Text Messages To Make Her Feel Special – Few useful tips

text messages to make her feel specialWomen are very much in tune with their emotional side. Any man seeking to make a lady like or be interested in him only needs to know who to connect with the lady at an emotional level, and every other thing will come easy. Doing this via text messages is also applicable. A guy can send messages that make her feel special, and she will start to gravitate towards him.

Yes, the key is to make her feel special but this should not push the fun that is associated with texting. One element that will make a woman interested is a guy who makes her smile or laugh. As such, texting any woman should be something that is flirty yet with a touch of light-hearted playfulness. Just making her smile is the first step in the right direction. She will not resist the urge to text back.

Bear in mind that what you are doing is building the foundations of a “would be” relationship. For this reason, you will pull all stops to ensure you know something about her as she learns something about you too. So how will you go about it? Here are a few tips to get you on the right path.

Send Playful Tease Texts

Never come across as a stuck-up when texting a woman. Women like men who make them smile, and sending them messages that poke and tease them is one of the ways of making them smile. Remember to keep things playful, mature, and respectful. However, be keen to read between the lines and only respond with more teasing messages once she also replies with a teasing text. If you can find a way of teasing her and still adding a bit of about yourself in the messages the better.

Separate Yourself from Other Guys

A girl will gravitate to a man who stands out from other guys. All these depends on the man’s efforts to impress the girl. One way of doing this is taking lead positions when texting. The guys should strive to initiate the texting with something silly and funny. That smile will get her longing for other such texts. Guessing her answers when texting is also a way of showing her that you listen and have an idea of the kind of lady she is; however, the man should not be too straight forward in the texts.

Make Fun of Yourself

Confidence in a man is a quality every woman like. A man needs to assure the woman he has his game in check never allowing any self-deprecation. However, if a man makes a bit of fun about himself, he will also impress the lady once she starts smiling. It should be a way of letting her discover a thing or two about you, but in a fun and playful way. It will also aid to make her let her guard down and open up about herself. It will make her feel special that you have seen it feel to share something about yourself.

Stroke Her Ego

Men never think that women have egos too. Stroke her ego by sending text messages saying you appreciate the time she spends chatting or texting you will touch some inner part of her. Tell her of how much of a positive impact she had been to you, and she will feel special. Tell her that she lingers in your mind and that a day without texting her is never complete, and she will always be waiting to receive a text from you will a smile on her face.

We hope that this post on text messages to make her feel special was helpful for you 🙂

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