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The Beta Switch DietHi there and welcome to our review about the Beta Switch by Sue Heintze.

Like always, this review will be divided into 3 main sections:

1. The basics section where we talk about the things you should expect to find inside The Beta Switch system.

2. The pros and cons section where you will be able to discover the most important pros and cons of Sue Heintze’s program.

3. The conclusions section about The Beta Switch that sum up our thoughts on this system…

Ready? let’s start!

The Basics

The Beta switch was created by a mother, a figure competitor, a fitness magazine contributor and the founder of Ideal Bodies Online, Sue Heintze. In simple words, The Beta switch is a comprehensive 3 month fat loss program for improving your lifestyle and enhancing your nutrition intake. Sue Heintze explains that the main reason she designed this program is to show women how to shut down their fat-storing receptors and fire up the fat-burning receptors without committing to a dangerous fad diet or strenuous exercise program.

Sue Heintze said she based The Beta Switch diet program on a scientific report she came across one day while researching for improved methods of eliminating her own stubborn body fat. What she found was a surprising principle on the dynamics of gaining and losing body fat. Sue explains that according to the report the way the body stores fat and then releases it later is controlled by the adrenoreceptors – highly evolved active proteins that control the fat storage, and release and keeps the body machine running smoothly.

Sue Heintze included much of the research she discovered in The Beta Switch along with a few other supporting materials as well, and here are some of the main things you can expect to find inside her system:

  • How to get the most out of your “cheat day” with a trick that will help you across those discouraging weight loss plateaus.
  • How to prepare the appropriate serving sizes for your body type by instinct.
  • Valuable information on a particular all-natural oil and four essential herb extracts that can successfully deactivate the fat-hoarding Alpha receptors.
  • How to activate your fat-busting Beta receptors with a complete list of activation foods.
  • A diet plan covering six-days that will transform your body into a fat-burning furnace, and much more…

To make The Beta Switch a more adaptable experience Sue Heintze divided her program into 5 separate sections and modules. Generally, you will find the Beta Switch main guide, a supplement guide, the quick start guide, diet tracker and also a section filled with stories from other women who have had great success with The Beta Switch and want to encourage you along your own path.

In addition to all the components listed above, Sue Heintze also offers the following 5 special bonuses to those who purchase The Beta Switch system:

1st Bonus: A 12-week exercise program divided into 3 phases; this program was designed especially for women, and in this program you will learn about the most common exercise mistakes women make, as well as effective 2-minute pre-workout routine that will help you optimize your body’s fat-burning potentials.

2nd Bonus: A useful guide named “Boost Your Body Image Report” to Overcome any negative images or perceptions you may have about the way you look.

3rd Bonus: Another guide named “9-Day Drop a Jeans Size Diet” that shows you how to get fit for that outfit you really want to wear by learning the safest and most effective ways to drop down a few sizes in just days.

4th Bonus: Sue Heintze believes that losing weight is all about winning a mental game and her “Mind over Matter Guide” will teach you the rules and the simplest tricks to make the most of your game.

5th Bonus: A Free 1-month of exclusive membership to the “Tight ‘n’ Toned” health club, where you can count on valuable weight loss advice and the support of many other fellow health enthusiasts…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


An Excellent Custom Designed Program For Women

It’s a tough fact that when it comes to the battle with losing weight guys have it much easier, since the male figure features more muscles, a faster metabolism and less fat percentages. Men can also deal with food cravings more easily. This means that an effective program of diet and exercise depends on being addressed to the specific needs of either gender.

This is one of the best advantages of The Beta Switch System: It has been created by a woman for women, regardless of age, workout experience, profession or fitness levels. Even if you have the “stubbornest” fat ever, we still strongly believe that The Beta Switch will help you attain at least some level of improvement.

Affects The Mental As Well As The Physical Facets Of Weight Loss

Perhaps the biggest challenge to overcome for many women is their own lack of mental fitness. These women are those that look in the mirror and think “That fat girl will never be beautiful” rather than “What a Beautiful Woman”. This is why inside her Beta Switch program Sue Heintze has taken time to boost your mental fitness as well as the equally important physical aspects of your process.

Optimal Results For Affordable Price

The Beta Switch is a very cost efficient program to improve your fitness and mental strength. This is especially true when compared to the alternatives, such as private fitness instructors, therapy sessions to improve self esteem and other ways to compensate for these common conditions.

It is also much more budget-friendly than other exercise programs in its own category.

Comes With A 60-Day Risk-Free Trial Period

Sue Heintze has the confidence that her program is effective and that her customers will be more than satisfied with the results The Beta Switch promises to deliver.

However, if after 60 days you feel that the Beta Switch has not been the help you need and you haven’t seen any of the desired results, then you can simply take advantage of your “No-Questions-Asked” money back guarantee…


The Cons


Real Changes Are Required

Although the program itself is concise and the details and explanations are very clear, it is important to understand that the work that you will be required to do is a lifestyle changing deal. If you truly want the change of mind, body and outlook that The Beta Switch offers you must be committed to sacrificing who you used to be to attain who you could be.

Imminent Price Change

One of the advantages mentioned above was that The Beta Switch is a price friendly investment, however, like they say “The Future ain’t What it Used to Be”. This goes true for The Beta Switch, since it seems that some price hikes can be expected in the future.

Everything Is Available in Digital Format

The Beta Switch is available for download in digital format only, and although it is not a deal breaker, for those people with limited internet access or sluggish connections this kind of format may pose a problem…

Our Conclusions

As with any other nutrition and fat loss program, The Beta Switch has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is definitely not a perfect solution for every woman. Even so, the fact that Sue Heintze provides a 100% money back guarantee lets you try all of her methods and recommendations without any risk at all, which we believe is a very decent guarantee on her part…

Personally, we really like that The Beta Switch diet program was created only for women and it can basically work for almost any woman, regardless of her age, race or fitness level. In addition, the facts that this program targets both the mental and physical facets, and that it comes at a very affordable price are other great advantages that the Beta Switch offers.

Overall, we will recommend any woman that tries to find an effective fat loss and nutrition program that was designed especially for women by a female fitness expert, to give the Beta Switch diet program a try. After all, you have 60 days to try this program and if for any reason you will not be satisfied with the information Sue Heintze shares inside or won’t notice the results you were hoping for, then you can simply get a full refund…

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