7 Surefire Tips To Make Your Guy Love You More

Make Your Guy Love You MoreWe all want to find true love in our lives, but not everybody is as lucky as to meet their better half from the very first attempt. Some of us have to fall in love several times before finding the one. Making someone love you out of the blue is impossible. Nonetheless, if someone loves you already, you can make him love you even more by applying these simple tips that are proven to work for most people.

1. Do Five Times More Positive Things Than Negative Ones

For each bad thing you do to your guy, make sure to do five positive ones. This ratio has been determined by researchers, based on the study of happy and long lasting couples. It’s normal to argue or have fights over your principles, but you should always compensate by doing something nice for your partner. This is a tried and tested recipe for success, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try it yourself.

2. Be Authentic

Nobody likes fake people, so you shouldn’t try to fake your feelings and emotions in your relationship. Your partner is going to feel something isn’t quite right, so he’s going to drift away from you. Try to be authentic, as this is the best way to make him fall in love with you over and over again. Anyway, you deserve to be loved for what you are, rather than for what you aren’t, so be true to yourself, to your values, and to your life principles. If your love is meant to be, your guy will appreciate your honesty and your straightforward style. If he only loves a fake image of you, it won’t be a big deal if he decides to leave you.

3. Avoid Sarcasm As Communication Method In Couple

Being sarcastic doesn’t entice people around you to love you more. As much as you’d like to show your lover how smart you are, you should refrain from being sarcastic, if you want him to keep on loving you. If there are things you don’t like or you don’t agree with, you should rather be specific in your communication than speak twisted words he may not like to hear.

4. Don’t Try To Change Him

You should be aware that people don’t change only because their partner wants them to. If you can’t accept and love your partner for what he is, you should probably reconsider your couple, as it might not be your best option. Unfortunately, many women want their guy to change, in order to meet their expectations. You may be dreaming of prince charming, but this approach isn’t meant to make him love you more. Love your partner and let him be, if you want to receive more love from his side.

5. Do Exciting Things Together

Adrenaline rush can make two people love each other more, because the bodily sensations of love and fear are very similar. If you love a guy and you feel he may be “the one”, invite him to do adventurous things with you. Do bungee jumping, take a tour in a hot air balloon, or simply go on a challenging hiking trip. Even watching scary movies together might work, but only if you both like this film genre.

6. Spend Some Time Alone Doing Things You Love

You shouldn’t give up your pleasures and your hobbies, only because you’ve fallen for a guy. Remember that he’s been attracted to the girl who loves her life and her hobbies, to the girl that pursues her passions and is self contained. If you give up your life in order to be with him, he’s going to get bored rather quickly. Don’t be afraid to go out with your girlfriends once in a while or to take an acting class, if that makes you happy.

7. Be The First To Give

When you love a guy, you shouldn’t play hard to get for too long, as he might give up sooner than you think. Be firm, but express your love for him. This is going to awaken his interest and keep the love spark alive.

By applying these tips, your love life is surely going to improve. Your guy isn’t too much different from all other men out there, so if millions other girls have got results by following this advice, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

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