The Best Cross Training Workout Routines – Tips And Advice

best cross training workout routinesWhen you are trying to improve your strength and performance and getting a fit body, you must take advantage of every method that can help you to achieve this goal. Most people get stuck to a particular routine and experience plateaus that they are not able to surpass. This does require that you step out of your zone of comfort and go in for other programs for fitness that are dynamic and fresh.

Cross training is one form of training that uses a number of disciplines and makes for workouts that are very vigorous and productive. In this method of fitness training, several workout strategies that can include boxing, track and field, body building and others are used in every training session. When you perform these various exercises the body has to exert more than you would in traditional workouts. The very fact that your body is taxed to a greater extent enables it to achieve levels of fitness and athleticism that force the body and its muscles to grow.

The best cross training workout routines are not designed to achieve a single goal of becoming faster or increasing strength, but will reach both these targets at the same time. You can use these routines to lose fat, become faster, gain muscle and increase your cardio-aerobic capacity all within the same workout. Your body then gets thoroughly conditioned and leads to one of the major benefits of cross training. One of the best cross training workout routines includes 10 pushups, 8 pull ups, 30 seconds of jumping rope, 25 jumping jacks, using 70 per cent body weight with ten squats, a sixty second routine of plank hold, 20 box jumps, and finally a 100 meter sprint within 15 seconds.

There are certain rules that are best followed when you are doing cross training workouts. Choose workouts that are the right ones for any muscle development. Do not go bicycling after a sprint, though combining swimming with sprinting is suggested for increasing endurance. The best cross training workout routines are more effective if you have proper rest and sleep for at least eight hours a day and ensure that you boost your metabolism by eating more number of smaller meals. See that your diet has a content of fibrous food, and do increase your intake of vegetables and fruits. Do take some protein supplements.

Cross training is a very effective way of removing the boredom from following fixed exercise routines. This enables a person to stay motivated, as you can continually change your exercise workouts. Cross training increases flexibility and strength all over the body, because almost all muscles of your body are constantly getting exercised. It also helps muscles to recover, as certain muscles that you are not using during a workout will have the time to get over the fatigue of their own workout. This form of training always involves flexibility, strengthening and aerobics and these three must always be rotated in your workout routines. Cross training is used by most professional athletes and you will find a marathon trainer playing football, while a footballer will practice field events.

Every workout routine has to pay a lot of attention to stretching and each muscle group must be stretched mildly before that part of the workout is started. After workouts, it may also be necessary to go in for an extended session of stretching so that it helps to increase flexibility and make it easier for you to exercise. Cross training is an excellent way to maintain overall fitness and get into good physical shape, and you do not have to be a professional athlete to use this form of exercising.

For more info about cross training and its benefits you can also check the short video below…

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