What Are The Symptoms Of Vertigo?

Symptoms Of VertigoVertigo is a health condition that is caused by an imbalance in a person’s inner ear. The imbalance can be caused by BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo), and this condition develops when calcium particles build within the ear canals.

Meniere’s disease and Vestibular neuritis can also cause vertigo. Meniere’s disease is build up of fluid pressure in the ear, and Vestibular neuritis is an infection of the nerves in the inner ear. All of these medical conditions can cause the body to become unbalanced. This means that affected people can feel like the world is tilted or is spinning, and they can also experience dizzy spells that come and go when the head changes positions.


So, what symptoms are associated with vertigo?


Balance Is Distorted

One of the primary symptoms of vertigo is feeling like the world is spinning. A person may also feel like the world is swaying and/or they may feel tilted as they walk. They feel a sensation of unbalance which leads them to sway or feel like they are being pulled in one direction or the other.


A person with vertigo may experience headaches and migraines also. These migraine headaches can be severe. They are caused fluid pressure and the build-up of calcium. The sensation of constantly feeling off balanced can also cause the person to have more migraine headaches than usual.


Nausea is a common symptom that can be associated with a myriad of health conditions. It is also associated with vertigo. Severe nausea can set in when a person has a constant feeling of being off-balanced.

Vertigo causes a person to feel as if they are falling and spinning and this leads to feeling nauseated. In severe cases, the person may experience vomiting too.

Ringing In Ears

Pinging or a loud ringing in the ears is also known as tinnitus. This can occur at the same time as episodes of vertigo. Unfortunately, unless vertigo is treated, the problem can continue and become progressively worse and intense as a cumbersome buzzing.


Unfortunately, many people with vertigo find that over time, vertigo can make them feel physically exhausted. When combined with the unknowing of when an episode will occur or how long it will last can make a person experience severe emotional and physical fatigue and stress.


At the onset of a vertigo attack, a person may experience severe anxiety and panic, and this can lead to profuse sweating. They sweat more especially on the forehead, chest, neck, and head.

Feeling clammy and experiencing chills can cause excess perspiration, and these chills may also creep along the body if an episode is about to begin.

Loss Of Hearing

If vertigo is caused by Meniere’s disease, over time, a person may experience low-frequency, progressive hearing loss in one ear. Their hearing may sound ‘echoing’ or ‘tinny’ and really loud noises may become very painful.

As time progresses and hearing becomes worse, the person may become completely deaf in the ear that is affected.

Eye Twitching

Twitching eye muscles, medically known as nystagmus, is a very common sign of vertigo. It occurs due to stress and fatigue, and this causes the eyelid muscles to spasm for a period of times that can last for a few minutes, several hours or a few days. Once the twitching begins, the person should rest their eyes for at least 30 minutes to alleviate fatigue and stress.

Pressure In Ears

Not only can fluid pressure cause vertigo, but a sign of vertigo is the feeling of pressure in the ear or ears affected. This is known as Aural Fullness and can be caused by the barometric pressure shifts that can occur as vertigo sets in.

This can also occur when pressure changes or a person’s head shifts like when descending in an airplane.

These are the most common vertigo symptoms. It is important to find out the cause of the condition, so you can properly address the condition with the right treatment.

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