Useful Singing Tips For Guys

singing tips for guysSinging is a learned experience, but a person does need to have the ability to “hear” the music and be able to stay in key while singing. Learning to sing can be done on your own, but if you have the opportunity to take lessons, that won’t hurt either.

Many people learn to sing by listening to music from recorded artists or from music they hear online. This is OK for starting out, but what you are really looking for, especially as a guy wanting to sing well, is your own style and voice.

This is best achieved by being as natural as possible without attempting to imitate anyone in particular. While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, you as a singer, need to find your own way in this area.

Listen to your voice as you speak, and then record yourself speaking. You will immediately discover that you sound different on the recording than you do when you hear yourself speak. This is because when you hear yourself speak, you are hearing from inside of your head, instead as everyone else hears you from your voice projection.

The idea of taking voice or singing lessons can help you to pinpoint whether you can sing on key, you can learn to sing on key, and how to locate and concentrate on your natural singing voice. And then, how to project your singing voice is where an instructor can really be of help.

Singing well is largely learning the fundamentals and perfecting those skills. You should learn to sing from your belly, or diaphragm because that is where you get your power. Unfortunately too many pop stars sing very nasally, probably because they are backed up with so much digitalization of their backup music. You should learn, especially if you are a male singer how to emphasize your natural voice and learn to sing on-key in an acapella manner, then it doesn’t matter what your backup is because you will have the confidence to sing naturally.

If you do not take any voice instruction, at least get someone who will be honest with you to listen to you sing to give you an opinion as to whether or not you are singing on-key. Don’t ask them to give you an exhaustive review, just find out from them if you are on-key. Then you will know that you can sing and someone else will find that they are hearing you correctly.

Now you should find a piano and walk up and down the keys and hit the note with your voice that the key is playing. The reason that this is important is that once again, you have to hear yourself singing at a certain pitch. Spend some time on this until you are satisfied that once you play a piano note, you can meet that pitch with your voice. This exercise will also give you an idea of your range.

As a male singer you will probably fall into a baritone to tenor range, with a few men being able to go lower into the bass range. You will find that the more you practice your singing, you will be able cross over into another range, and the more you practice, the more confident you will become.

Now that you have some basics down pat, start to train your voice so that you can become louder and softer at will. You will need to learn the value of notes, as well as the different times in which music is written. Joining a choir at a church is great for learning the basics here, as well as harmony.

Finally, learn how to put a little vibrato into your voice as you learn to hold the note clear through the measure. Listen to Frank Sinatra at the end of his notes, or Englebert Humperdink. Just a little vibrato is all you need to finish off a note. Then practice, practice, practice, and you will gradually get better and better at your quest for singing.

For few more tips, which can be great especially for beginners, check the video below by Aaron Anastasi, the creator of the Superior Singing Method.
Good luck!

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