Text Messages To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Text Messages To Make Him Fall In Love With YouThese days, most people don’t communicate through long letters or lengthy phone calls. Instead, they talk to each other with text messages. This means that words are limited, and people have to figure out how to make every character count.

If you really want to get a guy interested, you have to send messages that will keep him talking to you. The more talks to you, the easier it will be for him to develop feelings for you. When you become a text messaging expert, you’ll be able to make any guy fall in love with you.

Here are some useful tips that will help you make him fall in love with you:

Ask Questions

One of the best ways to get a guy talking is to get him to talk about himself! Ask him questions that he’ll really want to respond to. Don’t just ask him simple questions like “what’s up” or “how are you?” Instead, ask him questions that show you really pay attention to who he is and what his interests are.

For example, if you know he likes sports, you could ask him about some of his favorite teams or players. If you know he’s into music, you can ask him if he’s been to any good concerts lately. Even if he’s in a bad mood, he won’t be able to resist the urge to reply.

Avoid Stock Answers

Resist the urge to respond with quick, simple stock answers like “yeah” “okay” and nothing else. It’s great if you want to respond quickly, but it also can give the impression that you’re not really interested in what he has to say.

Here’s a secret: it’s okay if you don’t message a guy back right away. In fact, taking a little while to respond can sometimes increase his interests. Guys like it when getting a girl’s attention feels like a challenge.

If the guy you liked messaged you, and you’re in a rush, wait until later to respond to what he said. Think over your response and reply with something really thoughtful and interesting. You’ll make him want to talk to you more, and you’ll show him that you really respect him.

Use Lots of Pictures

Guys tend to be a lot more visual than women, which means it’s hard to keep a guy interested with words alone. Try to include the occasional picture in your text so that you can keep his attention (and remind him that you look good).

For example, if the two of you were talking about drinking coffee earlier, you could take a picture of yourself at the coffee shop. Include a fun message that calls back to that earlier conversation, like “Finally got my coffee? What about you?” You’ll be surprised at how much he’ll like receiving photos from you.

Don’t Overuse Emojii

Emojii can be a lot of fun, but for some guys, they’re a turn off. If you’re addicted to using emojii, try to keep your habits in check when you talk to the guy you like.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up emojiis entirely! Instead, try to use them in a reciprocal way. When the guy uses an emojii in conversation, try to use one back. This will give your conversation a playful tone that could quickly turn into something more flirtatious. It can also help keep him from getting turned off.

Ease Into Flirting

When it comes to flirting, you don’t want to turn up the heat too quickly. If you’re too aggressive from the beginning, you won’t be able to up the ante later on. Give yourself plenty of room to heat things off later on.

In the early stages, you should try to keep him guessing. Say things that could be seen as flirtatious, but could be seen as completely innocent too. That way, you’ll have him trying to figure out whether or not you’re actually interested, which will get him talking to you more.

Later on, you can start cranking things up little by little. Go with the flow, and don’t be afraid to respond with a spicy message if he sends you one first. The conversation will get hotter and hotter, and he’ll get more and more interested in you.

Start Routines

Try to get a guy in the habit of saying good morning and good night to you, or messaging you when he gets to work. If he thinks of talking to you as a general part of your day, it’ll be harder for him to imagine life without you.

You don’t have to crush on a guy and wonder what he’s thinking any more. You can use text messages to make him fall in love with you. If you’re careful about what you text, you can win any guy over.

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