How Do You Know If A Guy Likes You Or Not?

How Do You Know If A Guy Likes YouBoth girls and women of all ages are sometimes perplexed about whether men like them. You’re going to get the vibe that a guy is writing this article, but that’s a good thing. After all, you’re wondering how you can tell if a guy likes you or not. It’s definitely not something that is always easy to discern for sure. There are some guys that make it blatantly obvious, but the ‘good guys’ or at least the respectable guys might be a little more subtle.

If you want to get past the back and forth or at least notice whether or not a guy is interested, then there are some things that you can pick up on. For starters, you want to pay attention to body language. One important part of body language is eye contact. If a guy is consistently making eye contact with you, he likes you, okay? However, don’t discount the guys that don’t make eye contact. Why?

Well, everyone is different, so there are people that don’t like to make eye contact. You’re not going to often be able to tell if a guy likes you or not based on one thing alone. You need to know some other signs. For example, have you caught a guy looking at you multiple times while you supposedly can’t see him? You have to ask yourself: Why is he doing that?

It’s obvious a guy likes you if he steals looks from time to time while you’re looking in the other direction. Some guys will be more obvious about this, and that makes it much easier. You also need to be looking to see if he is trying to impress you. How can you tell? Imagine you’re standing around with him and a few other people talking. He begins to speak, and then he looks at someone for confirmation. Did he look at you? Maybe he was telling a joke, and he wants to know if you laughed.

In general, you want to notice how much attention he pays to you. Try saying something that he might not hear unless he edges closer to you. See how he reacts and watch his body language. Also, does he pay you compliments? Guys do compliment girls without it meaning they like them, but generally speaking, consistent compliments mean one thing only.

Does he touch you as he’s talking to you? Even subtle reach out and touch moments add up and tell you that he likes you. It’s all about the intimacy of the connection, and it goes hand in hand with the body language he’s showing you. You also have to notice how he treats you in comparison to other people that are around. It matters how he treats you because he might show you favor, act like a gentleman, be flirtatious and more.

Sometimes girls find it difficult to tell when a guy is flirting. It’s not always easy to tell with some guys, but you can add up the signs. Try expressing your interests, and see if he genuinely seems like he wants to know more. Also, many girls think a guy is going to be suave and communicative if he is interested, but the fact is that many guys out there are going to do one thing, act nervously. If you make a guy nervous, he likes you, bottom line.

There are other ways you can tell if a guy likes you, too. For example, his friends might give him away. So you’re not just paying attention to him, but those around him as well. With everything that has been mentioned so far, what do you think about the guy in question? Does he like you? Maybe you don’t have a specific guy in mind, but you’re just looking at this information for the future.

Guys can be funny about giving themselves away sometimes, but you need to realize that some signs are subconscious and cannot be helped. Put them all together, and you will have a much easier time telling if he likes you or not. If he does like you, don’t waste any time. Or, you can play hard to get and egg him on to make the first move. It’s up to you!

In this post, you will find several ways and tips to understand better if a guy likes you or not.

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