Dating Advice For Single Dads – Our Tips And Advice

dating advice for single dadsThe dating field is not entirely friendly to single fathers for various reasons. The most common among them is the sudden loss of interest when they mention or reveal having a child by another woman. In other words, the mention of “baby mama” somewhere sends all the fine maiden running for the hills.

So how does a single father or single dad make it through the murky world of dating? In this article, we have a few tips single dads should use to be able to date and have relations without the “stigma” that always seems to hang over them.

Be Careful On Who You Date

Truth is, finding a damsel isn’t that hard at all. However, finding the right damsel is the trickiest part, especially if you are a single dad. Unlike what we see in Hollywood flicks, a lot of woman are naturally jealous and the moment you have to make them understand that your child comes first, bones are bound to flow. Ideally, you want to find a woman who will understand that there is a child involved and they are a priority for you. If you find that the woman in question isn’t ready to relinquish this need, run for dear life, for your kid’s sake.

Always Say It Upfront

After a few rejections, your reflexes will possibly tempt you to lie about your child. Don’t even consider it. Unless you want to become a forthcoming deadbeat dad, acknowledge the presence of a child before the fact, not after. A woman who is really interested in being with you needs to want to be with you no matter what. This involves accepting you, plus your son or daughter. It always helps to find a partner who will accept and help you raise a child. This expectation should be clear from day 1. It is also important for you to note that while letting this known to them, don’t over-share. Keep the details of your child private as much as possible until the two are ready to meet.

Prepare Your Child

The other big challenge you will face as a single dad in the dating field is resistance from your kids. Let’s face it, as the only parent your child is accustomed to, your child is more likely to be too possessive of you. Fortunately, you can reduce these incidents by being straightforward with your kids. Explain to them why you are dating and let them accept her because it’s important for you.

Don’t Be In A Hurry

Just like dating when you don’t have kids, when you are a dating single father, always take things slow. It helps if you truly understand your would be partner better before bringing them too close to your child and then having to breakup sooner or later. Stability is better than multiple unstable “situationships”. To make sure that your kids’ priority is covered, always ensure that your dates grow to maturity before your kids are let in.

Keep The Details To Yourself

Just because you’re buddies with your kids, it doesn’t mean you should let them on in your online dating business. Keep this side of the conversation private as you might end up doing more harm than good. It is recommended for you to keep your dating status off limits for your kids until you are sure about the woman in question.

In general, the dating landscape has different rules for single dads. Women are generally more choosy, and not all of them can fill or fit into your current lifestyle or that of your kids. Patience and deliberate smartness are some of the things you should have in your sleeve to win…

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