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This review of the Erect On Demand system by Josh Harding explains everything about this solution for erectile dysfunction and provides useful information about its pros and cons.

Erect On DemandHi buddy and welcome to our review of “Erect On Demand” by Josh Harding.

Like always, this review will be divided into 3 main parts:

1. The basics section where we clarify what you can expect to find in the Erect On Demand system.

2. The pros and cons section where you will be able to learn about the most important pros and cons of Josh Harding’s erectile dysfunction solution.

3. The conclusions section which will sum up our personal thoughts regarding the Erect On Demand program…

Let’s start 🙂

The Basics

Created by Josh Harding (a pen name), a Michigan-based history professor and a former sufferer of erectile dysfunction, “Erect On Demand” is a comprehensive guide that shares an ancient Peruvian brew recipe that was designed to target the root cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) and eliminate this embarrassing condition for good, so you can have long-lasting and fully engorged erections on demand.

According to Josh Harding, erectile dysfunction is not a psychological problem, but a physical problem. This is why pills, like Viagra and Cialis, will not permanently solve the condition. In fact, Josh says that these pills could compromise your health. He also says that testosterone injections can increase your sex drive, but it doesn’t increase the blood flow to your member.

People who suffer from erectile dysfunction have poor blood flow on their member, but it’s not the ultimate cause of their condition. Josh explains that it’s the loss of penile sensitivity that’s the number one problem, and this is exactly where his Erect On Demand remedy becomes beneficial to ED sufferers.

Mr. Harding says that the erection-inducing remedy that he describes in the Erect On Demand guide is over 3,000 years old. He claims he discovered it while visiting a tribe in Peru, and while the original drink is a combination of 5 Peruvian herbs and plant extracts, Josh says that he tweaked it in order to replace some ingredients that people can only find in Peru. As a result, the Erect On Demand erection brew uses 4 herbs, 2 specific fruits, and 1 amino acid…

To help you understand better what the Erect On Demand system can offer you, here are some of the things you’ll discover in the guide:

  • The exact ingredients and preparation steps used in making the “boner brew” that cured Josh Harding’s ED.
  • Information on how the Erect On Demand system can magnetize more women of all ages to you.
  • Josh’s “1-Minute Miracle,” which is the capsule form of the boner brew.
  • Little-known sexual positions that would help her achieve climax up to 5 times faster.
  • Where to find your lover’s 3 hidden pleasure spots.
  • 5 tips that would turn an “oral job” into a fun and guiltless game for you and your lover.
  • How to boost your penile sensitivity by up to 400% in just 21 days.
  • What Josh did to make it look like his member was an inch longer and thicker.
  • Different easy-to-do exercises that you can use to increase your penile sensitivity quicker, and much more…

It is also worth mentioning that Josh Harding included 5 special reports in the Erect On Demand package at no additional cost. These are the following:

  • “Titan Stamina”
  • “33 Innocent Words That Turn Her On”
  • “Text Her Panties Off”
  • “Mr. Big: Simple Exercises to a Super-Sized Member”
  • “Instant Orgasms: 7 Positions to Give Her an Instant Explosion”…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


Easy To Follow

Everything you need to know to create Josh’s “boner brew,” from the exact ingredients down to the preparation tips, is easy to understand. The language used is simple and clear, and as long as you know how to follow instructions, we don’t see why you won’t get it right.

Saves You Money And Tackle The Root Cause At The Same Time

It is no secret that many people turn to drugs, such as Viagra, to solve their erectile dysfunction problems. However, according to an article by Daily Mail, Viagra doesn’t work on more than 50% of its users. Many doctors even said that the Health Service is just wasting millions of pounds every year on erectile dysfunction meds that don’t cure the root cause of the problem.

On the other hand, the ancient boner brew that Josh Harding describes in the Erect On Demand guide doesn’t only improve blood flow to your member, but it also helps increase its sensitiveness.

In other words, it addresses the root cause of the problem rather than its symptoms.

Useful Bonus Reports

We definitely like the 5 free reports that Josh Harding provides and we believe that they compliment the main guide in a great way. Unlike similar guides online which usually come with useless bonus items, these bonus reports add real value to the user.

Regain Your Self-Confidence Naturally And Safely

Not having or sustaining an erection is probably one of the most frustrating things for men. The good news is that by following the Erect On Demand system, men and women who suffer from a lagging sex life due to ED can take back and renew their self-confidence and save their relationships.

The best part is that following Josh Harding’s system doesn’t involve taking risky pills or expensive drugs, and everything is all-natural based.

Backed By A Full Refund Guarantee

The Erect On Demand package comes with the standard 60-day refund guarantee that is offered on most similar guides online today. If within that span of time you’re unhappy with it, you can email Josh Harding and his team to get a 100% refund.

This simply means that you can try the Erect On Demand system risk-free…


The Cons


Potential Side Effects

Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any adverse effects. For example, herbs and amino acids can have minor to major side effects.

We personally believe that if you suffer from any serious health condition it can be a good idea to consult your doctor first to make sure you can take the ingredients used in the Erect On Demand system with no worries.

Not An Overnight Solution

There is no doubt that the Erect On Demand program can help people who suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, it is important to say that it doesn’t work after a day or two of following it.

We will recommend reading and following the instructions to the letter for at least two to four weeks in order to see how well this treatment plan work for you. If you are not planning to follow it for at least two weeks, then we won’t recommend you getting the Erect On Demand system from the beginning.

Sold Only As A Digital Guide

The Erect On Demand system is currently available only in digital format and you’ll have to spend extra if you want to print it by yourself so you can have a hard-copy…

Our Conclusions

Overall, if you suffer from ED and you’re hesitant to use male enhancement pills, testosterone therapy, or ED drugs, we don’t see why you should ignore the Erect On Demand system.

The thing we really like about this system is that it is easy to incorporate it into your daily schedule because you only need to add a few foods and ingredients to your current diet in order to solve your embarrassing condition. In addition, the price of the guide is very reasonable, especially when we consider the useful additional reports that Josh Harding offers at no extra cost…

Is it safe and scientifically proven?

Well, we can’t say it’s 100% free from any side effects. We all know herbs can have some kind of effect, especially if not used properly. However, we believe the “boner brew” won’t cause major negative effects on the user’s health, and generally it can be said that it is a much safer solution compared to all of these risky pills on the market today.

Of course, the Erect On Demand system is not perfect, and we don’t see it eliminating anyone’s erectile dysfunction in just a day or a week. That’s the downside of taking the natural approach -it usually takes longer to take effect compared to injections or oral meds.

In addition, when it comes to clinical trials, there aren’t enough to backup this guide. To be fair, scientists don’t really study most herbal remedies out there. WebMD does have a list of herbs that help with erectile dysfunction, like the amino acid L-arginine, however we didn’t find real studies that can back up all the claims made by Josh Harding in the guide.

With that in mind, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Erect On Demand system is not effective. You might just have to wait longer to see significant improvements in your condition…

To sum it up: If you want a “quick fix” for your condition, then the Erect On Demand system is absolutely not for you. On the other hand, if your main goal is to find an all-natural solution that will help you to eliminate the root cause of this embarrassing condition for good and without expensive drugs or risky pills, then Josh Harding’s system can be a great option for you.

We truly believe that the information and free reports you get justify the cost of this package, and anyway, if you think it’s not worth your money, you can always get a full refund within 60 days….

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