Useful Tips To Improve Your Memory

tips to improve your memoryIt used to be the case that memory issues only affected people in old age. Lately, mental insufficiency and memory decline has become an issue with people in all age groups. One of the biggest reasons of this memory decline is poor nutrition, bad lifestyle choices and highly stressed lives. Another area of concern is that it is also affecting children. It is common to see children with noticeable brain fatigue.

Many parents mistakenly relate brain fatigue and their children to boredom or lack of sleep. However, the cause is much deeper. It has been established that most of the problems with memory decline are related to short-term memory. In fact, most of the people who suffer from short-term memory issues, do not show any problems with long-term memory.

There are many new products in the market that claim to help with memory issues and help in dealing with mental insufficiency. However, the truth is that most of these products are only marketed as such and do not effectively help in enhancing the memory. The good news is that if you suffer from memory issues, there are many ways to enhance your memory. Here are few tips to improve your memory.


Many memory experts recommend using the association method to help remember things. The method of association recommends associating people, numbers, events or anything else with other favorite things of the person. For instance, if you want to remember the name of a person and that name is Jack, the best way to remember that name is to associate the face of that person with some other object that you like.

Similarly, if you want to remember name of a place or the directions to some place, the best way to memories the directions is to associate the way with your favorite characters or games. Experts recommend using your favorite cartoon characters as well as game characters for association.

Attention to Detail

It may look counterintuitive to you but if you start paying attention to small details everywhere, you will notice sharp improvement in your memory. Whenever you meet a new person or go to a new place, start noticing the little details about the person and about the place.

For instance, when you meet a new person, notice their face, their hands, the kind of clothes they are wearing, their jewellery, their hair and other things. This will help you in creating a unique persona for that person and will help you in keeping that persona in near memory.

Similarly, when you go to a new place, start noticing unique things about that place. You will be easily able to associate those unique things with the name of that place and it will help you in remembering the place at a later date.

Memory Games Help

There are a lot of games that help in improving your memory. Games like chess, checkers and other games that force your brain to think and memories things help a lot in improving memory. Therefore, when you think of playing a game next time, try to play a game that will help you enhance your memory.


Physical fitness is important and also the key to mental fitness. If you are not physically fit, you won’t be able to concentrate on other things and as a result, won’t be able to remember those things. Therefore, exercise regularly and you will find that your memory has improved over time.

These are some of the tips that will help you in improving your memory. It is important to keep in mind that you need to keep working on improving your memory. We hope that you’ll soon notice that memory loss has become a thing of the past for you…

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