, is also included here.

3. A “Holiday Fat Loss Manual” – This contains a 7-step plan that teaches you how to not overeat on special occasions (Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc.), so that you don’t spoil the weight loss results that you have already achieved with the Half Day Diet plan.

4. The “Flat Belly Platinum Club” Trial – Nate Miyaki also offers 30 days free access to the Flat Belly Platinum Club. This exclusive membership enables you to interact with like-minded people, and have access to different items such as “Virtual Nutritionist” software, weekly videos, dieting tips, numerous recipes, and much more…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Depriving Yourself Of Delicious Carbs Is Unnecessary

If you have tried it in the past, you probably know that it is virtually impossible to maintain a traditional low-carb diet for too long. That is exactly why the “half-day” dieting style from Nate Miyaki is so beneficial to individuals wanting to lose weight effectively and safely.

The idea is quite simple: By following this kind of diet you will still be able to enjoy your favorite foods which are rich in carbs, but at the same time to continue losing weight by following the specific strategies outlined by Nate, along with the templates that he provides in the guide.

Allows You Avoid Many Of The Common Pitfalls Associated With Low-Carb Diets

You may not realize this, but a low-carb diet can cause bad breath. The lack of carbs in your diet causes your body to look for alternative sources of fuel, such as stored body fats. When these fats are burned, it produces ketones that are excreted via your urine and breath.

That is only one adverse effect that comes from following a strict low-carb diet. Other adverse effects include rebound weight gain, low energy levels and increased levels of late-night cravings.

Dieting Plateaus Can Be Avoided

Cheat days do have their purpose, and one of the main problems with following a certain diet like a low-carb diet for an extended time period is that your body starts to slowly adapt to it and eventually burns fewer calories. If you have a cheat day set up, you can boost your metabolism, so that it will keep burning extra fat.

The good news is that the Half Day Diet is actually a diet plan that grows with you. After you have started to lose some extra pounds, a different template can be selected, so you can match your new nutrition requirements, goals and other needs that you have. This will allow you to keep losing weight or maintain your weight without having to worry about reaching a plateau.

Well-Known Weight Loss Expert Created This Diet Plan

When it comes to the fitness world, Nate Miyaki has achieved quite a name for himself. He has a very successful and established San Francisco area practice, and he is also the author of various popular books, including “The Truth About Carbs”.

In our opinion, when following any kind of diet plan it is extremely important to know that you get advice from someone that really knows his stuff well, and this is exactly the case with the Half Day Diet plan.

Full Refund Guarantee Is Offered By Nate Miyaki

Similar to other legit diet programs that we have reviewed before, the Half Day Diet is offered with a full money back guarantee for a 60-day period. This means that you can follow Nate Miyaki’s methods for several weeks and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your results, to simply ask for all of your money back…


The Cons


Adjusting To This Diet Can Take Time

The level of carbs that you will need to cut back on will depend on how much weight you need to lose. If you aren’t willing to make the necessary changes to the foods that you consume, particularly the precise times that they need to be eaten, then you may not benefit from the Half Day Diet plan at all.

Only Available In Digital Format

The Half Day Diet program is available in a digital format, which makes it easy to obtain a copy. However, if you prefer to read from a physical book, you will probably be disappointed since this format isn’t offered by Nate Miyaki yet…

Our Conclusions

As with any other diet plan, The Half Day Diet has its pluses and minuses, and it is absolutely not the perfect diet program for everyone. With that said, we must admit that we really like the concept of this diet and we truly believe that it is much easier to stick to it and achieve long-lasting results when compared to many other diet programs on the market today, especially traditional low-carb diets…

The thing we really like about The Half Day Diet is that you can still enjoy your favorite foods that are rich in carbs when following it, and you absolutely don’t need to totally give up on them. in addition, the facts that this diet plan was designed by a well-known fat loss expert, that it offers a great customization level that allows it to “grow with you”, and that it can also help you avoid all of these common pitfalls that are associated with low-carb diets, make “The Half Day Diet“ a great choice.

Overall, we will recommend most men and women that try to lose weight but don’t want to give up on their favorite carb-rich foods, to give The Half Day Diet a shot. After all, if for some reason you won’t be happy with this diet plan or its results, you can always contact Nate Miyaki within 60 days and to ask for a full refund.

Considering Nate Miyaki’s decent guarantee and all the things we wrote above, we don’t see why you should not give the Half Day Diet plan at least a try…

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