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An independent review of the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol by Spencer Reed that includes an overview of this natural treatment program and details about its pros and cons...

Tinnitus Destroyer ProtocolHello and welcome to our review of the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol by Spencer Reed.

For your convenience, we will divide this review into 3 main parts:

1. The basics section where we explain what the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol is all about.

2. The pros and cons section where you are going to find the most important advantages and disadvantages of the Tinnitus Destroyer system.

3. The conclusions section where we sum up our thoughts and feelings about Spencer Reed’s treatment program…

Let’s start 🙂

The Basics

Created by Spencer Reed, a neuroscientist and a former tinnitus sufferer, the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol is a natural treatment program that offers a safe and drug-free solution for mild to severe tinnitus, which affects more than 45 million Americans, according to the American Tinnitus Association.

The Science Behind The Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol

Spencer Reed claims that tinnitus affects the brain more than the ears. Once triggered, tinnitus creates a new pattern in the brain’s auditory region, which is responsible for giving out sound and enables us to hear. Then, the brain creates an unexplained buzzing in the ears in the absence of an external sound stimulus, a condition called “phantom sound.”

Mr. Reed also explains that it’s normal for tinnitus sufferers to suffer from depression and other mood-related problems, or even death. That’s because researchers found out that the auditory region of their brain is hyperactive in tinnitus sufferers, which could lead to different mental illnesses and hormonal imbalances.

Spencer based the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol on different studies, like the one conducted by Christo Pantev and his colleagues at the University of Münster (Germany). In their study, they were successful in using a neuromonics device to bring relief to tinnitus sufferers.

What’s Inside the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol

Every purchase of this protocol includes the main eBook, sound recordings, remedies, weekly report forms for tracking your progress, listening session charts, and free special reports. You’ll also discover little-known facts about tinnitus, such as its real causes, how it affects the ear canals, and the proper ways to protect your hearing.

Spencer Reed divided the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol into two modules. The first module consists of improved version of the sound therapy used in the study done by The University of San Francisco and University of Münster (Germany). The second module consists of listening exercises that will enhance your brain function.

When purchasing the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol, you will also receive these three reports at no extra charge:

1. The “Conquer Headaches” report, which goes through the causes and drug-free treatments of different types of headaches, including migraines. Here, you’ll also learn how to ease pain due to a stiff neck and shoulder pain.

2. The “Overcoming Depression” report, which will help you improve your mental health through specific mind games and a proper diet.

3. The “Free of Insomnia” report, which will show you how to have a good night’s sleep using all-natural techniques.

Aside from these free reports, you’ll also gain access to an exclusive community. This community will allow you to connect with other tinnitus sufferers, contact the Tinnitus Destroyer customer support team, and access sound recordings and information on drug-free cures for headache, insomnia, and depression…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


It’s Not Time-Consuming

You only need about 10 minutes to listen to these therapeutic soundtracks. And what’s even great about it is you can do everything in the comforts of your home. If you’re busy, this might be a good fit for you.

A Drug-Free Tinnitus Treatment

Most mainstream drugs, like tricyclic antidepressants (amitriptyline and nortriptyline), are effective, but they will only reduce the symptoms temporarily. Not to mention, they cause many side effects, like fast heart rate, rash, blurred vision, constipation, weight gain or loss, and low blood pressure (when standing).

Scientific Facts Back It Up

It didn’t take long for us to find the studies Spencer Reed mentioned on the official Tinnitus Destroyer website. Remember: Google is your friend. And in our opinion, there’s a lot of truth in the science behind this protocol, although more studies are needed to establish the effectiveness of these sound therapies for tinnitus.

Sixty-Day Refund Guarantee

Spencer Reed offers all of his customers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so they can take the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol for a test drive without any risk.

In simple words, if you’re not happy with this treatment program, you can always request for a full refund anytime within the allowable period…


The Cons


It’s Not A 100% Guaranteed Solution

There’s still a possibility that the Tinnitus Destroyer program may not reverse your tinnitus or will only reduce the noise. Come to think of it, even mainstream treatments can’t guarantee to treat tinnitus completely.

It Requires Patience And Effort

The techniques are not difficult to apply, but you do need to use them consistently. If you’re only going to implement the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol when you’re in the mood, don’t expect to get significant results fast.

It’s A Digital Product

You need a stable and fast internet connection to take full advantage of this tinnitus treatment and download all the material. But unless you live somewhere with the slowest internet connection, we don’t think this is going to be a major problem on your part…

Our Conclusions

Overall, we believe the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol is worth your consideration, especially if you suffer from mild to moderate tinnitus and want to go for a drug-free treatment.

What’s great about it is that it doesn’t take too much of your time. As we previously mentioned, you only need about 10 minutes to listen to the soundtracks. Browsing through the main guide and special reports may take more time, though.

We also have to say that while the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol is a good option, it’s not a complete replacement for expert medical advice. We suggest you get in touch with your doctor first before using this protocol to receive proper guidance.

Please remember that it is not easy to cure tinnitus and as with any other tinnitus cures, you should keep your expectations realistic when following Spencer Reed’s Tinnitus Destroyer system.

To sum it up: If you want an instant cure for your tinnitus, or if you’re not willing to spend at least 10 minutes a day on applying this treatment program , then the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you’ve suffered from mild to moderate tinnitus for too long and finding no relief from mainstream treatments, or if you simply want to take a natural approach to curing your tinnitus, then the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol might be a great option for you.

While it is true that this treatment plan can’t promise a 100% success rate, the fact that Spencer Reed offers a 60-day money back guarantee makes it very easy to try his Tinnitus Destroyer system without any risk…

Well, that’s it for this review. We hope we were able to provide you with the information you needed. If you already tried the Tinnitus Destroyer Protocol, we’d love to hear your feedback.

We wish you all the best 🙂

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