Why It’s Good To Know The Many Side Effects Of Weight Loss Pills


weight-loss-pills-side-effectsThe number of people in the Western World that have gone on diets to lose weight is absolutely staggering. It’s estimated that more that 75% of all people have, at one time or another, wanted to be slimmer and more fit.

Some of that desire is pumped into us at an early age because most of our TV heroes and actresses are slim, handsome, beautiful and quite physically fit. They ride horses, motorcycles, run, jump, fight bad guys and look good doing it too.

It’s no wonder we would all like to be in better shape and weigh less, and it’s better for us as well. There are tons of different weight loss pills on the market, some are worthless and a waste of money, while others have a following of people that have had success.

All Natural Or Prescription Is Your First Choice

The first problem that a lot of people have is they believe ‘all natural’ is necessarily better for you than a prescription. While that may be true overall, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s not poison and won’t kill you.

The next question is what are the real ingredients and is there scientific evidence to show that they’re effective at helping people lose weight. It’s pretty easy for a large company to slap together some cheap ingredients and jack up the price to sell to unsuspecting customers.

Plus, anytime you create any structure where a commission can be made you’ve created a situation where it’s profitable for them to lie as well. That’s the biggest problem with the diet pill industry, they’re all lying in order to make a few dollars before they go bankrupt and out of business.

The prescription diet pills are mostly amphetamines or speed, designed to speed up your metabolism, heart rate, and get you moving. Unfortunately, they can also become addictive to the user. Some people move on from diet pills and into a methamphetamine habit, which can be a serious problem.

Some Supplements Suppress Appetite Only

Appetite suppressants are another direction to go, most diet pills suppress the appetite the same way that speed does, but there are others that work on a different mechanism and have fewer side effects. Plus there usually isn’t a long term problem with using them and becoming addicted.

Another type of appetite suppressant is designed to fill you up. These are the simplest types of weight loss pills because mostly they expand in the stomach and make you feel full, even bloated. These, taken with other weight loss methods like exercise and metabolism boosters, can all add together and be a real plan to lose weight. The pills that fill you up can cause bloating and gas, but are mostly harmless otherwise.

You Should Spend Time Learning The Ingredients

One thing is for sure, if you’re going to buy any type of weight loss pill you’ll need to learn what all of the ingredients are on the label. Some are completely bogus, made to sound expensive, while being dried or concentrated regular food. Others can be totally dangerous and you’ll need to look them up and read their side effects.

There were a bunch of diet pills that were recently pulled from the market because one of the ingredients caused heart arrhythmia and some heart attacks in patients. Then the same ingredient kept showing up in plenty of other supplements with different names, still causing health problems as well.

The scary part about buying health supplements at the store or from any local distributor is that many of the salespeople are very uneducated and mostly just repeat the talking points of their superiors in the pyramid vitamin scheme they’re currently enrolled in. They’ll move on to several others constantly touting the benefits of their latest adventure until they get burned out and quit.

Some Of The Top Diet Pills Are The Same For Decades

While the gurus on TV are constantly looking for some new, secret ingredient, the same types of diet pills that work are mostly still available, and still effective.

Scientists believe tiny amounts of the mineral chromium will help the body convert fat energy into muscle. You’ll find chromium in nearly all muscle building formulations. But be aware, too much chromium is poison, so use with caution.

Chitosan is another product that seems to work well for people. It’s made from the cast-off skeletons of shrimp in the oceans. It’s thought to help block the absorption of fat in the intestinal tract, thus lowering the caloric intake and fat at the same time. It hasn’t shown any bad side effects and seems to work well to a certain extent.

If all of the diet news and fake news doesn’t convince you to just be fat and forget it, then you should educate yourself on the internet and by reading labels. Then go back to the internet and do more research. The most effective supplements will have plenty of real reviews online to help you decide which one is working for other dieters.

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