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The Beauty Of Food HananHi and welcome to our review on “The Beauty of Food” by Hanan.

Like always, this review will be divided into 3 main parts:

1. The basics section where we explain what you can expect to find inside The Beauty of Food book.

2. The pros and cons section that features the most important advantages and disadvantages that we believe you should know on Hanan’s guide.

3. The conclusions section where we talk about our final thoughts and feelings on The Beauty of Food.

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The Basics

Created by Hanan, a natural beauty consultant, The Beauty of Food is a comprehensive guide that was designed to help you look at least five years younger by using ancient beauty secrets, tips, and home remedies that take only five minutes to do a day – without relying on expensive topical solutions, hair treatments, or plastic surgery.

Hanan’s parents are Persians with royal blood. According to her, the beauty techniques and recipes she shared in The Beauty of Food were from her late mother and the Persian culture. She says these are the actual beauty secrets of real queens and princesses throughout the Orient and Middle East.

Hanan explains she made this book to teach people how they can use foods topically and in specific combinations in order to eliminate skin and hair imperfections and outward signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and dull hair.

How long before you see results? Well, Hanan says that you only need to follow her techniques for five minutes a day for around two weeks, and she even claims that for some people the results will be nearly immediate.

In a nutshell, here are a couple of things you’ll discover in Hanan’s Beauty of Food guide:

  • The exact reasons for your accelerated aging, as well as tips for solving this problem.
  • Hanan’s “Fifty-Cent Botox Alternative,” which takes only seven short minutes to make.
  • A list of foods you should add to your current diet to slow down the aging process.
  • Another list of foods that you can use directly on your skin to enhance its texture and tautness.
  • Store-bought products (which are totally optional) that Hanan recommends.
  • The secret of the Eastern culture to get glossy hair.
  • What you can do to avoid and eliminate those unattractive wrinkles.
  • How to whip up the “Persian Princess” mixture that’s used to make your neck healthier and younger looking.
  • Useful tips and advice to younger-looking hands, and a lot more…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Uses Inexpensive And Readily Available Ingredients

That’s the great thing about this beauty guide. Everything you need to remedy the effects of aging and restore your youthful appearance is found right in your kitchen, or at least in your local grocery store. Without revealing too much, some of Hanan’s recipes include blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and kale.

It’s Simple To Follow

You don’t have to be a nutritionist, beauty consultant, or chef to implement this guide. Hanan provided sufficient instructions using simple language to minimize errors, and we bet even a teenager can understand how to make her beauty recipes.

Widens Your Knowledge About Food

Do you think you know everything about food? If yes, that’s good. That doesn’t mean this guide is worthless, though. The Beauty of Food will definitely increase your food IQ, especially on how they can affect your body. In addition, this guide contains amazing Eastern European-inspired cuisines that are easy to prepare, tasty, and truly healthy.

Sold At An Incredibly Low Price

The Beauty of Food is currently sold at a discounted price of less than $9. We believe this is truly a great deal, especially considering the fact that other popular beauty guides out there would easily cost $30 or more a pop.

While it seems that this discounted price is only offered for the first 999 copies of The Beauty of Food guide, we still appreciate Hanan for offering it.

Sixty Days Money-Back Guarantee

Hanan explains that you can try out all the tips and recipes found in her guide for the next two months. If you don’t see or feel any improvements within that span of time, Hanan says she is more than willing to give back every cent you invested on her beauty guide… no questions asked.

Even though the guide comes at incredibly low price, it is still great to have this kind of guarantee, just to be on the safe side…


The Cons


Grammar Errors

We’re pretty sure Grammar Nazis and native English speakers would easily detect the Grammar issues in this guide. Fortunately, the errors are not too serious or too many that you won’t be able to understand what you’re reading. We don’t know if Hanan is a native English speaker, so we would like to suggest she hire a competent proofreader to edit The Beauty of Food book.

Not Scientifically Proven

Generally, the information inside The Beauty of Food book is great, but the downside is that it’s not backed up by clinical trials or medical literatures. With that said, we must admit that we’re not really concerned about this issue. As what Hanan said, this guide is based on “ancient” beauty secrets of Middle East and Asian traditions. As long as the methods and recipes are safe and effective, we’re good with it.

All Materials Are Digital

The Beauty of Food is exclusively sold online and unfortunately Hanan doesn’t offer hard copies of it. Of course, if you want, you can always print this guide by yourself…

Our Conclusions

Overall, we highly believe that The Beauty of Food is a must-have guide for people who want to enhance their looks and fight the effects of premature aging. Compared to other guides, the manual and the ingredients used are incredibly cheap, which makes it a more attractive option.

We must admit that the first thing that really got our attention was the amazing discounted price (which doesn’t really reflect the content of the book). It’s something we don’t usually encounter, and most beauty guides out there would normally sell for more than $30.

In addition, it’s not difficult to understand and put into action everything Hanan teaches inside, and most of the things recommended are easily found in your home or local grocery stores. In short, this won’t cause you a big headache…

Of course, this is not some kind of a “miracle anti-aging solution” and you should not purchase this guide if you think that it is something like that. With that said, if you are looking for an extremely affordable guide that covers very useful all-natural beauty methods that can help you feel and look better without spending lots of money on conventional beauty treatments, then The Beauty Of Food is a great option for you.

To sum it up: If you have five minutes and $8 on hand, give The Beauty of Food a try for a full sixty days and make sure you apply what you learned every single day. If it fails to impress you within sixty days, simply go ahead and demand for a full refund…

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