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An independent review about the Testosterone XL Protocol by Robert Shaw. This review includes an overview of the guide, description of the bonus reports that come with it, and details about its pros and cons...

Hi buddy and welcome to our review about the Testosterone XL Protocol by Robert Shaw.

For your convenience, this review will be divided into 3 main parts:

1. The basics section that explains the main things Robert Shaw offers in his protocol.

2. The pros and cons section where you can learn about the most important advantages and disadvantages of the Testosterone XL Protocol.

3. The conclusions section about the Testosterone XL Protocol that sums up our thoughts and feelings on this guide…

Without further ado, let’s begin 🙂

The Basics

In simple words, The Testosterone XL Protocol is a detailed guide that will give you the means to boost your T levels by as much as 400 percent in only two weeks.

Created by Robert Shaw, a man in his early 50s that was tired of dealing with low testosterone himself, the guide uses all natural techniques and legitimate scientific researches as the basis of everything it teaches.

Shaw has determined that most men are responsible for three primary mistakes that cause poor testosterone. These include:

1 – Over Reliance On Over-The-Counter Medication

Painkillers such as naproxen, paracetamol, and ibuprofen are responsible for diminished testosterone levels in many men. They can drop the amount of free testosterone present in the body by as much as 18 percent. This can happen even with only minimal dosages.

2 – Drinking Too Much Tap Water

Tap water has a wealth of toxic chemicals such as aluminum. They work to effectively destroy your testosterone hormones, cause erectile problems, and even lower your sperm count.

3 – Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Ingestion

EDCs are often found in shampoos, detergents, soaps, hair sprays, deodorants, and perfumes. These can all get in your mouth quite easily, and the effects of which can be quite detrimental.

Robert Shaw also believes that low T levels have little to do with natural aging, as often cited. Instead, the main culprit is a female pituitary hormone that lowers your natural amount of testosterone on a daily basis.

Within the Testosterone XL Protocol guide, Shaw provides his best natural solutions to all of these issues. If you’re curious about just what that might entail, you can expect the following:

A full food guide that teaches about effective ingredients, the best combinations of nutrients and food, and tasty smoothie recipes that will cut down on your prolactin hormone. By following the recommendations in this guide, your testosterone levels will see a dramatic increase.

A supplemental guide showcasing nearly 40 dietary supplement options that are capable of boosting your total testosterone by as much as 30 percent, and reducing the prolactin hormone at the same time.

A schedule and calendar that can be used to plan meals, help you get the best results from them, and much more…

By purchasing the Testosterone XL Protocol, you’ll also receive three bonus reports. These include the following:

Go All Night

As you might expect, this report shows you all of the foods you need to eat in order to increase the blood flow to your genitalia. Your stamina will increase in tow, and you should also be capable of more powerful erections. From there, you will also be given key tips on how to last longer in the bedroom.

The Language Of Love

This report is a sizable 65 page guide that will tip you off to 50 erotic phrases that you can use to help get your partner in the mood. These phrases are capable of setting off the main love chemicals residing in the female brain. It’s claimed that they can work even if said over the phone or text message.

The Sleep Boosting Bible

This final bonus report shows how sleep can play a part in how much testosterone your body is able to produce. Without a good night’s rest, your T levels are bound to suffer. As expected, the report works as a guide towards getting more restful sleep each night…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


It’s Easy To Get Going

To make the Testosterone XL Protocol work, you won’t need to change your diet in any significant way. You don’t need to give up too much of your time either.

Robert Shaw has provided an exhaustive list of everything that will be expected of you. Provided you follow the instructions, you can work the entire routine into your daily life quite easily.

A Myriad Of Health Benefits

The Testosterone XL Protocol doesn’t only improve your erections and libido; it will increase your overall energy, bone density, and muscle mass as well. It has even been shown to improve your day to day mood. Perhaps best of all, you’ll have a lowered risk of health diseases as well.

If you still need more proof for the role proper lifestyle plays in maintaining a healthy level of testosterone, then you can also check this article on WebMD.

No Drugs Required

Testosterone replacement therapy has a number of benefits. It’s also quite risky however. Just take the warnings from Mayo Clinic into consideration; replacement therapy can lead to sleep apnea, blood clots, acne, shrunken testicles, lowered sperm counts, and even heart disease. That certainly doesn’t sound like fun!

Fortunately, the Testosterone XL Protocol is completely natural. As such, there are hardly any adverse health risks involved.

Risk-Free Purchase

There’s a 60-day money back guarantee for the Testosterone XL Protocol. If it turns out the guide isn’t for you, you’ll be able to get every cent you paid right back. All you have to do is send an e-mail to Robert Shaw and the full refund will be sent over right away…


The Cons


Some Side Effects May Still Occur

Although the methods in the Testosterone XL Protocol are all-natural based, you may still encounter some side effects when following the program.

For example, if you suffer from food allergies, then it may be a good idea to consult your doctor and make sure that anything that you’re told to take within the guide is truly safe for you to ingest.

Not A Quick Fix

With traditional medicine, you usually don’t need to wait a particularly long time for the results to start turning up. Natural remedies are effective, but they take more time.

If you plan to try the Testosterone XL Protocol, please keep in mind that this is not a “magic pill”. Patience and real efforts are required here.

The Book Is Only Available Digitally

The Testosterone XL Protocol and all of its bonus reports are only available digitally. Once you paid for it, you’ll be given access to a member’s area that allows you to download the book right onto your portable devices or desktop.

If you really don’t like eBooks, your only option is to print the guide off yourself…

Our Conclusions

As with any other treatment option for low testosterone levels, the Testosterone XL Protocol has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is absolutely not a “quick fix solution”.

With that said, there is no doubt that the techniques Robert Shaw described in the guide have some big advantages over traditional medicines.

First, the fact that this treatment program is completely natural means less side effects and much lower chance of any health risk. In addition, the facts that this guide offers multiple health benefits, and that it is easy to integrate it into your current lifestyle, are other important advantages.

All in all, we will recommend any person that is suffering from low testosterone levels to consider giving the Testosterone XL Protocol a try.

The price of the guide is very reasonable, the methods are backed up by science, and best of all, the 60-day money back guarantee means you have nothing to lose…

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