The Candida Diet – Foods, Supplements And Few More Tips

Icandida Dietf you have tried to treat Candida using the conventional treatment but you have not succeeded in eradicating the cells, you should try the Candida Diet.  This is the best known low sugar diet that deprives Candida food and the nutrients it requires to grow and multiply.

The diet consists of natural antifungal, probiotics and low sugars. These elements are combined and administered to overcome a Candida overgrowth.  The diet is designed to eliminate toxic yeast   like microorganisms which thrive and live in your throat, intestine, mouth, and genital/ urinary tract.

The Candida causing yeast has been found to live in almost 80 % of the human population at all the time but it is not known to harm them. Unfortunately, when the natural flora in the digestive tract or the intestine fails to control the growth of the yeast, excessive population increase can lead to an overgrowth. This result in symptoms referred to as Candida. Some of the common symptoms include:

•    Yeast infection – it leads to diaper rush, canker sores and muscle & joint pain
•    Oral thrush –   leads to sore throat, brain fog and sugar cravings
•    Fatigue- can cause depression and constipation
•    Obesity- can lead to headache, and painful sex

If the patient is immunocompetent i.e. his immune system is functioning normally,   the infections can easily be treated. However, if he is immunocompromised i.e.  his immune  system has been impaired  by treatment or diseases,  more  systemic illness may occur.

Candida Diet plan

The diet plan can be categorized in foods that can reverse Candida, food you can eat to avoid Candida and supplements that can support Candida diet.

Foods That Reverse Candida

Detox foods

These are foods that helps to cleanse the system they include wheatgrass, fresh vegetable juices, detox herbs and water,
Foods that reduce the population of the yeasts in the system
Use of antimicrobial herbs, phytochemicals from health food stores and any combination of powerful herbs can discourage the yeasts from multiplying.


You need to inoculate yourself with probiotic bacteria to help alter microflora balance that inhibits the growth of dieses causing bacteria. They also produce bacteriocins that kill undesirable microorganisms.
Sugarless diets – yeast love simple carbohydrates and sugar.  If they are well fed on this diet, they will multiply. Therefore eating a disciplined diet for a period of three months will make the symptoms to disappear.

Foods you should avoid include:

Aged cheeses, chocolate, fermented foods, alcohol, fresh fruits, mushrooms, gluttonous foods, vinegar, syrups, sugar and honeys. You should also avoid all foods that contain lactose and sucrose as well as foods that contain yeast or molds such as muffins, baked foods, breads, dried fruits, peanuts and melons. Brewers and nutritional yeast can be consumed because they do not colonize the intestines and are harmless.

Foods to Eat

When you are on Candida diet, you should eat vegetables that have plenty of raw garlic, foods that are rich in protein such as chicken, fish, eggs and beef. You should also consume yogurt, green algae, nuts, seeds and oils. Foods such as Fruto-oligosaccharides have fibers that cannot be digested but keeps the stomach and the bowels healthy.  They also nourish the friendly bacteria   and help to ward off infections.


There are plenty of supplements you should eat to support the Candida diet. Most of the supplements contain a combination of herbs and other supplements that prevent Candida overgrowth. They include:

•    Acidophilus
•    Arm mesia
•    Garlic
•    Cloves capsules
•    Bentonite
•    Oregon grape pantethine
•    Pau d Arco and  many more.

In summary, when your diet consists of non-starchy vegetables, you starve the Candida from the sugar that feeds it. These vegetables should be fresh, could be steamed, grilled or eaten raw.  All starch vegetables such as sweet potatoes, yams, potatoes, corn, winter squash, peas and beans should be avoided.

Olives that are not distilled in white vinegar may be consumed.
Live yogurt is essential since it helps your gut to repopulate the good bacteria. Plenty of live bacteria found in yogurt will crowd out the Candida yeast and restore balance in the system.

If you love meat, ensure that you strictly eat fresh organic meat. Processed meat contains sugars and dextrose nitrates which make the yeast to thrive in the intestine. Avoid any food that contains sugar.

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