Things To Consider About Starting A Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic DietKetogenic diets have become very popular yet again, but there are some things that you will want to consider before you embark on the journey yourself. Just like anything in life, there are positives and negatives that come with this diet. Knowing what these are will give you the ability to make the right decision for your personal health.

The biggest reason that this diet is so popular is the fact that just about everyone that tries it is able to lose weight. This is largely due to the decrease in carbs that you will be consuming. Most people’s caloric intake is concentrated in the carbs that they eat each day, so naturally, by almost completely eliminating them you will likely experience a great deal of weight loss in a very short time frame. When it comes to a diet, this clearly is a huge benefit.

Another benefit is that it will train your body to use fat instead of sugar-filled calories for energy. Again, this will naturally lead to a good amount of weight loss. Many people find that they can lose up to 20 lbs in just the first month of starting this diet. This is especially beneficial to women that have found that most diets are not successful at helping them to lose fat in their problem areas.

However, there are some negatives that can come with this diet as well. Some people report experiencing mental fatigue. This is largely due to the fact that their brain has been used to using calories and nutrition from carbs for its health. Most people find that in time this effect goes away, but it can be challenging for those that need their mental state to be in top form for their daily lives, such as a demanding job.

Another negative that can lead to actual health issues is that a lot of people find it difficult to get the fat they need to meet the daily requirements of the diet without resorting to consuming unhealthy fats. Unhealthy fats, also known as saturated fats, can lead to cardiovascular health issues when consumed over time. They are known to clog the arteries which can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease. It is important to consume these fats at a minimum to avoid the health issues that could result years later. This is especially true if you intend on maintaining the ketogenic diet for your regular diet. If it is for the short term, then this is less of an issue for you.

There are pros and cons to the ketogenic diet, just like there is when it comes to anything that you may try. The key is to make sure that you keep these factors in mind while you are on the diet and consider them before you decide to start. The more you know about what you can expect, the better positioned you are to make the right decision for you and your health.

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