Skin Whitening Tips – All About Skin Whitening Injections

skin whitening tips
In multiple cultures around the world, the highest standard of beauty when it comes to skin is a light, clear complexion. Many people are unsatisfied with the way their natural skin tone compares to this ideal, and they pursue many different therapeutic techniques to improve it. This process is rather controversial, with many critics claiming that skin lightening is either unhealthy, ineffective, unnecessary, or some combination of all three. Ironically, the same people who believe that skin lightening is a bad idea also usually believe in freedom of choice and the importance of personal expression. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to lighten your own skin is up to you.

Glutathione – King Of The New Injectable Treatments

While there are an enormous number of options to choose from when it comes to skin lightening treatments, injectable supplements are becoming increasingly popular all around the world. Faster and more potent than topical creams, injectables are also cheaper and less intrusive than surgical options (e.g. laser resurfacing) provided by dermatologists. This is an attractive blend that many users consider ideal for skin lightening. While injectable formulas vary from provider to provider, Vitamin C and other antioxidants are particularly favored for delivering great results. Glutathione, a particularly potent antioxidant that’s naturally produced by the human body in small amounts, has become particularly prized for its superior performance.

How The Procedure Works

Skin lightening injections are relatively simple and straightforward, regardless of the ingredients involved. As a patient, you schedule a series of visits with your care provider to have doses of your chosen skin lightening supplement injected intravenously at regular intervals. Twice-weekly injection sessions are the most common schedule selected by patients. This gives you enough of the active ingredients in the injections to make a real difference. Even with naturally-occurring antioxidant ingredients like Glutathione, intravenous injection makes an ideal delivery system because studies have shown that many antioxidants have difficulty traversing the barrier into the bloodstream when taken orally. Taking these antioxidants via injection ensures that they arrive exactly where they’ll do the most good.

The Medical Stance

Doctors and researchers are still studying the impact of injectable skin lightening treatments, including those that use glutathione. Initial results are inconclusive – that is, it’s difficult to state assertively that the treatments are either effective or potentially harmful. Anecdotal evidence provided by users has been encouraging, though. Many users swear by skin lightening injections, and exhibit easy-to-see positive results. On the other hand, there are a few reports of adverse side effects caused by very high doses of glutathione and other active skin lightening ingredients.

Important Cautions

Glutathione injections and other skin lightening treatments are frequently offered by clinics that specialize in naturopathy and other fringe medical disciplines. If at all possible, you should get your skin lightening treatment performed by reputable medical professionals. There is significant risk involved in taking injections from a untrustworthy provider; the purity and safety of their products may be poor. Even if your own doctor does not perform skin lightening work, you should consult with them before making any commitments. If you notice any health changes while you’re undergoing a skin lightening regimen, you should discontinue it immediately and see your doctor.

Choosing A Safe And Effective Program

Because the skin lightening products used in injectable treatment are relatively new and untested, it can be difficult to find a provider with a good track record for performing these treatments safely and effectively. Online research is critical in assessing the reliability of treatment providers. You can study the operating history of any clinic that offers skin lightening injections, check their credentials, and read non-biased reviews from former patients. You should also make sure to ask plenty of questions in your initial interviews with a potential provider; do not proceed with treatment unless you are completely satisfied as to his or her competence and trustworthiness.

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