Tom Brimeyer’s Hypothyroidism Revolution – Our Full Review

Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism RevolutionHi and welcome to our review on the Hypothyroidism Revolution by Tom Brimeyer.

Like always, this review will be divided into three main parts:

1. The basics section that will help you to understand better what the Hypothyroidism Revolution is all about.

2. The pros and cons section which includes the most important advantages and disadvantages that we feel you have to know about Tom Brimeyer’s Hypothyroidism solution.

3. The conclusions section about the Hypothyroidism Revolution that summarizes our thoughts on this program…

Let’s begin 🙂

The Basics

In simple words, “The Hypothyroidism Revolution” is a comprehensive program that teaches you step-by-step how to reverse and stop hypothyroidism naturally and permanently.

Tom Brimeyer, a long term sufferer of hypothyroidism, a fitness and health researcher, and the creator of The Hypothyroidism Revolution program, explains that the major keys that will truly help you correct a hypothyroidism problem and eliminate its root causes are a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.

More specifically, in his program Mr. Brimeyer focuses on three phases that he believes will help you stop your hypothyroidism directly at the source. The following are the main goals of each phase of the program:

Phase 1 – Proper Thyroid Healing Diet

The Hypothyroidism Revolution Program’s first phase focuses on the proper thyroid healing diet.

In this phase Tom Brimeyer details precisely what needs to be done to follow the proper thyroid healing diet. Tom focuses on explaining the best foods that should be consumed to provide your cells with the proper combination of nutrients and right balance needed to produce high energy levels.

In addition, here Tom Brimeyer goes over the bad foods that can suppress the thyroid, and details the correct way of removing them and replacing them with good foods in a progressive manner.

Phase 2 – How To Accelerate Your Results

The Hypothyroidism Revolution Program’s second phase has one major goal: accelerating the results you obtained in phase one and taking them to an entirely new level.

During this phase, the focus is on vital nutrients which can help with reversing hormone levels that are out of balance and can affect how the thyroid performs. Tom Brimeyer provides additional tools here, including diet calculators and complete meal plans that will help you with transitioning to a comprehensive thyroid healing diet. This in return will allow you to completely transform how you feel.

Phase 3 – Minor Changes For Protecting And Fortifying Your Results

During the Hypothyroidism Revolution program’s final phase you will find information on some changes that can help you protect and fortify the results you obtained during the first and second phases.

In this phase Tom Brimeyer shows you how elements of a healthy lifestyle can be incorporated, including special exercises that can help with boosting your thyroid. He also goes into more detail about common mistakes that should be avoided so that you can achieve optimal results from the program.

All the explanations about these three phases are found in the main guide of the Hypothyroidism Revolution system, which contains more than 160 pages and 16 chapters. However, the Hypothyroidism Revolution program contains many more components, as we will explain in the pros and cons section below…

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The Pros And Cons


The Pros


A Program That Is Very Comprehensive

There is no doubt that the Hypothyroidism Revolution system is among the most comprehensive natural treatment programs you will find online today, and we were quite impressed with how much content Tom Brimeyer offers inside.

In addition to the main guide, there is also a Quick Start Kit (which is very easy to follow), complete meal plans, thyroid healing cookbook, shopping lists, useful checklists, helpful calculators, and five incredible bonuses. All of these items make the Hypothyroidism Revolution program the most comprehensive Hypothyroidism treatment system that we have reviewed so far.

A Holistic Approach Is Offered For Achieving A Permanent Solution

The biggest advantage offered by the Hypothyroidism Revolution program compared with other common Hypothyroidism treatments, is that it has been designed to address your Hypothyroidism’s root causes and take a holistic approach to deliver results that are permanent.

It is very different than most other Hypothyroidism treatments, like various supplements and drugs, which offer just “quick fix” solutions in order to mask the symptoms rather than address the root causes.

User-Friendly And Organized

We also liked to see that the Hypothyroidism Revolution Program is well organized and user friendly. The main guide is written in simple language, making is very easy to understand and read. In addition, the 16 separate chapters really help with making it easy to navigate and locate the information you are looking for quickly.

Email Coaching And Excellent Customer Support

The email coaching and great customer support are other strong features that the Hypothyroidism Revolution program offers. Free email consultations are offered by Tom Brimeyer for all of his customers, and our experience has been that he responds very quickly to any questions you may have about his program.

We must admit that in our opinion, this type of email coaching is very important. It can really help you keep on track and stay motivated, which are both important keys to succeeding with this program, or with any natural treatment program for that matter.

Available In Both Hard Copy And Digital Versions

Tom Brimeyer’s Hypothyroidism Revolution program is available for sale in both hard copy and digital versions.

This gives individuals who prefer digital versions the chance to not have to pay shipping and handling charges. However, for those who prefer having a hard copy version, there is the option to get the program’s CD mailed to their house.

Complete Money-Back Guarantee

There is a complete 60-day money back guarantee that comes with the Hypothyroidism Revolution program. This is a genuine “no questions ask” type of guarantee.

We personally believe that this solid guarantee gives you enough time to test Tom Brimeyer’s Hypothyroidism Revolution system without any risk on your part…


The Cons


It Does Take Time

This program takes a holistic approach, so it will take some time in order to start seeing results.

What we are saying is that the Hypothyroidism Revolution treatment system is definitely not a quick fix solution, so you will need to be patient as you are following the program’s three phases.

You Will Need To Put In Real Effort

Another thing that is important to understand about the Hypothyroidism Revolution program is that it isn’t a magical cure, and you will need to put real efforts into it in order to get the promised benefits.

In other words, in order for the program to really work well for you, it will probably be necessary for you to make some modifications to your diet and perform the specific exercises mentioned by Tom Brimeyer to the letter…

Our Conclusions

As with any other solution for hypothyroidism, the Hypothyroidism Revolution system by Tom Brimeyer has its own pluses and minuses, and it is definitely not a “quick fix” or something like that.

With that said, there is no doubt that this is one of the most comprehensive natural treatment programs that we have reviewed until now, and from our own research online it seems that many users who followed this system for few months reported on dramatic improvements…

Personally, the thing we like the most about the Hypothyroidism Revolution program is that it was designed to address the root causes of Hypothyroidism and to stop it directly at the source by taking a holistic approach. In addition, the facts that the main guide is very well organized, that you get tons of useful bonus items with it, and that Tom Brimeyer also offers a very useful email coaching at no additional cost, are all big advantages that make the Hypothyroidism Revolution a great choice.

All in all, if you suffer from hypothyroidism for a long time and you try to find a natural solution that can help you stop it permanently and take back your life, then you may want to give the Hypothyroidism Revolution program a try.

After all, if you won’t feel any change or won’t be pleased with this program for any reason in the first eight weeks, then you can simply contact Tom Brimeyer to get all of your money back…

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