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On February 14, 2015
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An independent review of the Osteoporosis Protocol program by Jane Marshall that includes an overview of this solution for Osteoporosis and useful details about its various pros and cons.

Osteoporosis ProtocolImportant announcement:

Several months were passed from the time we written and published this review about the Osteoporosis Protocol. During that time things changed and because of different reasons we will not recommend the Osteoporosis Protocol anymore. We chose to keep our original review with no change just in case you will want to look into it. You can contact us if you need more info about the reasons which led us to remove the recommendation on the program.

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The Basics

The Osteoporosis Protocol is an all natural guide that gives osteoporosis sufferers a 3-step system to follow over 21 days, to rid their bodies of osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

The product’s creator, Jane Marshall, based this guide on the research of Adam Lockwood, who previously released his findings under the “Remodeling Dysfunction: Bone Death as the Cause of Osteoporosis.”

Jane explains that she had originally been looking for safe alternatives to osteoporosis medications and hip replacement surgeries. She came across the research of Adam Lockwood and his team and immediately knew she was on to something big.

Inside his research, Adam Lockwood came to the conclusion that magnesium and calcium supplements taken on a daily basis have no effect in the treatment of osteoporosis.

These supplements work great in creating strong bones, but are little help once the damage has already set in. Unfortunately, so many people continue to take these on a daily basis, hoping to reverse the effects of these debilitating diseases.

Lockwood describes osteoporosis as a form of bone death. Every ten years our bones tissues go through a process of regeneration he says, and once osteoporosis sets in, that regeneration cannot take place. Without this vital process, the bones grow fragile and eventually die.

With the myth of supplements being debunked, you may ask yourself if there is any solution?

Well, Adam devised a plan that included the stimulation of bone tissue in order for the bones to regenerate once again on their own.

With the theory proved sound, there were no other details included. There was no way to know what proper vitamins and foods needed to be incorporated into the diet. Jane Marshall knew she was on to something with this report and contacted Adam so they can turn his findings into a practical plan. this effort on her part concluded with the publication of the Osteoporosis Protocol.

More specifically, Jane Marshall devised a 3-step method based on Adam’s meticulous research that at its core would treat forms of bone disease. Below is an idea of what to expect from this 3-step process:

The first step will show you the best natural compounds and multi-functional proteins. This list explains why you need these and how they will help to stimulate bone regeneration.

The second stage explains the foods, vitamins, and minerals that are needed to consume the previously mentioned proteins and compounds. All can be purchased at your local grocery store for under $20.

Finally, you will learn how to combine all of these ingredients into your daily diet easily. This is perhaps the hardest part of the program, because you have to have the willpower to stick with it through the end…

The Pros And Cons


The Pros


A Safe Natural Way To Overcome Osteoporosis

Following the Osteoporosis Protocol program should be pretty easy for anyone and there are no bad side effects to worry about. Everything you need to consume in this program is natural and safe for the body.

Backed Up By Scientific Research And Studies

There are many studies that are available to freely read online that back up the claims of Jane Marshall inside the Osteoporosis Protocol program.

You can do a search on Google and read for example about many studies that talk on the claim that calcium do not lower the risk of osteoporosis. Just by taking the time to read through these reports you can find the validity of the claims inside the Osteoporosis Protocol guide.

Less Expensive Than Traditional Treatments

For one moment think about how much you spend per month on osteoporosis medications? Have they helped you regain any of your prior life back?

The simple truth is that many of these medications and supplements are a waste of money. They either don’t work or take years to reverse the effects of osteoporosis.

The good thing about the Osteoporosis Protocol guide is that it is less expensive than any of those medications or treatments. In fact, it is probably less than what you have been paying per month for medications.

In addition, all of the vitamins, minerals, and foods are not going to blow your monthly grocery budget either…

Jane Marshall Offers Full Money Back Guarantee

The Osteoporosis Protocol is backed by full money back guarantee and Jane Marshall promises that if for any reason her methods won’t work for you or if you won’t be happy with what you learned inside her guide, you can get all your money back within 60 days.

This is another great advantage that most treatments for osteoporosis don’t offer.


The Cons


More Potential Proof Would Have Helped

We may just be more skeptical than most people, but personally we would have enjoyed further proof. Simple things like documentation of Jane’s four-week medical stay, or even a screen capture of Adam and his team’s research could be a great addition on the official Osteoporosis Protocol site in our opinion.

While the proof is out there and you can read many researches as we outlined above, many of us do not have the time or skills to hunt down the researches, and this is exactly why this kind of proof can add more credibility and authority to Jane Marshall’s claims.


If you are looking for optimal results you need to set aside at least a three-week time frame. That is the minimal amount of time you need to dedicate yourself to the Osteoporosis Protocol treatment program.

If you find that you procrastinate or simply do not finish projects, this may not be the best program for you to begin.

Available As A Digital Only Purchase

The Osteoporosis Protocol is not available in any store, and no DVD’s or hardcover books can be found. The only way to receive it is by purchasing it online. Once you do it you will have immediate access to the guide in PDF format…

Our Conclusions

As with any other treatment for osteoporosis, the Osteoporosis Protocol has its own pros and cons, and it is absolutely not the right solution for everyone.

Firstly, you should remember that the Osteoporosis Protocol is based on all-natural methods and because of that the results may vary. We believe that it can be a good idea to keep your expectations realistic and to understand that it can take more than 21 days to feel and see noticeable results with this program.

In addition, you should understand that the treatment plan Jane Marshall describes does require dedication and patience on your part, and if you think that this is a “quick fix” or a “magic bullet” for osteoporosis then this program is probably not for you.

With that said, there are many things to like about the Osteoporosis Protocol and from our research online it looks like that many people who followed this program reported on positive results. Personally, we really like that this program was designed to provide a safe and natural way to overcome osteoporosis. In addition, the facts that it is backed up by scientific studies and that is much cheaper than traditional treatments are two more advantages which can be very important for most people.

Overall, we will recommend any person that suffers from osteoporosis and is searching for a natural treatment plan that is safe to use and based on scientific researches to give the Osteoporosis Protocol a try. After all, if you will not be happy with what you learn in the guide or with the results it provides, you can always request a full refund from Jane Marshall within 8 weeks…


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