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Review of: Turapür Pitcher
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Nate Rifkin

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On July 7, 2017
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An independent review about the Turapür Pitcher that includes an overview of this water filtration system and its pros and cons.

Turapür PitcherHello and welcome to our review about the Turapür Pitcher.

This review will be divided into three sections:

1. In the first section we will help you to understand what the Turapur Pitcher is all about.

2. In the second section we will explain the pros and cons of this water filtering solution.

3. In the last section will summarize our thoughts and final conclusions…

Let’s start 🙂

The Basics

Created by Nate Rifkin, a Laissez Faire Underground Health Researcher, the “Turapür Pitcher” is a special pitcher that’s fitted with a unique two-stage filtration system that changes regular water into a “living” and antioxidant-rich water, so you’ll look younger, have more energy, and make your body function better.

Aging is due to oxidative damage, which happens when molecules lose electrons. A simple way of understanding this is by comparing it to a peeled apple or potato. Notice that it turns brown when exposed to the ambient air. In a way, this is what happens inside your body when under oxidative damage. One way of protecting yourself from premature aging due to oxidative damage is by taking foods and supplements that are rich in antioxidants.

Nate Rifkin claims that tap water and bottled water are unhealthy and make you age faster. He explains that the good news is there’s one type of water that could make you younger from the inside out.

Nate discovered this “fountain of youth” from an old man, who looked at least two decades younger than his age. This old man showed him a strange-looking machine that’s supposed to transform tap water or bottled water into a special type of water that contains a powerful antioxidant: hydrogen.

On the official website of the Turapür Pitcher there’s a short video clip showing the oxidizing or antioxidant potential of different types of water (tap water, two brands of bottled water, filtered water, and hydrogen water).Except for the hydrogen water, all the types of water tested showed oxidizing capabilities.

How the Turapür Pitcher Works

The first thing you’ll do is to fill the Turapür Pitcher with regular tap water. Then, the water will undergo two filtration stages:

1. In the first stage, the three special filtering components of the Turapur Pitcher, which includes a layer of NSF-certified activated carbon, removes the bad smell and taste.

2. Then in the second stage, the combination of magnesium, tourmaline, and infrared ceramics frees hydrogen and enriches the water.

Aside from the Turapür Pitcher, you’re also qualified for a free enrollment to their Priority Pass program. With this membership, you’ll receive new filters in sixty days then every six months. You also have the option to cancel your membership at any time…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


It Doesn’t Take Up Too Much Space

The Turapur Pitcher fits easily in your refrigerator door shelf. And since it’s not too bulky or heavy, you can easily bring it with you, like during picnics or camping trips.

It’s Relatively Easy To Assemble

Even a child could assemble this pitcher since it doesn’t have moving parts or require electricity to operate. The product comes with an owner’s manual that includes pictures. And what’s great is you’ll find plenty of videos online, such as on YouTube.com and Turapur.com, which will give you clear instructions on how to setup the Turapür Pitcher.

It’s Relatively Affordable

It costs slightly less than $40, excluding the price of the replacement filters and shipping & handling. We looked around online for a product like the Turapür Pitcher and what we discovered is that its retail price is just within the standard price range. On Amazon.com, you may even find alkaline water pitchers that are much more expensive than Turapur.

Makes Your Drinking Water Cleaner And Healthier

In a three-year study by The Environmental Working Group, results showed that the drinking water in the United States is widely contaminated. There are at least 306 contaminants, like solvents, perchlorate, and refrigerants, in tap water supplied to Americans between 2004 and 2009.

Can you imagine yourself or your loved ones (unconsciously) drinking these contaminants? The different components in the Turapür Pitcher (tourmaline, magnesium, infrared ceramics, and activated carbon) has shown to be helpful for removing certain chemicals and questionable tastes and odors to water.

Parts and Replacement Warranty Available

The Turapür Pitcher is covered by a three-year warranty for free replacement of defective parts. You can claim your warranty by contacting their customer service via email or phone…


The Cons


There’s A Lack Of Solid Studies

We haven’t come across empirical researches, which allow qualitative and quantitative analyzation of the pitcher, on the internet. Healthcare experts also vary in their opinion regarding the benefits of drinking alkaline water, which is what the Turapür Pitcher produces. Despite this, there are still people who swear by the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

Not Available In California And Outside Of The United States

The Turapür Pitcher is available to people in all 49 states of the United States, except for California. The manufacturer’s claim that regulations in California prevent them from offering their product there.

You Need To Replace The Filters

We believe this is the major drawback of the Turapür Pitcher, or products in the same category. It gets a bit expensive after you automatically receive new filters every six months.

Our Conclusions

Admittedly, you can find many alkaline water pitchers online or offline. We suggest you check them out and compare them to see the best one that fits your needs.

Do we think the Turapür Pitcher is worth checking out? Overall, we believe it is. It seems to be designed well, works as promised, and is convenient. It’s not dirt cheap, but it’s certainly not overpriced if we compare its price with other products belonging in the same category.

Of course, there are downsides to the Turapür Pitcher or drinking alkaline water in general. If we’re healthy, our bodies are capable of naturally producing antioxidants, preventing or treating certain ailments, and removing toxic materials. Alkaline water will more likely benefit athletes or physically active individuals because intense exercises lead to lactic acid build up in muscles.

Another downside is it doesn’t accept other brands of filters, so you need to buy new filters from the manufacturer. Then again, this is an issue that’s common to most brands of alkaline water pitchers.

To sum it up: If you suffer from a condition that causes an excessively alkaline condition of the tissues and fluids in the body (alkalosis), if you live in California or outside the United States, or if you expect significant results fast, then the Turapür Pitcher might not be for you.

On the other hand, if you’re physically active or an athlete, if you have a medical condition that causes you to be dehydrated or produce excessive amounts of acid, or if you simply want a safer and healthier drinking water, then the Turapür Pitcher is a great option for you…

Well, that’s it for this review of the Turapur Pitcher. We hope you have found the information here to be useful and wish you all the best 🙂

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