Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact For Women – A Detailed Review

Visual Impact For WomenHello and welcome to our review about the Visual Impact For Women program by Rusty Moore.

As always, this review will be broken into three main sections:

1. The basics section where we describe what you can expect to find inside the Visual Impact For Women system.

2. The pros and cons section where you will be able to learn about the most important advantages and disadvantages of Rusty Moore’s program.

3. The conclusions section where we share our final thoughts regarding Visual Impact For Women…

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The Basics

Visual Impact For Women is a workout program designed by Rusty Moore, a fitness expert and one of the top rated bloggers in the industry. According to his claims, this program aims to help women achieve a feminine “Hollywood look” rather than a strong and bulky silhouette.

Rusty Moore makes a point by explaining how classic gym workouts put too much load on the wrong muscles, thus determining the upper part of the body to become V-shaped. Most women hate that shape, so they tend to avoid gym routines completely. What most women want to achieve through exercising is a body with small and compact muscles, not bulk. Unfortunately, almost all workout programs on the market are not designed for that goal.

The Visual Impact for Women program promises the “lean Hollywood look”, thus being attractive for many women who are frustrated with traditional gym workouts. To help women achieve this attractive look, Rusty Moore offers a comprehensive system and below can find its main elements:

1. The main Visual Impact for Women guide that contains 20 chapters totaling 89 pages. It provides details about all studies and theories the program is based on, as well as several weight loss myths and nutrition guidelines.

2. The Fat Torching Cardio guide which is an effective cardio plan extended over a 12-week period. It is designed for the maximization of your weight loss efforts. It covers various weight loss elements and techniques, including “HIIT” and “Pyramid Intervals”.

3. The Exercise Demonstrations guide which is a comprehensive book that gathers many workout routines described in detail and accompanied by photos for showing the correct way of performing them. This guide has about 230 pages, so there are good chances for everyone to find the most suitable workouts to learn and implement in their daily routine.

4. The Visual Impact for Women Printable Workout Charts which is a cheat sheet that will help you memorize all routines with ease until you perform them correctly…

Go To This Page For More Info About The Visual Impact For Women System And The Main Components That Rusty Moore Offers Inside

The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Real, First Hand Expertise

Being developed by a fitness expert, this program is based on science and experience and not on pure assumptions. Rusty Moore is one of the most trustworthy names in the industry, thus being a guarantee of the program’s high quality.

Total Customization

We are unique human beings, therefore we have different needs and preferences. Visual Impact For Women can be adapted to suit the specific needs of the users, so each women will be able to choose what suits her best. This increases the chances of success, as when we do what we like, we find it easier to maintain our motivation and pursue our goals until we get there.

Great Information You Can’t Find Elsewhere

The Visual Impact For Women seeks long term results. It emphasizes the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle and workout routine you can follow for a very long time instead of rushing into losing weight fast with various programs only to fail at the end of each one.

This program teaches women about effective methods of losing weight from targeted areas such as the hips and the legs, by acting on those specific muscles. It also discusses about Yoga and its effectiveness, as well as about many other similar topics.

Real Claims Only

The Visual Impact For Women doesn’t try to sell you all sorts of phony promises that would lead you on a wrong path. Rusty Moore doesn’t promise you over night results or a body beyond your physical attributes. He keeps everything real and down to Earth, thus being one of the most trustworthy programs on the market.


Visual Impact For Women is free of fluff or useless information. It is a very good read, as it contains precise advice that would help you along the way. It is exactly what you need for achieving success, nothing less and nothing more.

Money Back Guarantee Is Included

The program is risk free. Should you be unhappy about the results within two months from the purchase, Rusty Moore promises that you can ask for a refund and to receive all your money back, no questions asked.


The Cons


Shallow Nutrition Section

There is some nutritional advice in the guide, but it is rather shallow and general. A more detailed nutrition section would have been useful.

May Not Fit All Women

Visual Impact For Women is a comprehensive program that works, but it has to be followed closely. As it requires a certain amount of self-discipline and commitment, some women may find it hard to stick with it, especially if they aren’t used to working out on regular basis.

These women might also find part of the exercise routines in the guide too hard for them. However, if they take it slowly, it is possible they regain their motivation to keep on going.


Visual Impact For Women is not available in physical stores, and the only place you can find it is online. This can be a downside for some women living in remote areas without a good Internet connection, or for those women who prefer hard-copy version.

Our Conclusions

Just like any other fitness program for women, Visual Impact For Women has its positives and negatives, and it is absolutely not perfect. This program requires self-discipline and commitment, and some women that are in pretty bad shape will probably find it a bit hard to stick to this system.

With that said, the fact that Visual Impact For Women comes with a full money-back guarantee allows you to try his fitness program risk-free, which is a very generous offer from Rusty Moore in our opinion.

Personally we really like that Visual Impact For Women offers total customization for women and it is based on science and not just on pure assumptions, like so many other programs these days. In addition, it is free of fluff and it contains some unique Information that you probably won’t find elsewhere

is a body with small and compact muscles, not bulk

All in all, we will recommend any woman that is looking for a unique fitness program that was designed to build attractive small and compact muscles, or in other words to help getting the “Hollywood Look”, to give Visual Impact For Women a shot. After all, if you won’t be pleased with what you learned inside, you can always request a full refund from Rusty Moore within 60 days…

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