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the man dietHello and welcome to our review on The Man Diet by Chad Howse.

Like always, this review will be broken into 3 main sections:

1. The basics section which can help you to understand better what The Man Diet is all about.

2. The pros and cons section where you will be able to learn about the primary advantages and disadvantages of The Man Diet.

3. The conclusions section that will summarize our thoughts regarding Chad Howse’s program…

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The Basics

The Man Diet was created by bestselling author and fitness coach Chad Howse, a well-known personality in the fitness world that was introduced in many media platforms such as Men’s Health and EliteFTS. This is a brand new program which aims to assist men to maximize their production of testosterone by following a very specific diet.

The program emphasizes that men and women need to eat different things – men need a different diet than women for their fitness and nutrition needs. Chad Howse explains that the majority of diets today are designed for both men and women but this one was specifically created for body builders, athletic guys and male fitness fanatics.

The basis of the diet is to maintain / increase testosterone levels. There are a number of reasons why this is important:

1 – Testosterone helps muscle building and fat burning processes.

2 – Testosterone affects the sex drive.

3 – Testosterone helps to increase energy levels and enhance the mood.

Chad Howse has incorporated several components within the Man Diet system to help men achieve their goals and here’s a brief overview of what you will discover inside the program:

The Man Diet Manual – This is the main component of the program and where you’ll find tons of information about how to use the program to its best effect and achieve the best results.

The Meal Log – This is a tool designed to help you quickly and easily work out your weekly meal plan. All of the hard work has been taken care of for you.

The Supplement Guide – Chad Howse explains that there is no need to take supplements to gain the benefits from this program. This guide does, however, give valuable information about which are the best dietary supplements, which ones are effective and which are not.

The Cheaters Guide – this contains lots of information about your favorite cheat foods – fatty foods and carbs – which you can enjoy while still obtaining great results.

The Quick Start Guide – does exactly what it says on the cover. It contains a checklist of everything you need to allow you to start following this program quickly…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Easily Understood And Implemented

The program has been written in a simple, easy to understand formula making it possible for everyone to follow it. In simple words, it is not necessary to have a college degree to understand what’s required, unlike some other diet programs.

You also don’t need to spend hours and hours in the kitchen preparing the meals. The program has a meal log which does all of the planning for you. It really is quick and simple to implement.

This Program Has Been Designed With Men In Mind And Is Suitable For Almost All Guys

This is one of the major advantages in our view of The Man Diet program. After all, Chad Howse is a guy himself, and not only that but he’s an experienced nutrition and fitness coach. He has great knowledge of the unique things men need in order to achieve a ripped body, and that’s the reason why he developed this program in the first place.

In addition, it doesn’t matter whether you’re 16 years old or approaching 100 years, and it doesn’t matter whether you are overweight, skinny or of average build – any man can benefit from following the Man Diet.

Proven Methods At The Roots Of The Program

There is a lot of information about increasing the production of testosterone through the diet. Research has proven it to be effective and that testosterone really does stimulate muscle gain and fat burning, particularly in men.

This is just what the Man Diet is aiming at. It helps men to maintain and / or increase their levels of testosterone in order to be fit and more muscular in a safe and natural way.

You Won’t Feel Deprived

Unfortunately, too many diets these days concentrate on what you can’t eat. The good news is that you don’t need to starve yourself or miss out on all of your favorite foods – the ones which are frowned upon in many diet programs.

This program doesn’t force you into eating foods you don’t like either. You can eat almost anything you want in the right amounts including red meats and some foods which are high in fats and carbohydrates.

This is a major advantage of the program as it increases your chances of sticking to it for a longer period of time.

Money-Back Guarantee

Chad Howse is so confident that this program will be beneficial for almost any man that he is willing to offer a sixty day money back guarantee if you don’t achieve the results he promised.

This enables you to test The Man Diet program with no risk at all – an enormous advantage we are sure you’ll appreciate.


The Cons


A Nutrition Program May Not Be Sufficient For Men To Achieve Optimum Results

The Man Diet program is a terrific starting point but you are not realistically going to achieve serious muscles unless you combine the diet with other things. If you want serious muscle you’ll need to follow the diet as well as partake in an affective workout program.

This Is Not Designed To Be A Quick Fix

Anybody who is looking for immediate results should stay away from The Man Diet program. This diet program is effective but everything worth having is worth waiting for. In simple words, it takes time and application in order to reap the benefits promised in the program.

Digital Book

The Man Diet is an eBook which can be downloaded to read on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If this doesn’t appeal to you then you’ll have to print out the materials yourself.

Our Conclusions

As with any other diet program, The Man Diet has its pros and cons and it is absolutely not perfect.

It is important to understand that this diet program was not designed to be some kind of “quick fix “,and patience and dedication are absolutely required when following it.

With that said, the fact that Chad Howse offers his customers a 60-day money back guarantee allows you to test drive the program without any risk, which is a great advantage that many other programs not offer these days.

Personally, we really like the way that Chad Howse designed the program which makes it suitable for almost any guy, and believe that the fact you don’t need to starve yourself or ignore your favorite foods make this program much more practical solution when compared to many other diet programs these days.

In addition, the Man Diet is compatible with all kinds of electronic devices, so you can actually download the program and start following Chad Howse’s directions even today.

Overall, we will recommend any guy that try to find a well-researched diet plan that was created for men only to give the Man Diet a try. After all, if you won’t be happy with what you get, you can always take advantage the money back guarantee that is offered by Chad Howse…

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