Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back With Text Messages In 3 Steps

get your ex boyfriend back with text messagesIf you have recently come out of a relationship with your boyfriend, or even if it has been several weeks, there are still ways that you can get them back into your life. You might try calling them, or even writing them old-fashioned letters, but the easiest way to get their attention is through text messaging.

Everyone has their cell phone on them, and the moment that you send something, they are likely to see what you absent. When this occurs, through this constant contact, it is possible that they may be able to get those feelings back for you, but the type of messages that you send can mean all the difference in the world. You can get your ex boyfriend back with text messages using these three simple steps.

Say That You Miss Them

There is nothing better than catering to the ego of a man who you want back. It doesn’t matter if they broke up with you, or you broke up with them. Stating that you still want them is everything. However, you need to use a different type of text message for each situation in order for this to work.

If you broke up with them, and you tell them that you miss them, they are more than likely going to respond. If they broke up with you, it’s hard to tell why sometimes, so the response might be a couple of days. It also depends on why you guys broke up, such as if you cheated on him, don’t expect anything soon or at all. Anything outside of that, just wait a few days and you should start to see a message or two coming in. Once you have a response, and it’s positive, here’s what you need to do next.

Remind Them Of A Special Day

If you guys had a special day not too long ago, remind them of how wonderful it was. It could have been a trip that you took together, or even something less intimate like watching the movie, or preparing dinner. Talk about what you did, what you talked about, and jokes that were said. Remind them of how happy both of you were together, and how you miss that. This can either cause them to run the other direction because they are trying to forget you, or it might make the miss you even more. If you do get a response, the final step is what will real them back in, the proverbial nail in the coffin to getting them back in your life.

Tell Them To Come Over

The final thing to do was say you want to see them. Tell them to come over to your place. You could go over to see them, but you want to have full control of the situation, and you are going to be more comfortable at your home or apartment. If they would prefer you coming over, you can do that, but your odds of feeling confident and comfortable enough on your own home turf are simply not going to be there, and that’s really what you want in the situation. If they agree, and they come over, you can do something fun together, or get intimate again, and start to rekindle that relationship.

One Mistake To Avoid

Text messaging doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the shorter the message the better. Most guys are not into reading paragraphs of information. Even if they are an intellectual, and they are capable of reading a couple books every day, no man wants to read a long text message from a girl they are no longer with. You want to play on their emotions, not their brain. Once you are able to push those buttons, get them to remember you, you will have them back again. As long as you avoid sending more than one sentence or phrase at a time, easy to read dialogue, this is the best way to get them back in your life.

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back with text messages, this is the easiest way to do it. Every message needs to be short and sweet, and you really don’t want to wait that long. The longer that you wait, the more likely it is they will be with someone else, and that just becomes a very difficult situation. However, if it has been a long time, and they are not with somebody, or if it has just been a few days, text messages are the best way to get instant contact with these people that you are no longer with, ex boyfriends that you need back in your life once again.

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