The Kidney Disease Solution Program – Our Full Review

the kidney disease solutionHello and welcome to our review on the Kidney Disease Solution by Duncan Capicchiano.

As always, this review will be broken into three main parts:

1. The basics section which can help you to fully understand what the Kidney Disease Solution is all about.

2. The section about the pros and cons of the Kidney Disease Solution which covers several of the most important pros and cons of this system.

3. The conclusions section where we share our final thoughts and feelings regarding Duncan Capicchiano’s program.

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The Basics

The Kidney Disease Solution was created by a qualified Naturopath named Duncan Capicchiano which is also a nutritionist, member of the Natural Medicine Society of Australia, and a kidney disease expert. This product is actually a natural system to completely treat different kinds of kidney disease and failure. Duncan Capicchiano says that this system can even reverse kidney disease without any sort of dialysis, surgery, or medication.

Mr. Capicchiano explains that the prime focus for repairing kidneys should be to make sure that the body gets the important nutrients that it needs. With this program patients will understand why they suffer from this disease and with this understanding they will also see why the specific diet and lifestyle suggestions in the program can work as a permanent remedy.

The Kidney Disease Solution package contains several items and the key part of this system is the main Kidney Disease Solution guide. This guide completely describes the step-by-step treatment program to help remedy the main cause of all of these diseases, and it shows you step-by-step how your kidney function can be improved in a very natural way, in just around three months…

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The Pros And Cons

The Pros

It Is A Natural Approach

The main advantage of this solution is its emphasis on a natural and holistic (whole body) approach to treatment. Also, it requires no dangerous or expensive prescription medication to work.

Rather than just trying to reduce symptoms, this program is actually created to treat the causes of kidney disease. That means that it should help achieve a permanent cure and not just something that will help patients feel better for a few weeks or a few days.

It Is Much More Than A “Regular Diet Program”

This program does have diet suggestions, but it is not just another diet program for people with kidney disease. It contains many parts that are all important keys to helping the body heal itself. In this way, it may actually reverse the disease and heal kidneys for life.

Here are some examples to understand this better: There is the main “Repair Toolkit,” and this offers exact descriptions of each nutrient that should be consumed to help the body heal. In addition, there is a “Nutrition Plan,” and this part demonstrates the exact types of food that should be eaten to help kidneys work better.

Also, there is a “Free Subscription” that gives members constant updates and news from the program’s creator. There are also half a dozen bonus guides that enhance the main program, and these are all free as well.

Unlimited Email Support For Three Months

Duncan Capicchiano believes that three months should be plenty of time for patients to understand his guides and get on their way back to health. So he offers each member of his program free support for three months via email. This part of the program really sets it apart from similar products online.

While eating the right food and taking the right nutritional supplements is extremely important, it is only one part of the puzzle. There is also a mental part of the program, and this is something that other guides rarely touch on. However, the Kidney Disease Solution program emphasizes that as part of the healing process.

That is why the email support from Duncan Capicchiano is so important. Not only does it help answer questions about the program, it also helps people stay very motivated to keep up with it.

Specific Solutions To Individual Conditions

One of the best things about the Kidney Disease Solution Program is that the main guide also has modifications that can be applied to unique kidney diseases. It is not a one-size-fits all guide, and this is really important.

This means that the primary guide will help people find the best formula for them, and these are based upon the severity of symptoms and the stage of disease they are suffering from. This runs from State One all the way to ESRD. It provides the right steps to treat each step accordingly.

Money Back Guarantee With No Questions Asked

Duncan Capicchiano offers a 60-day guarantee to all of his customers without asking any questions. In other words, patients can try the whole program without any risk of losing their money if it is not the right program for them.

This trial runs during the time when patients can even take advantage of unlimited email support. Most people who try the program say they feel better within about six to eight weeks, so this is a good amount of time to test the solution.

This guarantee makes the program one to consider trying for people who would like to regain their health and reverse kidney disease without any risk.


The Cons


Results Are Not Instant

Unlike taking some prescriptions that might relieve symptoms within minutes, it takes some time for the natural plan to work.

People simply don’t develop kidney disease in a day, and it also takes some weeks to see results from this program. From our research it seems that many people are seeing better results for their blood tests within a few weeks, but it usually takes at least three months to achieve full benefits.

Some Dedication To Lifestyle Changes Are Needed

Some lifestyle modifications are needed to achieve success with this plan (like any other natural and holistic plan) and part of the people may need to take supplements and improve their diets while following Duncan Capicchiano’s Kidney Disease Solution.

Since the plan uses a natural and holistic approach, the body will need vital nutritional supplements in order to heal itself.

The Program Can Only Be Bought On The Internet

This program is not sold in stores, and it must be purchased on the Internet. In addition, only digital version of the Kidney Disease Solution is available for the public right now, and there is no option to order physical edition.

Our Conclusions

As with any other holistic solution, the Kidney Disease Solution has its pros and cons and it is not an “instant cure for kidney disease”. If you consider ordering this program you should understand that it can take some time to see results and it requires dedication and also several lifestyle adjustments on your part. However, the fact that Duncan Capicchiano offers a full money back guarantee for his Kidney Disease Solution allows you to try this natural program risk-free, which seems like a fair deal in our view.

Personally, we really like that instead of just trying to reduce the symptoms, Duncan Capicchiano offers proven methods that were designed to treat the causes of kidney disease from the root. In addition, the free email support that he offers for his customers is something that can really make the difference when it comes to making you motivated so you can reap the full benefits of his program.

Overall, we will recommend anyone who is looking for a complete natural solution for Kidney Disease that doesn’t involve expensive medications or risky surgery to consider giving the Kidney Disease Solution a try. After all, if you will not be satisfied with Duncan Capicchiano’s methods, you can very easily take advantage of his 60-day full refund guarantee…

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