6 Best Online Dating Tips For Men Of Today

Online Dating Tips For MenWell, here is what we have, the best kept secrets of online dating success you must know before you sign up to the new dating website, or join the latest online dating app on the app store.

In the US alone, there are more than 51 million single people with more than 40 million having already registered on dating websites- active and inactive. Industry statistics also indicate that the leading online dating websites such as E-harmony has in excess of 15 million members, most of who are currently single, in all orientations and so forth!

If you want to meet and successfully date an online prospect (more on that shortly), you’ll be amazed to know that there is a ship load of women on online dating sites- more than 25 million in the US alone to be precise. Here are some of the most effective ways to land the love of your life on dating websites.

Define Who You Are Looking For

Trust me, there is someone for everyone out there. Although this may sound clich?, you should define who or what you are looking for even before you can sign up for a dating app. The best way to do this is to ask yourself: what am I looking for in a woman? Do I want a woman who has been divorced before, a virgin, okay that’s extreme but you get the drift.

Defining what you are looking for will enable you not only avoid attracting the woman/women you don’t need but also help you craft an effective profile your date-mates can look at and make their decisions. It also helps to look for women who are looking for a man like you!

Don’t Reveal Too Much Too Soon

At least 10% of people who register with online dating sites are sex offenders according to a recent survey by Static Brain. This group may include women.

This group, including a few Nigerian conmen and con women flock to dating sites for an easy buck. The group either thrives on emotions, what you are looking for, or stealing your private information.

If you are to start dating online, it is advisable for you to reveal just enough information to your prospects- don’t share information strangers can practicality use to track you down, stalk or steal from you. There is a reason why there aren’t any legit dating services that actually ask for your social security details, if they have, please run for dear life.

Invest In Good Pictures
They say a picture is worth 1000 words. This is so true. Rather than feel the 26 slots available on match.com with pictures with your old man’s 1989 suit, why not take just 2 or 3 good picture to spruce up your pictures?

The truth is, women are creatures of impressions and firstly shallow more than men. They will siphon the useless picture and make a decision not to email you. Don’t let your bad image skills ruin your quest for finding real love on the web. One last thing, don’t put a picture of you and your buddies binge drinking on your dating profile.

Be Smart In Your Choices

One of the biggest challenges most people have when they start dating online is not knowing what they need to do. Even though a lot of people take to online dating because they lack game, on the country, for you to bag the damsel, your A game has to be present. You have to be nice and courteous to ladies, only that you’re doing it with your computer or mobile phone.

There is Google man; use it smartly to be able to fine tune any woman you fancy.

Be Careful About First Meetings

I have tried a fair share of online dates before. A lot didn’t work out just like most real life dates do. However, from experience, you want to stay safe until you have met your online prospect. Some use the wrong images or highly edited Photoshop images; just like your favorite celebs do. If you are mean, it could help to bring a friend along for the ride to ensure that there is enough “surveillance” on your prospect before the “drop”. I bet you don’t want surprises. It might also help to have your first meet in a public but not so public place just in case things don’t go as planned.

Be Nice

This rule doesn’t apply to those Nigerian cons with fake pictures and a million bucks in the bank needing your help to liquidate, but to all the courageous women on online dating sites. Be nice to them; even if you aren’t interested in their advance, it hurts no one to gracefully decline.

Overall, online dating is popular for a good reason and since it started millions of people have been paired. You can be one of them. Use these tips with diligence and we hope that you will find a true love soon!

P.S – Below is a nice video that we personally like about 2 mistakes most men make online when they try to find a woman. Feel free to check it out 🙂

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