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Carissa Alinat’s French Paleo Burn Program – Full Review

French Paleo Burn

Created by Carissa Alinat, a Nurse Practitioner, weight loss expert, PhD candidate specializing in health research, and author, The “French Paleo Burn” is a two-phase diet program for women over 35 years of age who are having difficulties losing weight. In simple words, this program reveals the French’s secret to eating delicious foods, all while effortlessly burning excess body fat at a faster rate…

Old School Body Hacks By John Rowley – Our Full Review

Old School Body Hacks

Created by John Rowley, a personal trainer, best-selling author, and TV personality, “Old School Body Hacks” is an easy to follow fitness program that will teach you a 10-minute hack that can help you shed weight effectively, rebuild lean muscles, make your heart stronger, and even reverse “metabolic aging” for those over age 35. John Rowley explains that metabolism starts to become sluggish when a person hits the age of 35…

The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Our Full Review

complete shoulder hip blueprint

Created by Tony Gentilcore, an expert on common shoulder issues, and Dean Somerset, an Exercise Physiologist specializing on injury post-rehabilitation, the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is a digital product that takes fitness professionals through the techniques that Tony and Dean used on their clients to enhance their upper and lower body power, resiliency, stamina, and function…

Troy Adashun’s Fat Extinguisher Program – Our Full Review

Fat Extinguisher

In simple words, The “Fat Extinguisher” program is a fast and all-natural way to reduce weight and prevent the risks of more serious diseases such as heart attack and joint pains. It also promises to help you look years younger than your actual age and feel good inside and out. This program was written and created by Troy Adashun, renowned author and a fat loss expert…

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