Pet Longevity Secrets By Dan Logan – Our Full Review

Pet Longevity SecretsHello there and welcome to our review on the Pet Longevity Secrets guide by Dan Logan.

As always, this review will be divided into 3 main sections:

1. The basics section that will help you to find out what “Pet Longevity Secrets” is all about.

2. The section about the pros and cons of Pet Longevity Secrets that will cover some of the pluses and minuses of this guide.

3. The conclusions section where we talk about our final thoughts and feelings on Dan Logan’s book.

Enjoy : )

The Basics

Created by Dan Logan, a dog trainer and shelter volunteer for more than a decade, Pet Longevity Secrets is an informative guide that shares valuable information on how to add 5 years or more to your pet’s life by introducing the right types of foods and nutrients specific to its unique needs, as well as tips on how to prevent most pet health issues linked to aging.

The Science behind the Pet Longevity Secrets

Based on his intensive research, Dan Logan said the reason why animals, like the sea turtles, live for so long is because of these two reasons:

Reason #1: All creatures have telomeres, which play a big part in supporting DNA health and in the development of diseases (or the lack, thereof). In a nutshell, the longer and healthier your pet’s telomeres, the longer its chromosome will live. This then translates to a longer life span.

Reason #2: What do sea turtles and small breeds of dogs have in common? They produce low amounts of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Studies have shown that high amounts of this hormone could shorten your dog’s life span.

Dan said there’s one mineral that could promote telomere health and lower the production of IGF-1: folic acid. However, incorrect use and amount of folic acid could be harmful for your pet. Dan explains that this is why he teamed up with a veterinarian when developing the Pet Longevity Secrets guide…

So, what’s inside the Pet Longevity Secrets? Here are some of the main topics that Dan Logan discusses inside:

  • All you need to know on how to prevent various pet health problems without spending more than $2.50 per month.
  • Information on the exact amount of folic acid and other telomere-boosting nutrients that should be added to your cat or dog’s daily diet.
  • Advice on a certain inexpensive food that you can feed your dog in order to increase its life by 5 years or more.
  • The ugly truth about commercial pet foods.
  • A list of popular pet foods that are marketed as all-natural, but actually contain ingredients that are harmful to your pet’s health.
  • A “longevity plan” that’s tailor-fitted to your pet’s specific breed, size, and age.
  • How to eliminate health issues linked to aging, such as poor eyesight, diseases targeting major organs, and arthritis (swollen and painful joints).
  • Tips on how to handle your dog’s bad behaviors and personality, like incessant barking, hostility, and anti-social personality, especially when eating together with other dogs.
  • Different tricks and methods for training and caring your beloved dogs, and a lot more…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Backed By Scientific Research Studies

On its official website, you’ll hear Dan Logan citing different scientific studies that form the foundation of his Pet Longevity Secrets book. Was Dan telling the truth or lying? Well, if you already did your research online, you’ll know that he’s telling facts, not lies.

Here’s one link for example to a study about telomere length and dog life span that Dan mentions.

An Easy-To-Follow Plan

Dan says that he fully understands that people don’t always have the time or patience to take care of their pet(s). That’s why he and his vet friend created this guide in a way that it will take up only few minutes of your time daily. Plus, you don’t have to cook anything.

Could Potentially Save You Money

Like what we always hear, prevention is better than cure. The Pet Longevity Secrets will help you save your pet from the agony of going through various diseases commonly associated with old age, like dental problems, heart problems, arthritis, etc. – at least for the next 5 years or so. And the great thing is you could prevent or treat these health issues for as low as $2.50 per month.

Tailored To Your Pet’s Needs

Just like in humans, your pet’s health and treatment plan should be tailor-fitted to its specific needs. Fortunately, the Pet Longevity Secrets can be tweaked based on your cat or dog’s breed, age, and size to get the best possible results.

Sixty-Day Refund Policy Offered

If for any reason you’re not happy with the things you learned in the Pet Longevity Secrets, Dan Logan says he is more than willing to refund your one-time investment.

Although we doubt you’ll ever claim this guarantee, the fact that Dan provides it is still a great advantage that allows you to try his guide for several weeks and to see if the information he shares inside works as advertised, without any risk on your part…


The Cons


Doesn’t Replace Your Vet

We’re not saying the Pet Longevity Secrets is not effective. However, this is not a total replacement for your vet’s expert advice. It’s good to remember that not all vets are totally heartless or greedy. Perhaps most are just not aware about the role of telomeres and IGF-1 in prolonging the life of your beloved pet.

A Completely Digital Guide

You can’t purchase the Pet Longevity Secrets at stores and at the moment Dan Logan sells his guide only in a digital downloadable edition. If you prefer reading a physical book or have a poor internet connection, this is going to a con to you…

Our Conclusions

Overall, we highly believe any responsible and loving pet owner would love to have the Pet Longevity Secrets guide, and after going through this we’re sure you’ll become more knowledgeable on how to train and care for your pet. In addition, it’s simply and clearly written, so even kids would be able to understand and carry out Dan’s instructions effortlessly.

We also believe that the Pet Longevity Secrets guide is totally safe since it’s fully backed by enough scientific literatures and was co-authored by a licensed veterinarian. So far, we haven’t come across negative reviews that talk about unfortunate events as a result of using this guide, and this is another positive sign for us.

Overall, if you want to add a couple more years to your cat or dog’s life without spending too much money, if you want to naturally prevent or cure most health issues they usually encounter as they age, or if you simply want to know how to effectively manage their behaviors, then we will highly recommend you to check out the Pet Longevity Secrets guide.

In the end, if you will not be satisfied with what you learned inside the book, then you can always ask Dan Logan for a full refund within 8 weeks…

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