The Pros And Cons Of An Aquaponics System

Aquaponics System pros and consAquaponics is one of the growing mediums that has been discussed quite a bit in the gardening community. The problem is a lot of gardeners discount this system as not really going to help them in growing plants or sustaining their plants all winter long. This is when people should learn more about the pros and the cons that are present when using aquaponics systems for their home.

Overview Of What Aquaponics Systems Are

The main reason people are discounting aquaponic systems is they are not aware of what these systems are. This system is a symbiotic relationship between fish and plants. The plants roots provide the oxygen the fish need to live, but the fish provide the nutrients in the water for the plants to thrive. So this relationship can go on without much work of the owner, other than checking the water chemical balance to guarantee it is balanced for both the fish and the plants.

The Pros Of The Aquaponics Systems

  • Fertilizing with most of the hydroponic or even regular dirt systems requires quite a bit of work. However, with the aquaponics systems, people will find the fertilizing is going to happen naturally by the fish waste. So people do not have to be constantly worried about finding fertilizer for their plants in the middle of winter.
  • Elimination of the waste of the fish and the plants is easy to do. While people may think the fish and plants do not produce a lot of waste, they will quickly realize when they are using only one of these systems the amount of waste they get is quite high. By using both of these together the plants will remove the fish waste and the fish will take care of any of the waste the plants have.
  • It removes the problem of requiring a large amount of space. People need to realize these systems can come in a variety of sizes. So people can easily find a system that will work in the space they have available for their home. For example, some people will find they can put these in a garage, but other people will find they can put these into a large closet in their home.
  • Wedding is such a pain with the traditional type of gardening. However, with the close control over the seeds people are planting in the aquaponic system, people can start to get the plants done properly without any weeds. So people can start to enjoy their garden even more because they will only be harvesting plants they planted and not getting any weeds harvested.
  • Reduction of the growth time of the plants is something people tend to enjoy as well. While most people will plant their seeds in the dirt and wait for months before they get a harvest, with an aquaponics system, people tend to get their harvest rather quickly. So people can start to enjoy the food they want to eat a lot sooner than what they thought they would.

The Cons Of The Aquaponics Systems

  • Start up cost often is more than what people want to spend on the system. While people may think these systems are inexpensive, which some of them are, people will find the professional grade systems tend to be rather expensive. However, this expense starts to pay off for itself as people get to enjoy fresh produce and fish after just a short time frame.
  • Energy usage is rather high with these systems. While people never think about this, they need to realize these systems do require electric to keep the water circulating and keep the lights on. So people need to make sure they take into account the potential increase in their electric bill each month.
  • Choices between the systems that are available can be rather difficult to make. While people may think only one style of system exist, they will quickly find multiple systems are available. A simple choice in the wrong system, though, can lead to disaster as the system will not be a good fit for the use people have.
  • Daily checks need to be made on the plants, lights, and the pipes. These checks will help ensure the system is working properly, but it also helps to guarantee everything will live right. Without this type of checking, people may have problems in getting to understand why their plants and fish are not thriving.

For a lot of people it may be very difficult to grow produce in the middle of winter. However, other people will notice they can easily start to grow their own produce and fish if they know about aquaponics. All people need to do is a little bit of research and they can start to see just how good the aquaponics systems are for their winter food.

For more details about Aquaponics and how it works you can visit the video below.

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