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An independent review of the Einstein Success Code by Kevin Rogers. This review includes an overview of the guide and bonus items, as well as details about its pros and cons...

The Einstein Success CodeHi there and welcome to our review of the Einstein Success Code by Kevin Rogers.

Ths review will be broken into three sections:

Section 1 – Here we will talk about the main things you can expect to get and learn once purchasing the Einstein Success Code.

Section 2 – Here we will discuss the most important pros and cons which we believe you should know about Kevin Rogers’ manifestation course.

Section 3 – Here we will share our final thoughts regarding the Einstein Success Codes…

Lets’ begin 🙂

The Basics

Created by Kevin Rogers, a manifestation expert, the Einstein Success Code is a comprehensive guide that contains 13 “success codes,” which can help improve how your brain performs and “reprogram” it to manifest wealth, fame, success, love, and a lot more. Kevin Rogers supposedly created this based on the scientific formula of one of the greatest minds that ever walked the earth.

Who’s he?

Answer: Albert Einstein.

We’re sure you’re familiar with his equation E=MC2. This equation simply says that the mass and energy of an object are interchangeable. That is, if the right condition exists, mass can become energy, and vice versa. Kevin says that everything our senses (smell, touch, sight, and hear) perceive are made of different energy wave lengths, which our brains process to make them into something that you can see and touch in the real world.

Einstein supposedly believes that thoughts are a type of energy. So, whatever we most think about – positive or negative – that’s what we will attract into our lives. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for us to think of positive thoughts all the time because our brains are hardwired to think negatively. If we want to change that, we need to rewire the pathways in our brains to think more positively.


Kevin Rogers says that the “Neural Networking” technique he developed is the answer. He compares how it works to the scene wherein Neo (Keanu Reeves), the main character in the sci-fi movie The Matrix, is hooked up to a computer.

Inside the Einstein Success Code guide, Kevin explains this technique in detail and talk about 13 success codes that can help you achieve your goals in life.

The 13 Success Codes

Here’s how each success code can help you:

Success Code #1 – This will allow you to see the world as full of limitless possibilities.

Success Code #2 – This will help you uncover your inner calling.

Success Code #3 – Use this to improve your self-belief.

Success Code #4 – With this, you can transform your weaknesses into your strengths and your strengths into your “superpowers.”

Success Code #5 – If you feel stuck, this will help you race towards your goals or desires.

Success Code #6 – This one will help you stay motivated.

Success Code #7 – With this, you’ll develop the same confidence that the world’s top entrepreneurs have.

Success Code #8 – This one will teach you the fastest ways to remove obstacles in your way.

Success Code #9 – Remove distractions. Focus on what’s important. And make crucial decisions fast.

Success Code #10 – Overcome your limitations and prime your brain for success.

Success Code #11 – With this, you’re always one step ahead to bring you closer to your dreams.

Success Code #12 – This will help you let go of past upsets and move forward to greatness.

Success Code #13 – Get your heart’s desires almost instantly with the help of this success code.

Kevin Rogers has also included three additional reports in the Einstein Success Code at no extra cost. These are:

1. The Neural Networking Success – In this guide, you’ll learn highly advanced Neural Networking secrets, which will help create new brain pathways to attract wealth, fame, happiness, and success.

2. Wired for Success Training Program – Here you will learn the success habits of the world’s top successful people, such as Oprah, so you can change your habits for everyday success.

3. Ultimate Success Supercharger (Audio) – This 20-part audio (5 minutes per track) series will retune your brain, so your mindset is geared towards success. You can play this on your personal computer, smartphone, tablet, and laptop…

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The Pros and Cons


The Pros


Helps You Live a Happier Life

This is one of the ultimate benefits of the Einstein Success Codes. Even if you don’t get what you want, we believe you’d still live a happier life with the help of this manifestation course. This is simply because you’ll correct negative thinking and focus more on positive thoughts. As you know, negative thinking is a major source of stress in many people’s lives.

It Offers a Different Perspective

Honestly, the idea that the brain can change throughout life is not something new. We’re sure you’ve heard about it, too, at least once. What’s great about this is Kevin was able to offer a new concept – that is, using Einstein’s equation and scientific teachings – and creative ways to manifest and attract what you want in life.

It’s Easy to Understand and Implement

Kevin Rogers used simple language to explain the concepts in the Einstein Success Code. He gave detailed instructions on what to do, so you’re not left guessing.

Useful Bonuses

We believe all three bonuses are useful. Personally, we really liked the Ultimate Success Supercharger. The tracks are short and downloadable, so you can listen to them wherever, whenever you want.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have sixty days to read and apply what you learned. If you’re not happy with it for whatever reason, you can email Kevin Rogers and his support team to request a full refund.

This guarantee makes it easy to give the Einstein Success Code a try without risking anything.


The Cons


There’s No Guarantee It Will Work

Like other manifestation techniques or books, you need to take this with a grain of salt. There’s nothing supernatural about this. It won’t give you whatever you want just like a genie would. So, keep your expectations in check.

You Can’t Buy a Hard Copy Version

The Einstein Success Code is a digital product that includes PDF and MP3 files. Based on your own preferences, this might be a disadvantage for you.

It’s a Bit Pricey

The price of the Einstein Success Code is a bit higher than some other manifestation courses online. If you don’t have the spare money or are not willing to spend more than $20 for a digital product, this might not be for you.

Our Conclusions

Is the Einstein Success Code package worth it?

We can’t say that it will work a hundred percent. We don’t have the data from Kevin Rogers to be able to conclude that. However, we do believe it may improve your life in different ways. For instance, it could help you become a positive thinker, which in turn may help you overcome stress and improve your overall health.

There’s also a possibility that it may help attract what you want. For instance, if you use the Bulletproof Confidence success code, you can finally get rid of your self-limiting beliefs and have more self-confidence. Authentic self-confidence attracts success.

Overall, if you think this will fulfill your wishes just like a genie would, or if you think you don’t need to lift a finger because you have this, then the Einstein Success Code might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you want a new approach to achieving success in life, or if you’ve tried other manifestation techniques and didn’t get the results you want, the Einstein Success Code might be a great option to consider.

Moreover, with the 60-day money back guarantee that Kevin Rogers provides, you can easily try the 13 codes for a few weeks without any risk on your part…

Well, that’s it for today.

We hope this review was helpful and wish you all the best!

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